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Monday, 2 November 2015

Bricolage Podcast #3 : Subsequent

Our November podcast is the 3rd in our series and comes from Subsequent. Somewhat of a veteran when it comes to mixing, with 15 years experience behind him, Subsequent has the ability to switch effortlessly between any style and sound. Here, on his Bricolage podcast, he provides the perfect soundtrack to transition us all from autumn into winter. A mix for when the trees start to really wilt, when daylight seems to get even shorter and the nights seem even longer. Subsequent has given us clicking drum beats, hissing machines and a slightly mechanical, industrial ambience. Experimental sounds, samples and clever textures that creak through the atmosphere and into our headspace. It completely washes over us and brings some unexpected sounds into the equation before providing a more sleepier and warmer palette to round things off. This particular podcast a slow, extensive and almost quiet excursion through the dark and towards the morning light. Perfect.

Have a stream below or head over to our mixcloud page.

Here's a little bit about the mix from Subsequent himself:

"I'm always on the look out for new vinyl that I can play on the dancefloor and in my quest to find them I ended up coming across a lot of the records I used in this mix. I've always had a secret love affair with ambient and the glitchier, click based side of things. What appeals to me most in these kind of tracks is the space, the depth and the room for reverb in them. There's some mischievous sounds and a lot of muggy build ups and intros. A lot of the tracks are maybe a bit older but I still think they're more than relevant."

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