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Monday, 25 January 2016

Fragile X "The Outer Circle" (bc009)

Our latest release, "The Outer Circle", sees Fragile X invite you to join him on a post-party Sunday morning train trip home through the Glasgow underground rail lines. Field recordings of the trains, the stations and the commuters are interspersed with ambient and electronic music. The sounds range from weary drones to upbeat melodies and beats. It's a truly immersive headphone experience with blankets of harmonic textures, somber refrains and hypnotic layers.

Start your journey at St. Georges Cross in the city's West End and step off at Bridge Street station and out into the morning light. 

It's available for streaming and free download from our bandcamp or below in the embed.

Here's a bit about the idea behind "The Outer Circle"  from Fragile X:

"The concept of the EP popped into my head on a Sunday morning when I was standing alone outside the subway station waiting for the shutters to open and the first train of the day to pull in. Usually I always have my headphones with me and would listen to music on the journey but on this occasion I had managed to lose not only one but two pairs of headphones at the house party I had just left. So I decided to keep myself occupied by taking in the sounds of the station and using my voice recorder to document the upcoming journey. I tied the recorder round my wrist with an elastic band, hit record and set off. During the journey I experienced a range of emotions due to a lack of sleep, social anxiety and a mind and body trying it's best to begin the recovery phase from the effects of being awake for almost 36 hours. To help myself relax, feel at ease and fight off the public paranoia I started concocting noises, hums and melodies in my head. When I finally got home I set about recording all the sounds in my head and structuring them into pieces of music. I ended up with 5 short tracks. I then combined those 5 tracks with the 16 minutes of field recording I had from the journey and mixed them together into the one composition and The Outer Circle idea went from concept to creation."

Thursday, 21 January 2016

Hear This

Earlier this week, our podcasts/mixes found a new home for storage and download. We're now using "hearthis" as our primary download source in place of podomatic. It's an easier interface for both uploaders and listeners to navigate through and there's no storage limit. As always, any podcasts and mixes will still originally be uploaded to our mixcloud account for streaming and two weeks after release the mixes will be available for free download on "hearthis". We're looking forward to giving you the opportunity to download and take our mixes on the go with you once more.

I spent a few hours uploading our previous podcasts from Lo-Jacker, Fragile X, Subsequent, get-effect and Oscurito on to the Bricolage account and also the first Volume 1 of our Headroom mixes by International Debris.

The latest volume of Headroom from "Roy Or Bison?" will be available as a download in 2 weeks time.

Monday, 18 January 2016

Headroom 02 : Roy Or Bison? presents "Ego Death"

The second volume of our Headroom mix series sees the evasive "Roy Or Bison?" take you on a mind bending two hour headphone journey. This particular mix is the essence of what Headroom is all about. No stone left unturned. No sounds left unplayed. It's a glimpse inside the vortex. A ride around the rims of the music spectrum. There's nature sounds, film samples, tribal voices, a barrage of dark drum n bass, metallic industrial elements, field recordings, all kinds of techno, layers of fast paced intensity, moments of quiet reflection, an Urdu/Hindi poem and much much more. There's never a dull moment.

It's a full on musical endeavour that may stretch your skulls a little...

You can stream it below or at our mixcloud account. Full details of all tracks also below.

Full tracklisting below

CHAPTER 1: 'This Is The Story Of A Young Man...'

1. Forss - Journeyman
2. Sam KDC - Servant
3. Aïsha Devi - Aurat
4. Inlakesh - Dwelling Place Of The Radiant Mind
5. Nmesh - アンチ技術のマジェスティックビューティー
6. Slow Deep Breath -The Crow Pheasant

CHAPTER 2 : 'Angels Carrying Savage Weapons'

7. Stratosphonic - Speedscape
8. Powell - Club Music  (Ancient Methods 'Körpersäure91' mix)
9. Tzusing - Four Floors Of Whores
10. Emika - Battles (Kamikaze Space Programme remix)
11. Ken Karter - MX-04.11
12. Ken Karter - MX-01.11

CHAPTER 3 : 'I Feel A Bit Lightheaded'

