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Thursday, 31 December 2015

2015 Review

The idea of having a music and art collective doubling as a net label was in the pipeline for me long before 2015. The idea was conceived some 5 or 6 years ago but a lack of confidence, experience and a severe lack of time put paid to any ideas I had back then. Fast forward to 2015 and after becoming more aware of how these things work and how to get the ball rolling I finally bit the bullet and went for it.

On the 31st of August, Bricolage was officially launched when we released our first VA Compilation (bc001), it included an absolute wealth of musical talent from almost all corners of the globe and took in a wide spectrum of music from ambient through to techno and everything in between.

There was work going on behind the scenes from then on in to expand the roster further and due to that it took another 7 weeks before our next release but there was podcasts to keep us ticking over.

Our September podcast came from Lo-Jacker and was full of bleeps, beats, glitchy electronics and masterful mash ups. A nice way to start a podcast series!


The October podcast was next and came from label head and founder, Fragile X. Best described as a sonic safari, it was a mix that covered a lot of musical ground. It was tough in parts, light in others but always colourful and atmospheric.


On October 26th, we finaly released again with the computer game based concept EP "Console" from Fragile X. Drones, ambience and start up screen sounds like you've never heard them before.


The ball kept rolling and two weeks later, "Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol 1" by Jazzdefector was available from us. Instrumental guitar pieces that are rich in emotion and tone. The perfect music for the impending long nights.


The first week in November meant our next podcast, this time from Dutch mixing veteran Subsequent. He provided us with the ideal transition from autumn to winter with cold, industrial textures sat on top of a warm palette of synths.


The following week, half way though November, saw our second VA Compilation (bc004) arrive and nine new members of the collective that provided us with a fantastic combined body of work to create another wonderfully diverse compilation.


Next up we introduced a new mix series entitled "Headroom" where the aim is to give the artist an extra hour of mixing to provide the listener with more of a headphone journey type mix. Our inaugral mix was curated by International Debris and didn't disappoint. 2 hours worth of very eclectic sounds to get lost in.


Our December podcast was from 'get-effect', who expertly blurred the lines between modern and classic electronica with his nostalgia soaked mix. A vbrant and warm way to end our mixes for the year.


A week before the Winter Solstice was due to occur, we released a very special compilation called "The Longest Night" where some of our members wrote, recorded and produced specially themed winter solstice tracks. We brought them together to bring you our very own,and fitting, solstice soundtrack.


On the 21st of December, there was an early Christmas present from Chairman Cow with his "Cake Toucher" EP that covered all sorts of funk and pop goodness. The perfect melding of his guitar work and his keen ear for the more electronic based side of things.

We rounded off the year this past Monday with International Debris and his "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" EP. A glorious coming together of ambient and vaporwave sounds that created a beautiful and surreal ending to Bricolage's first 5 months in existence.


It's been a brilliant first 5 months for Bricolage and major thanks go to everybody who has been involved and contributed. It wouldn't have been possible without the talented musicians and artists we have on board. And of course, thanks to all and any listeners and readers. Giving us your time and ears is truly appreciated.

Here's to 2016 being bigger and better. Thank you again and Happy New Year when it arrives.

Much love.


Monday, 28 December 2015

Intl. Debris "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" (bc007)

Today saw our final release of the year in the form of the "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" EP from International Debris.

A slightly surreal but ultimately enjoyable and rewarding stroll around the unconventional world of vaporwave. It's an amalgamation of experimental electronics, samples and field recordings alongside the curious and aberrant sounds that 'Intl. Debris' is consistent with producing. It takes in, but isn't restricted to, elements of ambient and vaporwave and in doing so provides and EP that is a stand out in terms of individuality. Whilst at times the music leans towards the more ambient side of things, it never at any point becomes too chilled or relaxed. There's way too much going on for you to get into that comfort zone. If you listen closely there's always something waiting to happen around the corner. It's a trip that's essentially broken up into six parts and clocking in at just over 25 minutes, it's a short, thoughtful, journey into the mind of it's creator.

It's available to stream and download for free below or at our bandcamp.

Can you spot the Taylor Swift appearance in the tracks?............

