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Monday, 23 November 2015

Headroom 01: International Debris presents "Dream Machine"

Our previous post informed you what Headroom was all about. If you missed it then here's the quick gist of it. Headroom is a new bi-monthly mix series that provides our artists with a two hour musical canvas to take listeners on a headphone trip.

The first in our series is a real coup for us. It comes from International Debris and is a melting pot of ambient, vaporwave, Berlin School, new age, sky music and outsider house. It's a massive and special journey brimming with some weird and wonderful musical selections, interludes, samples, cut ups and just about every type of sound you can think of.

Full tracklisting:

Five Minutes Alone - Signals From Io 
The Future Sound of London - Long Exposure 
Mindspring Memories - ⊱@MOSPHERE⊰ 
Intl. Debris - Drifting Consciousness 
Tangerine Dream - Persistence of Memory, Part Five 
HOLOVR - Core Value 
Pursuing Paradise - New Beginning 
Jean Michel Jarre - Ethnicolor 1 
PZA - Artificial 
Ishq - Lanyon 
Bark Psychosis - Absent Friend 
Microsoft Encarta - Natural Formations 
Jean Michel Jarre - Zoolookologie 
Tangerine Dream - The Hospital 
Burial - Come Down to Us 
Perfume Advert - Get Hollow 
Underworld - Puppies 
UHF Virtual - Escalator to Heaven 
Bookworms - 360 Waves 
Intl. Debris - Sonmi 451 (Electric Sea) 
Dementia and Hope Trails - Sunflower 
Entro & Terri - The Cap 
Nmesh - I Got Your Letter 

"Dream Machine" is also the name of the radio show hosted by International Debris that broadcasts every other Thursday on FutureMusic.FM. You can have a listen through the recent archives at the Dream Machine mixcloud page.

Saturday, 21 November 2015


"Headroom" is a new mix series that we're starting up here at Bricolage. Our monthly podcast will still be our priority mix series but "Headroom" will run on a bi-monthly rota and will promise to add a special touch to our ever expanding catalogue of top quality mixes.

The aim of "Headroom" is to give the artist an extra hour to provide a deep, deep journey for our listeners. The mixes will be 2 hour sessions with free reign to the artist to express themselves however they please. It's going to make for some exciting mixes.

Our first mix drops on Monday courtesy of International Debris.

I've selected a few previous mixes below for streaming.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

In The Loop : Episode 5

The fifth episode of In The Loop catches up with Mute Branches, Slow Deep Breath, Oscurito, Merrimans Ghost and Microvolt.

Mute Branches soundcloud page is choc full of beautiful abstract sounds and a month or so ago he added to his uploads with one of his most experimental pieces to date. It's the product of toying around with some sounds and the vocoder function on his synth. The result is a 2 minute long demo, an ambient number with a trippy, dreamlike feel to it.

He recently also uploaded a remix of sorts. Any Deerhoof fans out there? This remix is (in the words of Mute Branches) just a "short beat thing based around samples from Lemon and Little Lemon". A nice little ditty :)

Slow Deep Breath spends a lot of time in Thailand. As you can imagine, the opportunities for recordings in such a setting are vast. He recently posted a new video on his YouTube channel that's a longer version of a previous recording of his. It's a 50 minute version of evening prayers recorded in the Wat Chedi Luang Buddhist temple in Chiang Mai. Unbelievably relaxing stuff. Patience is key when listening to this kind of material. If you allow it to, it will encapsulate you and take you to another realm.

One of our newest members, Oscurito, is gearing up for a podcast and an EP release on Bricolage in the new year. He recently shared a new track that is intended for the EP on his soundcloud page. "Octopus" is a bit psychedelic, a bit spacey and very funky. A pounding beat and a fluttering of some very nice sounds throughout. Have a listen below.

Merrimans Ghost posts his music very regularly and the last month has seen a lot of new music go up online. Head over to his soundcloud to get lost in a bunch of new sound expeditions. Guitars, experimental vocals and scratchy beats. "Darkened Garden", "Oh Beech Trees" and "Those Steps" are among some of his newest tracks but the pick of the bunch for me is "It's Not A Mystery What We've Done". It's steeped in drone atmospherics, haunting vocals and 80s type shoegaze guitars.

Microvolt has recently provided another slice of ambient genius with his new track "Mare Vaporum". Name after a plain on the moon, it's a track that invokes a relaxed cosmic feeling and glides along beautifully.The perfect sounds to drift off to.

As mentioned before Microvolt has several different aliases that he releases music under. "Blueonsilver" is another one of those and there's a new EP named "Bitfix due out at the start of December. We'll be sure to keep you posted when it drops.

To get a feel for what "Blueonsilver" is all about head to the bandcamp page for a listen.

Monday, 16 November 2015

BRICOLAGE: VA: Volume 2 (bc004)

Today saw the release of our second compilation of various artists. It provides another wealth of music from an ever growing and eclectic pool of musicians. Once again covering a vast array of styles with contributions from artists far and wide. The release starts with chilled out drum n bass, dizzy electronica, funky, playful house and obscure, abstract techno. All of which are laden with melody. There's a post rock excursion in the middle and it comes to a close with a more modern classical, drone and ambient feel that is full of wide open soundscapes.

It's a compilation that is truly rich in all kind of sounds and textures. Many thanks go out to our 9 new artists that contributed and helped make the release happen.

Available for unlimited streaming and free download as always over at our bandcamp or below.

Saturday, 14 November 2015

Introducing The Collective 24-26

The next 3 members we're introducing to you include some of our most mysterious yet.

