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Friday, 29 March 2019

Loui Cleghorn "Fortysomething" (bc042)

We welcome Loui Cleghorn back to Bricolage with his new EP "Fortysomething". This fresh release sees the Glaswegian producer veer into slightly broodier territory as he fuses his, ever present, sense of melody with a faster pace and darker tone than previous releases. The music is still as deeply layered as ever, with hooks galore and a captivating cinematic edge. All these ingredients make for two pulsating and hypnotic progressive electronic gems that come backed up with handpicked remixes from Belial Pelegrim and Devras Plexi. Both of whom turn the respective tracks on their heads with their own inimitable sound treatment. Expect an experimental and bold affair from the former and some downtempo alluring ear candy from the latter.

As always you can download and stream below or at our bandcamp.

Thursday, 28 March 2019

"Fortysomething" Review and Remixes exclusive.

Tomorrow we release the "Fortysomething" EP from Loui Cleghorn. Ahead of the full release we're excited to reveal a first listen to the remixes featured plus a stellar write up from "The Electro Review".

"Choosing experimental layering of heady to rushy elements gives this producer a subtle craft which he manipulates expertly with each master copy." (The Electro Review, March 2019)

Read the review in full here.

Dig into the remixes below.

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Loui Cleghorn - Fortysomething EP Preview

Loui Cleghorn Fortysomething bc043 29/3/19 Two hypnotic electronic journeys and remixes from Belial Pelegrim and Devras Plexi

Pre-order available at bandcamp.

Saturday, 16 March 2019

PREMIERE : Loui Cleghorn - Fortysomething

Exclusive first listen to a new track from Loui Cleghorn's upcoming "Fortysomething" EP via 44100Hz Social Club.

"Experienced Glasgow producer, Loui Cleghorn, returns to Bricolage with his new "Fortysomething" EP at the end of this month. We're premiering the title track which shows off a grittier edge to his consistently melodic productions. The melodic emphasis is still there but this time comes assisted with a darker shade and a twisting, driving pace."

"Fortysomething" releases on March 29th and is available for pre-order now at our bandcamp.

Monday, 11 March 2019

0141 (An Open Project For Glasgow Producers)

Today we're launching a very special open submission project that's exclusive to Glasgow producers.

Bricolage celebrates our fourth anniversary in August and to celebrate we'll be releasing another special compilation. Over the last few years we've used the anniversary occasion to bring together members of the roster on some fantastic releases through our "Dyadic" and "Retcon" albums. These releases spanned a selection of our artists both old and new. The music on those releases came from far and wide. Including Hungary, Germany, Austria, America, Canada, amongst others, and of course, some from right here in Scotland.

This year we're coming full circle and bringing it all back to where it began for the label in Glasgow. With the upcoming "0141" compilation we're looking to showcase the emerging talent of the city's electronic scene. "0141" will feature new music from label head, Fragile X, and a few more Glasgow artists on Bricolage. We'll be looking to fill the rest of the spaces in with the sounds of the Glasgow underground and offer up an opportunity to feature on the new anniversary compilation which will therefore open up the possibility of future releases and collaborations with the label. 

Submission info and details below:

Must be Glasgow based.

All electronic music welcome. Genre is non specific. Although we would highly recommend checking out some of our previous releases if you're not familiar with our core output. 

"0141" is set to feature around 20 tracks. This number isn't a definite and may be expanded should we receive a high number of submissions.

Submissions are open from March 11th onwards and the closing date for submissions is July 28th.

Send your tracks as either private uploads to Bricolage on Soundcloud or email us at

All tracks will be considered, however, recently produced and new or previously unreleased music will be given preference. All submissions will be listened to in full and the successful "0141" candidates will be chosen by Fragile X, Justin Case and Dark Fidelity Hi Fi. 

We're excited to see what comes from this so please share around and get involved.

The compilation will be released as a pay-what-you-want release with any profits going to the Golden Jubilee Hospital in Glasgow.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any queries.

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Thursday, 7 March 2019

Bricolage Podcast #43 - Minerva

Our March podcast is a special celebration of women in the electronic music scene and comes courtesy of Minerva. The Hungarian producer is using her platform, as one of our figureheads, on Bricolage to exhibit a mix of her female peers and influences and help raise awareness and support for gender parity in music and beyond.

"For me, IWD is always a very important day. It can sometimes feel like a constant uphill fight to be seen as an equal in the male dominated scenes of electronic music. However the balance is slowly shifting. The balance is key and we, as woman with creative drive, can and should expect to be given as much recognition for our contributions to the world of sound.

Fortunately, I have found a welcome home at Bricolage among some other very talented female musicians like Minimal_Drone*GRL, Bedless Bones, Sulevia and more. There, we are seen firstly and simply as producers and friends. There is no reference to male/female. We are all humans. Humans making music. Unfortunately, the music scenes I interact in my day to day life are sometimes not always as kind and welcoming. This landscape is slowly changing however. And ever year I feel big steps are being taken. This encourages me. I hope this continues and one day we have the equality we deserve."

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


01. Julianna Barwick - Offing
02. Christina Vantzou - Homemade Mountains
03. Minimal_Drone*GRL - Bifurcated Worlds
04. Cruel Diagonals - Soporific Return
05. Penelope Trappes - Maeve
06. Holly Herndon - Interference
07. Andrea Parker - Empty Worlds
08. FRKTL - To What End
09. Nadia Struiwigh - PLCS
10. Jlin - The Abyss Of Doubt
11. Minerva - Brainstorm
12. ADT - Departure For Peace
13. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith - Closed Circuit
14. Mary Lattimore - Never Saw Him Again
15. Kaerian feat Dee - Dunno