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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Introducing The Collective: 15 - 17

The last part of our introductions (for now) brings you 3 more artists.


Fragile X is a bedroom producer from Glasgow. Incorporating all sorts of influences into his music, the results are a blend of ambient, experimental electronic and acoustic shoegaze style musings. He prefers to write and record in a lo-fi style and environment but in recent times has embraced technology that little bit more with the help of various music software and apps.



International Debris is one of the many pseudonyms of London musician, Ross Baker. Creating unique soundscapes brimming with ambience, drone, acoustics and field recordings. Releasing a plethora of EPs under the various different guises and they're all more than worth checking out at the International Debris Bandcamp site.



SlowDeepBreath is an enigmatic music mastermind who specialises in binaural beats, meditation muisc and field recordings. Give him a the joys of nature, a laptop and a microphone and he'll make you music with his own twist. Breathtakingly relaxing stuff.


Now you've met everybody you can look forward to our release tomorrow :)

Introducing The Collective: 11 - 14

Part 4 of our introductions provides you with another glimpse of what to expect on our first compilation.


Glasgow native, get-effect, was one of the first artists we contacted. He makes tranquil music that defies any real genre. Operating out of a quiet room overlooking the waves, get-effect uses guitars, synths and pedals to create tones which are then tweaked, stretched and reappropriated into musical forms that are steeped in shoegaze, electronica and ambient influences. Housed in a modern kind of ambience, the music self-consciously soars and falls on its nostalgic journey through the Creation, Warp, Ghostly & Morr LP's that sit on his shelves.



Korean West Hill is the alias of German producer, Leon. Born in Munich, he spent his childhood there and then moved to Madrid where he spent his teenage years before returning to Germany and Berlin to study politics in 2014. He has been musically inclined for almost his whole life. Playing piano from the ages of 6-12 before moving on to guitar at the age of 14 and a year later started composing electronic music. He is also able to play the ukulele, saxophone, bass and drums. This musicianship coupled with his German-Spanish influences makes for a very intriguing producer.



Microvolt is a music project from Paul Randall. He composes using quite a lo-fi set up and it is a completely ambient project. He creates tracks that are very easy to get lost in. In his own words..."A pursuit of beauty and an expression of inner feelings for the most part." Microvolt has collaborated with Jazzdefector in the form of the ambient band Ghost Signals and also with Jules Straw of Pinklogik both as Microvolt and as Teslacoil321. There's also the added bonus of an experimental ambient project called blueonsilver. Paul also hosts a weekly radio show on Sheppey FM called "Bluetown Electronica".



Gewatte is a Swedish producer based in Berlin. He keeps himself to himself and prefers to let his music do the talking. He describes himself as having little or no affection for clean or polished sounds and instead prefers abrasive, acidic, hard hitting techno as his weapon of choice. His particular take on electronic music has been described as "Music for the alleys of Neo Tokyo and the dungeon raves of Zion." Take from that what you will! Loud and in your face but, more importantly, good music.


Check back later tonight for our last 3 artist bios before the compilation is out tomorrow :)

Friday, 28 August 2015

Introducing The Collective: 7 - 10

Here is Part 3 of our introductions to our artists.


Hiramatsu Toshiyuki is a Japanese electronic artist. In pursuit of his own style Hiramatsu uses computer software to create music influenced by Techno, Electronica and Post Rock. In 2012, Hiramatsu's first album "CHASM" was released on "", a leading Japanese Electronica and Experimental music label. 2014 saw the release of his new EP "FLAG" on Hz_records. Hiramatsu also organizes "OWL", a series of outdoor events usually set on lakesides or near mountains.



Lo-jacker is a unique music mind from Northern Ireland. His brand of electronica defies easy categorisation, neither raucous enough to be straight up dance nor chilled out enough to be downtempo. His production style is experimental and as such, he is less concerned with audio clarity than he is with capturing weird sounds. He has spent well over a decade staring at computer screens and clumsily breaking headphones while developing a grubby, melodic sound with dark and often playful undercurrents.



Chairman Cow is a restless genre-defying soul, from Glasgow, who makes music because he has to and not just because it's fun and cathartic. He has been making albums since the mid 90s under many different names and with various collaborators. In his spare time he enjoys beer, biscuits and Dr Who though not necessarily in that order.



Merriman's Ghost is the music project of Stephen Boyd Merriman. A London native who now resides in Spain. It's a project that has been running for 3 years now and it covers everything from experimental, folk and new wave. Many of his tracks are created through memories of his life in London. He uses memories of places and people as the catalysts for his creativity.


And that concludes our latest introductions. More to come over the weekend.....

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Introducing The Collective: 4 - 6

Part 2 of our introductions and another 3 acts for you to meet.


