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Monday, 26 November 2018

In The Loop : Episode 31

Our latest episode once again of In The Loop lends an ear to what a few artists from our roster have been upto recently....


Crisp drums paired with intricate and soft melodies that drift by on a cloud of floating synths on "Daydreaming". A wonderful summer tinged track to brighten up the dark winter nights.



Patience is key on this new track from Justin Case. The ambient progression and slow build up pays off as "Ayr" gradually morphs in and out of acid basslines, IDM sensibilities and broken beat rhythms that are becoming an integral part of the maverick producers arsenal.



"Polara 147" is a slice of dub infused glitch from the ever prolific, ABI. Industrial undertones and menacing beats that collapse into an ambient interlude before resurfacing....



"Under The Bridge" starts with gentle keys before some field recordings glide into view and create space for some atmospheric synth work that create a serene mood dripping with that nostalgia element that Colab has down to a tee.



"Bruno's Ghost" is a haunting piece of cinematic electronica. A tale of two abstract styles coming together as one. Part serenading tones and part twisted bass and marauding percs. A great spectre like combination.


Saturday, 17 November 2018

In The Loop : Episode 30

It's been a while since our last episode of ITL, so we're making up for lost time with some new episodes before the end of the year.

The first of which casts an eye and ear on recent sounds from Minimal_Drone*GRL, Dark Fidelity HiFi. The Oscilloscope, Human Age and Arran Trax.


"Hinterland" is an emotionally charged epic slice of drone/ambient from the Canadian producer. Her signature soothing tunes are on full display as this track drifts along perfectly.



Stunning glitch landscapes are second nature to Rick Jones. The man behind DFHF has mastered his craft over the years and is consistently creating his own unique sonic worlds. "Summer Ghosts" comes with some beautiful vocals from long time collaborator, Hannah Moore. A song about summers gone by....



We're a bit late to the party with this one...

"Handmade Ghosts" is a short fifteen minute mix of original material made with Halloween in mind. Dark and eerie acid lines, washes of analogue synth and that familiar rhythm work from the acid aficionado.



Ethereal vocals, calming sounds and gentle pads give way to a warm rhythm section full of crisp beats and a deep bass sound on this Human Age remix of RTIK "It's Not You. Chilled late night or early morning vibes depending on your mood.

Hear the original here.



"The Tunnel" straddles the line between light and dark perfectly. A hybrid piece of breakbeat/electronica from the prolific Scottish producer. Tough beats juxtaposed with with airy and warped melodics.


Sunday, 11 November 2018

Bricolage Podcast #39 : R.U.R.

Our penultimate podcast of 2018 sees a guest mix from the android mind of R.U.R.

A hard hitting hour full of intensity and machine like precision. Advanced dystopian techno formations that layer into each other and build to crescendos that create an almost wall of sound. There's heavy characteristics all the way through but it never reaches the point of extremity, sitting all the while on a consistent raspy and thunderous foundation.

Listen below or at our mixcloud.

Friday, 2 November 2018

Lying Cat "Lying Cat" (bc039)

Earlier this year we received some demos from a UK producer who wishes to remain anonymous. We're happy to present that music to you in the form of 'Lying Cat', which arrives as six tracks of lo-fi, twitchy and experimental sound collages.

A fragmented and hazy collection of clicks n cuts and found sounds fused together with finely structured reflective moments. Obscure sound design and glitchy rhythms constructed of crooked beats alongside creaking backdrops consuming, what can only be described as, part dystopian and part neo classical soundscapes. It's a truly complex journey with an absorbing visual element and a strange, almost dysfunctional narrative that runs throughout. It manages to cast up imagery that you can't seem to quite put your finger on but leaves you wanting to find out more......

A thoughtful debut that ultimately glows in the dark with a brittle and grainy charm.

You can stream and download the EP below or at our bandcamp.