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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sceadu : Imaginary Reign (Audio/Visual)

We're proud to present an hypnotic and cyberpunk themed visual for the closing track from our latest release from Sceadu.

"Imaginary Reign" rounds out the EP in style with its celestial arrangements and progression.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Sceadu "Once Upon A Future" (bc040)

We enter into 2019 with a chaotic audio narrative from Sceadu.

"Once Upon A Future" gives us a glimpse into this artists twisted, dystopian, vision. A dark and imaginative take on the end of the world and what lies beyond.

Crumbling and disjointed apocalyptic ambient sound design followed by two off kilter and anarchic drum n bass tracks that spit out fractured rhythmic patterns and nebulous bass movements that rarely sit still. The EP is brought to a close with the epic "Imaginary Reign". A captivating piece of chiming electronica that slowly unravels into a celestial crescendo before folding back into itself. It's completely paradoxical to what has went before and exhibits the diverse musical capabilities of Sceadu.

This future is nearer than you think....

Stream and DL available below or at the Bricolage bandcamp page.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

In The Loop : Episode 33

Our first In The Loop of 2019 is a bumper episode that shares sounds from no more than 10 Bricolage roster and alumni. Without further ado....


Another breath of fresh air from the Canadian producer as she unveils the airy textures of "Velvet Shadows".



"Echelon" is full of tough techno beats crossed with electro percussion and topped off with a gorgeous ambient background.



Another gorgeous ambient and glitch infused story from the esteemed Manchester producer with a sound of all his own.



A peak inside the brain of Minerva. The Hungarian artist has once again got in touch with her more experimental side. Expect acid, dub, techno and all sorts of chaos.



Delicate and downtempo, aquatic laced, IDM sounds.



Icy cinematic tones and a constant dreamlike progressive nature as "Baked Alaska" evolves and grows.



A locked in hip hop style groove with broody funk elements.



We'll just leave this here... "Sputnik" is Russian word that means "fellow traveler". The title reflects to the thankful feeling of having a partner next to you who shares similar values, phylosophy and attitude to life. Things that connect you together, and create a foundation of mutual responsibility, its essence, the deepest and holistic view about the quality of everyday life. A person that respects you and has the curiousity and passion to escort you on your way wherever it leads to.



An undefinable musical gem from deepest Austria. Sulevia is a producer that just seems to get more exciting with every one of her releases.



A playful slice of experimental pop-techno soaked in 8bit melodies. Free download.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Bricolage Podcast #41 - No Arrival

Our first mix of the year sees 'No Arrival' launch us head first into 2019 with a selection of simmering techno cuts and raw house music. Expect a deep and broody hour full of percolating drums, vivid basslines and twisted melodic elements.

Stream the mix below or on our mixcloud.