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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Sentient Beats

Devras Plexi is one of the most, if not the most, unique artists we've had the pleasuring of working with since our inception. Earlier this month he self released his latest album "Sentient Beats". A collection of skewered and trippy electronic gems. The perfect introduction to his sound for anybody who is unaware of the the production skills at the Austin natives finger tips.

"Sentient Beats" is a great overall release from a truly diverse artist with the ability to effortlessly create chaotic beauty from his magical sound palettes. We highly recommend a listen and purchase.

*We'll be releasing an EP from the man himself this spring. Keep your ear to the ground and your eyes on our pages for more info coming soon.*

Monday, 22 January 2018

Headroom 12 : Kinoko presents "Wabi-Sabi"

Our Headroom sessions return for 2018 and for our first audio journey of the year we invited Hohm Productions resident, Kinoko, to piece together his own personal sound montage for us. Over the duration you'll be treated to some of his current favourites all carefully weaved together. Expect ethereal ambient, sweeping soundscapes and misty electronics before the journey transcends into a collection of warm house, electronica and upbeat rhythmic structures for the second half.

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


 1. Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy - Love Without Sound
 2. Eluvium - Strangeworks
 3. UNKNOWNjp - Night Flight
 4. Global Communication - 925
 5. Jo Johnson - In The Shadow of The Workhouse
 6. Holographic Field - Emerge
 7. Kidkanevil & Daisuke Tanabe - School Chimes
 8. Hingus - Valgusois (Flower of Light)
 9. Laurie Spiegel - East River Dawn
10. Fragile X - Moana
11. Queen - In The Death Cell (Flash Gordon) Loop
12. Yoko Duo - Close These Curtains (Monokle Remix)
13. Joy Wellboy - Before the Sunrise (Dixon Remix)
14. Jeremy Greenspan - Crown Princess
15. Luke Abbot - Brazil
16. Petrichor - Nukumori
17. Todd Terje - Snooze 4 Love
18. Mashk - Home (Whomi Remix)
19. Miss Kittin and The Hacker - Party in My Head
20. Carl Craig and Green Velvet - Rosalie
21. Derek Carr - Nostromo
22. Dele Sosimi Afrobeat Orchestra - Too Much Information (Laolu Remix)

Monday, 15 January 2018

futurendeavours "Yautja Blood" (bc032)

We welcome ’futurendeavours’ back to the label for our first release of 2018. The Glasgow duos forte is churning out expansive, hypnotic, electronic sagas and that’s exactly what we’ve got on our hands with “Yautja Blood”. It’s a vast terrain of sounds propelled forward by complex interlinking rhythms and dark toned, sci-fi influenced, pad work. Eerie and ominous without being too overbearing on the senses. A  deep industrial warmth adds depth to the almost electricity like basslines that portrude through the futuristic sound design and broken beat structures as ’futurendeavours’ take you on a trip through their brooding and cinematic creation.

You can stream and support the artists and label either below or at our bandcamp.

Friday, 12 January 2018

"There's No Stopping What Can't Be Stopped...."

In 3 days time we unleash our first release of 2018. "Yautja Blood" is a mammoth slice of, sci-fi influenced, broken beat electronica from the Glaswegian duo, futurendeavours. Here's a snippet of what's in store come Monday.....

Earlier this afternoon the folks over at 24/7 online radio station Radio Coolio premiered the track and "Yautja Blood" is now on rotation on their playlist. If you can't wait till Monday you can tune in and try to catch a listen.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Bricolage Podcast #29 : Loui Cleghorn (NYE Live Set)

We rumble on into 2018 with a bang as we bring you our first podcast of the year and it's no ordinary podcast either. We're proud to be able to bring you Loui Cleghorns live set from the secret NYE party thrown by Glasgow powerhouse label, Tribal Pulse. Loui decided to break from the norm of a straightforward DJ set and took the opportunity to showcase a chunk of his own material in different ways through hardware, loops and his own stems. It's a bold and brave move that pays major dividends.

As always you can stream the mix below or over at our mixcloud.

Here's what Loui had to say about the ideas behind his live set

"The reason I do these sets is to do stuff I’ve never done before. In this case I wanted to start a set by taking elements of 4 or 5 of my own tunes and creating something new that I could play around with and use to dictate where the set went. There are a few tunes in here i haven’t come up with names for and that would be one of them. Besides that it’s a nice way for people to hear your new ideas without having to release them, or at least before you do.

The only hardware used in this set is a Livid Cntrl:R used to trigger stems, control effects and automate a few extra instruments on Ableton if I fancy jamming something out. I also use a Roland JDXi which can be synced to your main stems and loops on your DAW. I tend not to bother though as latency can be a bitch. Plus I feel it just sounds more authentic (and also way more fun) just to play the thing raw!

I performed this on new years eve over the bells at a party for Tribal Pulse whom I’d like to thank along with Bricolage for the opportunity to do this. You guys are awesome!"

 1. Untitled 
 2. Oscurito - Find Your Centre (Loui Cleghorn Remix) 
 3. Monkadelic 
 4. Untitled 
 5. IRL 
 6. Fuelled By Moonshine 
 7. 1.98 
 8. Radioactive Man - Goodnight Morton (Loui Cleghorn edit) 
 9. Untitled 
10. Zen 
11. Levitate