Thursday, 24 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 10 (Advent Calendar Part 5)

The last part of our Facebook advent calendar round up takes us up to the 24th and a very special treat...

December 21st

Liapei - Habit Is All That Holds Us Together

"Habit Is All That Holds Us Together" is a huge sounding ambient instrumental from the Liapei album 'Eschatology'.


December 22nd

Roy Or Bison? - Behind Every Man Stands 30 Ghosts

An eerie and atmospheric track from the darker side of the "Roy Or Bison?" repertoire.


December 23rd

Oscurito - Octopus

Oscurito releases his debut EP on Bricolage early next year. Here's a taster of what you've got coming your way.


December 24th

The Bricolage Collective wordsearch

Everybody loves word searches, right? The last advent is a very special Bricolage based wordsearch with 30 terms hidden inside it. Included are the 27 artists that have released in some form or another on the label this year and a few other words. Full alphabetical list below. Happy hunting!
1. Bloempot
2. Bricolage Collective
3. B-Side Boy
4. Chairman Cow
5. Fragile X
6. Gabriel Simão
7. geteffect
8. Gewatte
9. Glasgow
10. Glass Mammoth
11. HICH
12. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki
13. International Debris
14. Jazzdefector
15. Korean West Hill
16. Kure
17. Liapei
18. Lo-Jacker
19. Merrimans Ghost
20. Microvolt
21. Mute Branches
22. Neon Idol Lodge
23. Oscurito
24. Roy Or Bison?
25. Sleep, Data
26. Sleep Maps
27. Slow Deep Breath
28. Subsequent
29. Thank You
30. The Next Commuter

All the best for Christmas from everyone at Bricolage. Stay tuned.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Chairman Cow "Cake Toucher" (bc006)

Today we're proud to present to you the "Cake Toucher " EP from Chairman Cow. It's a collection of lo-fi pop gems and toe tapping ditties.

A spongy base of guitar oddities that are covered in syrupy synths, his unique vocals and experienced songwriting craft. Top it all off with a load of pop sensibility and you've got a special cake cut up into 6 different but equally exquisite pieces. There's elements of funk, elements of pop, electronica, krautrock, a little bit of everything really. Let it wriggle into your ears and stay there.

It's available to stream below or at our bandcamp and as always you can grab a free download at bandcamp too.

Here's a quick run through the tracks....

1. "Mindmap" gets the toes tapping right away with it's beat, razor sharp guitar, squelchy synths and the Chairmans impassioned vocals.

2. "Words Unspoken" is a more solemn affair written in the midst of a hangover. It perfectly captures that downtrodden morning after mood.

3. "Dun-Dun-Dee" is a straight up catchy as hell little number that will worm it's way into your brain. Mainly acapella with a little guitar and some clicks and claps creeping their way in later on in the track.

4. "Landscape Mode", a krautrock inspired beat and perfectly executed guitar chops propel this perfect little instrumental along nicely before the lead components take it into overdrive. A great example of how less is sometimes more.

5. "Get Out Of My House" is in the words of Chairman Cow himself "an affectionate homage to DFA Records. It was made with a head full of LCD Soundsystem and the only thing missing is a cowbell." Sounds good to me.

6. "Kiss My Casio" was recorded on cassette and mobile phone. It's the perfect way to finish off the EP with it's chilled out synth and thoughtful spoken word setting the scene before it launches into weird pop territory. And yes, there is a casio involved.

Sunday, 20 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 9 (Advent Calendar Part 4)

The penultimate round up of our digital advent calendar over on facebook means more audio surprises.

December 16th

Mute Branches - Crappy Hissmas

A beautifully drowsy and blurry sounding unorthodox lo-fi Christmas track from Mute Branches. It's his entry for the Drowned in Sound "Official Christmas Song Challenge 2015".


December 17th

Sleep Maps - The Sword Beyond The Veil

A recent posting of an old track from Sleep Maps. "The Sword Beyond The Veil" is an epic post-rock excursion that's more than worth retracing over.


December 18th

Gabriel Simao - Misty Mountains Cold

A simply stunning violin cover of The Hobbit theme "Misty Mountains Cold" by Gabriel Simão.