LIAPEI are a Glasgow based trio that excel in creating masterful ambient soundscapes. Sometimes instrumental and sometimes with added spoken word. They've been on the go now for 4 years and started life as the duo of Matt McCormick and David Christison before later adding Diane Jardine to their ranks. The trio focus mainly on studio output but are also known to play live in and around their home city from time to time. In case you're wondering....LIAPEI stands for "Love Is A Privilege Earn It".



Jazzdefector is the alias of, Leicester based, Sebastian Buccheri. He makes his music from the comfort of his conservatory using a guitar, pedals, Ableton Live, Logic, his Mac and an old Powermac G5. When not making music he teaches multimedia and graphic design at Leicester College.

He has experimented with many styles and sounds over the years and pieces them altogether to create his own unique musical vision. Time, space and the human condition are some of the re-occurring themes in his compositions and improvisation. Jazzdefector has also collaborated with a number of names over the years including the internationally respected jazz guitarist Noël Akchoté.



Hailing from the musically diverse Dutch city of Rotterdam, Subsequent is a DJ and producer that falls under no set genre. His music could be described as dub, breakbeats, ambient, abstract, trip hop among many more styles. He's always been an obsessive record collector but had no real ambition to start DJing until the turn of the new millennium when a friend asked him to fill in a set for him. From there it snowballed to lots of live gigs and eventually production of his own tracks. He has released albums on Berlin label Nonine recordings under his own name and also with his collaboration project " Sqaramouche".

And that's Part 2 complete, Wednesday night will see our next 3 introductions

Monday, 24 August 2015

Introducing The Collective: 1- 3

With the first compilation all set for release a week today, on the 31st of August, it's now time to start telling you a little bit about our artists. We'll introduce them in no particular order.....


Mute Branches is the work of Lichfield based James Cresswell. Channeling vibes of vintage BoC and adding his own unique twist to make music that brims with nostalgic feeling.

In his own words..."West-Midlands, UK-based lo-fi / experimental project, established at some point in the '00s when a bored teenager discovered the wonders of messing about with sounds on a computer and basically kept messing about with sounds into his twenties, getting gradually better at it.
Imagine some sort of audio-based sound and you've got the basic idea."



Sunn Boo is a young, and hugely promising, producer from Toulouse in the south of France. With a keen ear and ability for rhythm and melody and the beats to back it up. He produces house and techno and describes his techno side as "mental" and his house side as melancholy :) He also plays in a band called Nord Church that make experimental blues and ambient music. "Bricolage" isn't the only collective he's a part of either. He's also a member of the France based Collectif Sympa.



Kure is a Danish electronic musician with a notion for making short abstract and psychedelic ambient gems that fit perfectly with what Bricolage is all about.

In his own words...."Kure is a newly hatched experiment. Kure is a parallel universe where nothing and everything exists and is without objective purpose. The endeavour and purpose with Kure is to open up and adapt a whole new dimension of the human mind using warm, experimental and nostalgic synth tunes and visiting themes like space exploration towards the unknown, psychedelia and the golden age of the 60's - 80's. All these things combined and mixed with Nordic flavour will, through a new world, uncover the unknown of our existence and its meaning - all in good time."


And that sums up our first introductory post. Check back on the blog tomorrow for another 3 :)

Sunday, 16 August 2015

7 Days

So "Bricolage" is now officially a week old. Considering the collective is still very much in it's infancy we've made some very big steps over the last week. The feedback and response has been superb. It makes the research work, messaging and hours spent sitting at the laptop this week worth it.

There's officially 12 artists on board on the music side. Their styles and sounds encompass a very broad range and it's shaping up to be quite the eclectic bunch, which is exactly what we'd planned for. There's quite a few homegrown talents in there alongside some artists from further afield. We'll start introducing you to the artists one by one very soon and the first compilation is penciled in for a release on the 31st of August. We're looking forward to sharing it.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

Many Hands Make Light Work

"Bricolage" is a new music, multimedia and art collective based in Glasgow.

It's a non profit collective designed solely for the purpose of promoting artists from all across the spectrum and hopefully providing them with a wider audience. Any artists that join the collective can be assured that we will promote their work regularly through various social media sites including this blog, Facebook, Mixcloud, Soundcloud and Twitter. We will also provide links to your own sites (bandcamp, tumblr etc)

We'll be releasing audio, video and art collages all in digital/online format.

On the music front we'll be looking to put out compilation albums consisting of our members work whilst also releasing specially themed EPs. We'll also be asking artists to contribute to a monthly mix series/podcast that we'll be doing on Mixcloud. The musical output will take in a full range from ambient to techno and everything inbetween. Spoken word contributions are also welcome.

On the visual front we'll be pushing audio/visual works, short films, art collages and music videos.

We're looking to take on board any like minded individuals or groups who can contribute in the way of music, visuals/video or art work.

REMEMBER: this is strictly non profit for either party. There will be no money made or lost. "Bricolage" is purely in place to help promote your art.