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Sunday, 24 December 2017

In The Loop : Episode 25

Episode 25 of In The Loop finishes off our advent calendar over on our Facebook page.

DEC 17th
Cave - "Poutre"

Dark and deep mechanical tones with an industrial tinge from the French producer.


DEC 18th
Supply Fi - "Pitched and Tossed"

An insight into the eclectic sounds of the American producer, Supply Fi. We’re happy to announce that we’ll be working with him in 2018. Stay tuned for more info on that in the coming weeks.


DEC 19th
Bacteria - "Clockwork"

Bacteria, the collaborative project between Arran Trax and Blue Notes, has provided a few musical gems for listeners so far and the guys are taking things a bit further with the release of an EP soon. This track is a teaser of what to expect when it lands next year.


DEC 20th
Fragile X - "Tabula Rasa"

Bricolage label head, Fragile X, rounds out his 2017 with disjointed rhythms amid a deep ambient soundscape on ‘Tabula Rasa’.


DEC 21st
Mute Branches - "Fog Halo Inverted County"

The, now annual, Christmas piece from the Lichfield based lo-fi producer. 4 sleeps to go.


DEC 22nd
Guido - "Metamorfose"

The Portuguese producer is back in the game in a big way. This dream techno, electronic epic, is just the start as he heads into 2018 with a bunch of fresh ideas.


DEC 23rd
Boom Merchant - "Sub Nine Point Nine"

The perfect tune to kick start your weekend with. A solid heavy hitter from the techno powerhouse, released on his own label, Tribal Pulse, to much acclaim earlier this year.


DEC 24th
futurendeavours - "Yautja Blood"

A preview of our first release of 2018. “Yautja Blood” sees futurendeavours continue their habit of churning out epic electronic journeys. The track is officially out on the 15th of January. You can hear a preview now on Soundcloud.


Saturday, 16 December 2017

In The Loop : Episode 24

Episode 24 of In The Loop sees us round up the latest from the Bricolage advent calendar over on our Facebook page.

DEC 9th
Colab - "2018"

A playful, glitchy track that encapsulates an optimistic mood as we prepare to move into the new year soon.


DEC 10th
Suncastle - "Kompromat"

A short but deep electronic journey from the Manchester native. Available as part of his latest 5 track ‘Scorpio’ EP.


DEC 11th
Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - "Mountain Call"

Seeing as the 11th of December was “International Mountain Day” we decided to head all the way back to August 2015 and this stunning piece of glitch minimalism and vocal manipulation from the Japanese producer. Available, exclusively, on Bricolage as part of our first ever release, Volume 1.


DEC 12th
Arran Trax - "They Met At The Pier"

A bright, positive and nostalgia laced analogue composition from the German based Scottish producer. Martin Grafton, the man behind the name, is known for his ability to consistently churn out catchy earworms and melodic hooks. This particularly upbeat little ditty is full of them.


DEC 13th
Dark Fidelity Hi-Fi - "Pebble To Sleeping Water"

Waves of synths and ambient sequences come together on an enchanting journey from the Manchester sound design expert.


DEC 14th
Bricolage VA - "The Longest Night"

A special throwback to 2015 and our winter solstice themed compilation release where we asked some of the artists on the label to portray what the 'Longest Night' of the year feels like to them personally. This album was released 2 years ago to the day and includes exclusive tracks written specifically for the album. 


DEC 15th
The Oscilloscope - "Crooked Waves"

A chunk of ‘hefty acid’ and precision finger drumming from the Swiss/Chilean analogue mastermind.


DEC 16th
Emigr - Brigadier (Sunn Boo remix)

The first official release from our friends across the channel at Collectif Sympa sees the Bricolage affiliated, Sunn Boo, provide a smooth remix of his stablemate, Emigr, as part of the Brigadier EP.


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Monday, 11 December 2017

Blue Notes "Tetrahedron" (bc031)

We’re proud to be able to unveil our final release of 2017 in the form of the full length Bricolage debut from Blue Notes. On “Tetrahedron” the young Glaswegian producer has cooked up a shimmering set of sounds that effortlessly straddle the thin line between ambient and IDM. Emotive melodies and soothing pads mixed with complex and glitchy beats are the calling card, and while the main focus may be on the sculpting of ethereal moods, the overall product showcases both the accessible and the experimental edges of the young production whizz as he carries on slowly carving out that signature Blue Notes sound.

He's also taken the opportunity of a full length album to formally introduce his side project, “C4", to the world with two sharp and jagged, more aggressive natured, tracks that round off the album and give off an indication of the direction he might be turning his creative skills towards.