December 19th

Akwalek - Kesselse Pauwen (The Next Commuter remix)

A very unique and personal remix from The Next Commuter which featured on a collaborative release through Xtraplex Records. Click the link and read a bit more about the track. It's got field recordings, a live jam and peacocks. All good!


December 20th

Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - Flag EP

The "Flag" EP from Hiramatsu Toshiyuki on Hz-records is an outstanding collection of his glitch inspired electronica and just a glimpse of what he's capable of creating. We'll hopefully bring you something new from him next year.

Stream and download "Flag" in it's entirety here


Our final 4 day countdown to Christmas continues on our Facebook at 10am until Thursday, be sure to catch it....

Friday, 18 December 2015

Landscape Mode

Last night the latest in line of our YouTube music videos aired. It's a DIY effort from Chairman Cow.

Chairman Cow releases his superbly titled "Cake Toucher" EP on Bricolage on the 21st of December. It's not just the title that's superb though. The music included in the release is a fine cocktail of lo-fi guitars, his unique vocals, catchy beats, synths and all round musical sketches that will tickle your ears.

Here's a video of the track "Landscape Mode" to whet your appetite. It's the only instrumental track on the release and it serves as great teaser for what's to come this Monday.

The video was filmed by the Chairman himself on a tea break jaunt in and around the grounds of Gartnavel hospital in Glasgow. It's a fast paced affair....

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 8 (Advent Calendar Part 3)

Part 3 of our daily advent calendar from our facebook page provides more headphone treats.

December 11th

Sleep, Data - Slow Blue Nova (Come Home)

A monolithic, spacious track from the master of drones Sleep, Data.


December 12th

Merriman's Ghost - Plus Fort Que Nos

Chiming guitars, a warm haze and a sense of melancholy make up a new track from Merriman's Ghost.


December 13th

Fragile X - The Outer Circle (Segment 4)

A short segment of the Outer Circle. A new 16 minute opus coming from Fragile X on our net label early next year.


December 14th

Various Artists - "The Longest Night" Winter Solstice Compilation

A preview of our very special compilation release....snippets of music from LiapeiSleep MapsFragile X, Mute Branches, Chairman CowIntl. Debris, Roy Or Bison?, JazzdefectorMicrovolt and B-Side Boy.


December 15th

Bloempot - L4ST D4Y5 1N 8ERGH0F

A new acid soaked monster of a track from the electronic force and powerhouse that is Bloempot.


Be sure to check our FB page every morning at 10am for the last 9 days of our advent posts before Christmas.

Monday, 14 December 2015

BRICOLAGE : VA "The Longest Night" Winter Solstice Compilation (bc005)

The Winter Solstice occurs little more than a week away from now on the 22nd of December.

The shortest day and the longest night of the year where the dark almost completely takes over the light and winter truly arrives. Here at Bricolage we're providing an early Christmas present, in the form of our own personal solstice soundtrack, from us to you. Back in November I asked the artists on the label if they would like to encapsulate, in music, what the solstice means to them. The results are nothing short of beautiful. 11 different tracks created specifically for the yearly phenomenon. It's free download at our bandcamp as always. There's a track by track breakdown below and some streaming links to bandcamp and soundcloud.

You can stream a preview a minute or so of each track from our our soundcloud below.

1. Liapei - If You Asked
Liapei start off the compilation with crunchy winter footprints, chirping birds and a beautiful solstice inspired spoken word piece. Warm synths soon appear alongside a calming drum track. The youthful Glasgow accent makes this track all the more poignant. The perfect opening track.

2. Sleep Maps - The Brief Sun
Another Sleep Maps track, another epic. "The Brief Sun" picks up the pace nicely with bright melodies, resonating guitars, rumbling bass and precision drums that throw up images of the low December morning sun.

3. Fragile X - Yalda
"Yalda" is an Eastern tinged instrumental guitar piece with it's roots firmly in lo-fi shoegaze. Swathed in echo and delay, the guitars simmer along gently and are paired with swirling melodious feedback remains to create a gentle winter calling. It's worth noting that "Yalda" is the Iranian term for the solstice, where families and friends come together to eat, drink and read poetry. It's a fitting title.