13. Falling Skies - Land Of The Lost
14. Falling Skies - Tremor

CHAPTER 4 : 'Everyone Here Is Mad'

15. Fjaak - Gewerbe 15
16. YYY - The Terms Of Our Surrender
17. Unknown Artist - Handstands

CHAPTER 5 : 'Mr Sandman'

18. Luke Wyatt - The Music You Hear At Sea World And Never Forget (Tropical Hi-Fi remix)
19. Sofie Letitre - Slip (Steelan remix)
20. AHMD - Death Drive

CHAPTER 6 : 'I Feel Bad Now'

21. N1L - Iguana Love Bite
22. Bloempot - R3V3R5 Y0UR 8R07H3R5
23. Stargate - Driving Hyperreality

Monday, 11 January 2016

Oscurito "Octopus" (bc008)

Today saw Oscurito release his debut EP "Octopus". Upon his introduction last November we promised you that you'd be hearing a lot more from the young Glaswegian. We had his January podcast last week to whet your appetite and now these 3 tracks of pulsating. mysterious techno are the perfect way for him to make his next musical statement. A lot of care and thought have went into the proficiency in the music with gleaming production and rich mastering throughout. We start off on sure footing with the solid rhythm of "Imagine Dystopia" accompanied by it's rumbling bass and well placed kicks before being engulfed with moody pads and waves of synths. "Psychic" is next with similar, confident, heavy beats that are rounded off with some shiny percussion. There's a slightly unhinged acid feel about the melodies that gives that psychedelic edge. The last of the trio is the title track "Octopus" , it introduces itself with cascading little dots of sound that are joined by a beat and poignant synths that build the tension before a dense and muscular beat takes centre stage and carries the track and EP through to it's end. 

As far as debut EPs go, it's a fantastic start and ensures that we look forward to working with Oscurito again in the future. Watch this space.

It's available for stream and free download below or at our bandcamp.

Saturday, 9 January 2016

Amygdala (free download)

Earlier this week we presented a video for the previously unreleased Lo-Jacker remix of the Fragile X track "Amygdala". We promised you a free download of the audio and here it is. A high quality WAV.

You can grab your download over at our soundcloud page and stream below. Be sure to follow our account for more music. 2016 is shaping up to be a big one for Bricolage.

Check out the music video and also the original track and grab your download of the original from or Various Artists Volume 1 compilation at the Bricolage bandcamp site.

Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Fragile X - Amygdala (Lo-Jacker remix)

Bricolage is proud to present an unreleased exclusive as our first video of 2016. An outstanding Lo-Jacker remix of Fragile X's "Amygdala" that goes full flip and turns on the retro charm.

The remix was produced last autumn and it's been hard for us to keep it a secret for so long! But now we have a visual prepared for it we can share it with you.

It's the coming together of two artists and their distinctive sounds. Lo-Jacker has taken the original melodies on show in "Amydgala" , elaborated on them and added his own sounds to create a characteristic and bass heavy arrangement of the track. In contrast to the glitchier drums and quieter tones of the original, this version stomps along with punchier drums and percussive elements pronouncing it that good bit heavier whilst keeping the captivating and colourful edge of the bleeps and splashes of melody at the forefront.

The video is a perfect match, it's just as colourful as the track and sits with the music nicely as a slightly psychedelic nod to the neurons and powers of the brain.

There'll be a HQ download of the audio available soon. Stay tuned.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Bricolage Podcast #5 : Oscurito

Happy New Year to all our readers and listeners! We're back with a bang to start off the year and 2016 begins with a journey to the cosmos. Our first podcast of the year comes from up and coming Glasgow producer "Oscurito". It's a mix full of celestial melodic elements and magnetic beats as he invites you to hop on board his spaceship for a trip to the stars and beyond. Strap yourself in and allow Oscurito to take you on a guided tour of his musical galaxies. It's overflowing with space themed atmospherics and if you allow it into your head it conjures up images of the deep, dark but colourful, thermosphere. Clocking in at just under an hour, it provides dark electronic patterns and techno rhythms that will keep your feet and mind on the go.

It's available to stream below or from our mixcloud.