You can stream the album in full and grab a free DL or PWYW either below or at our bandcamp.

Watch a breathtaking audio/visual for the title track below and check out one of the stand out tracks from the album available for streaming on our Soundcloud.

Friday, 8 December 2017

In The Loop : Episode 23

We've brought the Bricolage advent calendar back for 2017. In the lead up to Christmas, every day, over on our Facebook page, we're sharing some sounds from the diverse pool of talent we've been proud to work with over the last two and a half years.

This particular episode of ITL rounds up the first 8 treats behind the digital doors....

DEC 1st
All Buttons In - 'Cailleach'

"For the first of our 24 treats it’s a new track from Scottish electronic specialist "All Buttons In" in the form of “Cailleach”. In Gaelic mythology, The Cailleach, is a divine hag. Take from that what you will and listen in the link below"


DEC 2nd
Lo-Jacker - 'Dyscalculia (Live)'

"The Irish melodic mastermind has a penchant for sharing his live recordings with the world and this latest offering ticks all the right musical boxes that shape the sounds that we’ve come to know and love from this unique producer."


DEC 3rd
Jaffa Kid - 'Jesmond Acid Memories'

"A slice of acid tinged techno from Newcastle native, Jaffa Kid."


DEC 4th
No Arrival - 'Ochre'

"The full experimental nature of No Arrival is on show in this harmonic piece of abstract ambient."


DEC 5th
Loui Cleghorn - 'Yorick'

"A taster of the first release on the Unstrung label set up by Loui himself. This particular release showcases the darker side of his production mentality."


DEC 6th
Brainwavve - 'Depressurize (Devras Plexi remix)'

"A woozy yet chilled remix from Devras Plexi as he effortlessly puts his own spin on a friends track. Shoegazing goodness."

Be sure to check out the Feedback Alliance for more stuff like this.


DEC 7th
International Debris - 'Soly'

"A piece of melodic “sky music” from the Leicester based producer. A winter warmer that’s brimming with colours." 


DEC 8th
...From The Benthic Zone - 'Lowther'

"A conceptual and experimental piece of buzzing leftfield sound design that musically transcribes the Scottish producers thoughts and feelings on a local radar station."


Be sure to check regularly on our Facebook for the daily opening of the remaining digital doors up until the 24th of December.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Blue Notes : Tetrahedron (Audio/Visual)

"Tetrahedron", the full length debut album, from Glaswegian producer Blue Notes drops on Bricolage in a little over  days time.

With that in mind, we've decided to unveil a brand new audio/visual accompaniment for the title track. Emotive melodies, colourful chimes and precision percussion come backed up with some stunning visual artistry from our resident film team, Digi Aye.

Don't forget you can preview the full album below or over on our Soundcloud.

"Tetrahedron" is due for release on 11/12/17. Don't sleep on it.

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Bricolage Podcast #28 : Belial Pelegrim

Our final podcast of 2017 comes from Californian based production wizard and graphic designer, Belial Pelegrim. He's perhaps best known for his insanely consistent and regular output of his own electronic masterpieces but here he's turned his hand to building an impressive mixtape that consists of an array of varying genres that glide and weave along to create a truly surreal and enjoyable listening experience.

It's worth noting that the majority of the tracks on show here were written specifically for this broadcast with Belial handpicking artists and asking them to contribute before curating the tracklist order himself. There's also an exclusive unreleased track from the man himself in the mix. New sounds always make for a fresh and appealing 70 odd minutes of music and the even better news is that at some point, early next year, all the tracks in this podcast will be available on a limited edition CD through Pelegrims own Bandcamp site. All proceeds from the release will be donated to a good cause. Keep your eyes peeled for more news on that front. But for now, click the play button and lose yourself in an immersive collection of exclusive sounds curated by a man with a real ear for idiosyncratic music.

As always you can listen to the podcast below or over on our mixcloud.


Ugliest Man - All Babies Are Ugly
Supply Fi - Svalbard Shuffle
Dark Fidelity Hi Fi - Pebble To Sleeping Water
GrevusAnji - Tearing At The Fabric
Evolverman - Vigilant For The Dawn Of Signs
BVSMV - Arcadian Clouds
Belial Pelegrim - Ajijic
Mood Exhibit - Flourish
Beefus B -Sudden Change Of Mind
Belial Pelegrim - Mass Particle (Soundshift remix)
Church Of The Undecided and Jh0st - Ozone
Cesium Swimsuit - Kaleidoscope
Carlos Vivanco - Sky Is Crying
Fragile X - Synesthesia
Cabal Akademik - Carbon 6