4. Mute Branches - (I'm Dreaming Of A ) Severe Weather Warning
A woozy and dreamy take on the solstice with chopped up vocal samples, experimental sounds and beautifully dazed sounding effects. The layers keep building in this intricate instrumental.

5. Chairman Cow - Dark Morning
Perfectly picked guitar notes and some flashing chords give way to a booming bass that has a dance hall feel. It's winter reggae! A wonderfully performed dub infused rhythm section and one hell of a hook on the most feel good track on the album.

6. International Debris - Daylight Sector 9999 [Further Verification Required]
A mysterious, spaced out number from our very own expert in that particular field. It's progressive keys are hypnotic and come across as almost symphonic. There's a mystical sounding element throughout that only serves to add to the enigmatic vibe.

7. Roy Or Bison? - Night Vision
An eerie hum and a thundering bell start off the darkest track on the compilation. Primal noises and atmospherics flutter their way in and out for the duration. Shadowy drones, murky electronic sounds and a load of tenebrous effects round off this ghostly track. Don't listen to it alone in the dark.

8. Jazzdefector - The Edge Of A Winters Night
A stunning drone based effort that drifts along flawlessly. Full of wonderful textures and emotion, it's a soaring and grand ode to the longest night of the year.

9. Microvolt - A Calm Place (For Jules)
This ambient track provides you with breathing space. It's a quietly vast piece that transports the listener to a very comfortable place. The sounds have been expertly sculptured and restrained to the absolute optimum level. A slow burner that you'll never want to end.

10. B-Side Boy - P*ssholes In The Snow
B-Side Boy is a new name on the collective. He's another pseudonym of the aforementioned Chairman Cow. Here, the guitar is once again his main weapon of choice but that's not starts off a little more melancholic than "Dark Morning" before taking a sharp turn into harmonica and glockenspiel based territories. It's by far and away the most Christmas type song on the release and the compilation is all the better for it. Someone get the mince pies!

11. Merriman's Ghost - The Shortest Day
A beat wanders along nicely, the atmospherics fade in and out in perfect harmony and then it lifts off with delayed guitars that provide a thermal glow. It's an introspective and poetic piece of music. Heartfelt and ethereal. A fitting ending to the compilation.

Major thanks go out to all the artists involved in making the release possible.

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Falling To You

This afternoon we added another music video to our visual discography over on YouTube. It's a chilled out affair for Jazzdefectors "Falling To You". One of the stand out guitar works from his November EP released on Bricolage, "Instrumental Love Songs For The Broken Hearted Vol 1".

The video itself tells a story of sorts. But it's a story that's left open to interpretation. Visions of night, pages turning, fires's up to the viewer to make of it what they will.

You can stream and download a HQ version of the full EP including "Falling To You" at our Bandcamp site. It's full of 8 very poignant and personal pieces of music from a master ambient craftsman.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 7 (Advent Calendar Part 2)

 The second part of our virtual advent calendar that's currently running on a daily basis at 10am over on our Facebook page.

December 6th

Maurielle - Vostok (H.ICH remix)

Kolkoz Records is a new techno and acid net label from France. Here, Bricolage member H.ICH, takes label founder Maurielle's track "Vostok" and gives it the remix treatment.


December 7th

Teslacoil321 - Taking Tiger Mountain

A glorious cover of the title track from the classic Brian Eno album "Taking Tiger Mountain" courtesy of one of the many pseudonyms of Microvolt, Teslacoil321.


December 8th

Kure - Nature On Acid

A new upload from Kure in the form of "Nature On Acid". Spacey textures and trippy sounds in a musical tribute to natures famous psilocybe semilanceata....


December 9th

Gewatte - 0111 0000 0111 0010 0110 0101

A mysterious code and a slew of snippets of what can only be described as 8 raw acid techno sounds from Gewatte. Not for the faint hearted.


December 10th

Glass Mammoth - Serenity Creek

"Serenity Creek" is a new chirpy, upbeat number from Glass Mammoth. His own take on making a computer game soundtrack type track. Wonderfully melodic wee number.