24. Sleep, Data

Sleep, Data is the music project of a man known only as Arkansas Shawn. All we know is that he plays guitar in a band called "Zombienaut" and in his spare time he makes guitar/drone tracks under the Sleep, Data moniker.

Sleep, Data (Soundcloud)

Sleep, Data (Facebook)

Sleep, Data (Reverb Nation)


25. Bloempot

Bloempot is another mysterious addition to our already eclectic roster. A purveyor of "abstract rhythms and aleatoric hypersentimentalism", he makes obscure, intense, beat driven electronic music that takes no prisoners. It's a refreshing assault on the senses. Bloempot is someone who is VERY different from most standard techno producers and is someone that Bricolage was aiming at recruiting for a very long time. We're glad to have got him on board :)

Bloempot (Soundcloud)


26. Roy Or Bison?

Meet Royston Bisonicus IV. A rat in a maze of noise that has no idea what kind of sounds he's turning into next. With a back catalogue that covers a diverse range of music from harsh noise, dizzy electronica, 20 minute drones, lo-fi mash ups, obscure drones and a tonne of odd sounds, he's someone we're looking forward to hearing a lot more sounds from in the future.

Roy Or Bison? (Soundcloud)

Roy Or Bison? (Mixcloud)

Roy Or Bison? (Bandcamp)

Thursday, 12 November 2015

No One Leaves Here Empty Handed

Last night our YouTube channel officially launched with the premiere of a music video for "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" by get-effect.

The music of "get-effect" as a whole has a real natural, open and intrinsic feel to it and this particular track is a stand out among his work. Chiming guitars, big synths and a steady beat. The video and imagery fits in snugly alongside those audio elements to create a beautiful all round body of work. A perfect audio/visual coming together of electronic tinged, chilled out, shoegaze and beautifully shot nature collages.

It's an uplifitng audio/visual combination that we're proud to be able to share with you as our first official upload.

There's waaaaaay more to come.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our channel.

Bricolage Collective (YouTube)

You can download a HQ copy of "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" for free as part of our debut compilation that was released back in August.

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Introducing The Collective: 21-23

Our second compilation is due on the 16th of November. The release will consist of music from some of our newer members. Two weeks ago we introduced you to Sleep Maps, Oscurito and Glass Mammoth in a a new blog post. Today we introduce you to another 3 new artists.

21. The Next Commuter

The Next Commuter is Hans Thomas, a one man ambient project based in Belgium. He specialises in creating home recorded drones, soundscapes, ambient stories and music for videos.

After exploring the "normal" guitar playing trails of rock and blues for a number of years, he took a sudden turn towards the more ambient side of music. Using the same guitar, and with the aid of field recordings, he decided to start crafting and creating wide and deep soundscapes. He has a respectable discography of 6 albums and EPs under his belt. His music has been commissioned for use in various videos and sculptural installations.

The Next Commuter (Facebook)

The Next Commuter (Soundcloud)

The Next Commuter (Bandcamp)

22. Neon Idol Lodge

Neon Idol Lodge are an improvised piano and electronics group from Glasgow. Taking elements from ambient, classical and electronic processing to create live improvised soundscapes. We're very excited to be able to introduce their sounds to you.

Neon Idol Lodge (Soundcloud)


23. Gabriel Roble

Gabriel Simao Roble is a very creative composer and musician from Lisbon, Portugal. He spent 4 years at a vocational music school where he honed his violin skills and all round musical skills before going onto study music technology and pursuing his dreams of making soundtracks for video games and movies. He can switch effortlessly between creating classical music and non classical electronic music with ease and at times straddles the line between both and brings them together as one. A rare talent.

Gabriel Roble (Soundcloud)

Gabriel Roble (Facebook)

Gabriel Roble (YouTube)


Monday, 9 November 2015

Jazzdefector "Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol.1" (bc003)

Bricolage presents our second EP release on the net label, "Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol 1" from Jazzdefector is exactly what it sounds like. It's a collection of instrumental tracks that are rich in emotion and absorbing tones. Somber yet comforting. Full sounding but yet somehow broken. There are times that the notes turn into lingering, melodic drones which results in eight serene and melancholic instrumentals that are happy to let you float away with them. 

An EP tinged with sadness but nonetheless full of shimmering and beautiful, unconditional soundscapes. 

It's available to stream in full below or at our bandcamp site and you can grab a free download of the EP.

Monday, 2 November 2015

Bricolage Podcast #3 : Subsequent

Our November podcast is the 3rd in our series and comes from Subsequent. Somewhat of a veteran when it comes to mixing, with 15 years experience behind him, Subsequent has the ability to switch effortlessly between any style and sound. Here, on his Bricolage podcast, he provides the perfect soundtrack to transition us all from autumn into winter. A mix for when the trees start to really wilt, when daylight seems to get even shorter and the nights seem even longer. Subsequent has given us clicking drum beats, hissing machines and a slightly mechanical, industrial ambience. Experimental sounds, samples and clever textures that creak through the atmosphere and into our headspace. It completely washes over us and brings some unexpected sounds into the equation before providing a more sleepier and warmer palette to round things off. This particular podcast a slow, extensive and almost quiet excursion through the dark and towards the morning light. Perfect.

Have a stream below or head over to our mixcloud page.

Here's a little bit about the mix from Subsequent himself:

"I'm always on the look out for new vinyl that I can play on the dancefloor and in my quest to find them I ended up coming across a lot of the records I used in this mix. I've always had a secret love affair with ambient and the glitchier, click based side of things. What appeals to me most in these kind of tracks is the space, the depth and the room for reverb in them. There's some mischievous sounds and a lot of muggy build ups and intros. A lot of the tracks are maybe a bit older but I still think they're more than relevant."