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Monday, 16 November 2015

BRICOLAGE: VA: Volume 2 (bc004)

Today saw the release of our second compilation of various artists. It provides another wealth of music from an ever growing and eclectic pool of musicians. Once again covering a vast array of styles with contributions from artists far and wide. The release starts with chilled out drum n bass, dizzy electronica, funky, playful house and obscure, abstract techno. All of which are laden with melody. There's a post rock excursion in the middle and it comes to a close with a more modern classical, drone and ambient feel that is full of wide open soundscapes.

It's a compilation that is truly rich in all kind of sounds and textures. Many thanks go out to our 9 new artists that contributed and helped make the release happen.

Available for unlimited streaming and free download as always over at our bandcamp or below.

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