Be sure to check our facebook at 10am up until Christmas Eve for the remaining 14 digital treats.

Monday, 7 December 2015

Bricolage Podcast #4 : get-effect

Our December podcast comes via the unique music tastes of Glasgow's own "get-effect". As has been the case with our 3 previous podcasts, this one is, again, VERY different. Here, the lines between electronic music and guitars are expertly blurred into one completely mesmerizing escapade. A truly hypnotic sound collage that's absolutely glazed in melody. There's a nod to certain parts of the 80's with some of the hooks included in here and the mix as a whole has a warm feel of nostalgia to it. It's drenched in retro synths and beats. It dips into the past to include tracks from some 30 years ago but it's never in danger of getting over sentimental and brings some electronica from the current music music climate into the fold. There's even music from the future with unreleased material from "get-effect" included. Electronica, shoegaze elements, synthwave galore, even a Miami Vice theme remix and a twist in the tail at the end with a short blast of techno as a fitting send off.

I fondly recall asking "get-effect" if he would be up for contributing a podcast for the collective and his reply was a resounding yes. He then stated that he "could make ambient mixes until the cows come home" but that he also enjoys DJing and asked if that (ambient) is what I was after or if there was any certain style I was looking for. My reply was that there's no boundaries, no style limit but that the Bricolage podcast is simply all about reflecting the artists tastes and influences in an hour. It's safe to say he more than hit the mark on that front.

The best way to describe this mix is to say that if "get-effect" was in charge of compiling the soundtrack to the movie "Drive" then you might have ended up with something like this. High but worthy praise.

Have a listen via the stream below or visit our mixcloud page.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Stay Patient

Our YouTube channel is starting to fill up nicely. Alongside get-effects video for "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" there's also a trailer video for our debut compilation. And tonight sees the premiere of the video accompaniment for "Stay Patient" from the "Console" EP released on Bricolage by Fragile X last month.

"Stay Patient" is Fragile X taking the famous, inimitable start up sound of the Playstation 1 and manipulating it through both digital and analogue means to create a dark and ominous soundscape. Additional instrumentation from Fragile X then results in drifting drones and a menacing reverb that totally turns the original sound on its head. The video for the track is a collage of lights, colours and Playstation and Sony references in tribute to the computer giants.

You can download a HQ version of "Stay Patient" and the Console EP in full at our bandcamp. The theme of the EP runs through taking computer console sounds and turning them into unlikely sonic landscapes. Highly recommended download. Free as always.

There's more videos of our artists work on the way soon. Stay tuned.

Saturday, 5 December 2015

In The Loop : Episode 6 (Advent Calendar Part 1)

In The Loop episode 6 shares with you the first 5 days of our Bricolage Advent Calendar that we started over on our facebook page earlier this week.

December 1st

Slow Deep Breath - "Datasette Shred"

A hypnotic and experimental track from Slow Deep Breath. It's one of the first pieces of music he created back in 1991. Utilising a shoebox tape recorder and a portable TV nonetheless!


December 2nd

Lo-Jacker - "Unprofessional" EP

Lo-Jacker recently released his very first official EP on Phat New Beats. I seriously can't recommend this mini album enough. Any listeners of his Bricolage podcast from September will recognise some of the sounds on show here. "Oslo" is my stand out track and one that I've played in many a set over the last few years. Follow the links on his soundcloud page for purchase details.


December 3rd

Mogwai - "Hunted By A Freak (get-effect remix)"

A cracking remix of the Mogwai classic "Hunted By A Freak" by get-effect. Free download of the track at his soundcloud page.


December 4th

International Debris - "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift"

A taster of the new "Thursday Morning, Taylor Swift" EP from Intl. Debris. The EP drops on Bricolage on the 28th of December. Perfect end to the year.


December 5th

Jazzdefector - Falling Sunlight On The Sleeping Land

"Falling Sunlight On The Sleeping Land" is a gorgeous and restrained sounding 60 second instrumental from Jazzdefector. A song for the winter....


Be sure to check our facebook page at 10am every morning for the rest of your digital advent calendar surprises.