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Saturday, 27 July 2019

"Lotus Eaters" Exclusive Premieres

To start off the week we bring you two exclusive premieres from the upcoming split EP between Devras Plexi and Justin Case. "Lotus Eaters" is out the 2nd August on Bricolage.

Get your first listens below....



You can pre-order "Lotus Eaters" from our bandcamp.

Monday, 22 July 2019

Lost and Found : "Dark Fidelity Hi FI" Album Reviews

Our latest release was the "Found" album from Dark Fidelity Hi Fi. Released 5th of July in digital format and limited edition CD. The album has been favourably received within the underground press and community.

Here's a few snippets and links for two recent reviews.

"...the production here is clean and in sharp focus. It lies in a space that artists like Rival Consoles, Burial, and even Orbital at times reside in." (Complex Distractions, July 2019) 

Read the review in full at Complex Distractions.

"...this multifaceted and highly textured piece of work deserves to be in the favourites folder." (Electro Review, July 2019) 

Read the review in full at The Electro Review

You can grab your copy of "Found" at bandcamp.

Saturday, 13 July 2019

Headroom 15 : Enofa presents "The Arrival Of Your Valued Cosmos"

The "Headroom" sessions are back...

Our latest aural excursion sees 'Enofa' conjure up a multi dimensional world of sound that will transport you on a two hour transcendental headphone trip. Expect the unexpected.

As always the mix is available to stream below or on our mixcloud.


01. David Sylvian and Robert Fripp - Darshana (Re-Constructed by The Future Sound of London)
02. Arve Henriksen - Migration
03. Matthew Florianz / Erik T'Sas / Joris De Man - Capricious
04. Reload - The Biosphere (Global Communication Remix)
05. Motionfield - Luftrum 6
06. Barre Phillips - Mountainscape 5
07. Nmesh - Conscious Love
08. Inappropriate King Live - Autopsy / Crop
09. Aythar - Alien Worlds (Part 2)
10. Fergus Kelly - Local Knowledge (Part 2)
11. LNS - Wasp (E-GZR E-Mix)
12. Steven Hess and Christopher McFall - The Inescapable Fox (IV)
13. HOLOVR - Into Light
14. Off Land - Galena
15. Wanda Group - Her Stomach on Terror
16. Enofa - The Infinite Cocoon
17. Izabela Dłużyk - Enchanting Echo
18. Lorenzo Senni - The Shape of Trance to Come
19. The Heavenly Music Corporation - Riding Windhorse (Buddhafields)

Friday, 5 July 2019

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi "Found" (bc046)

"Found" is the brand new album from Manchester mastermind Rick Jones aka Dark Fidelity Hi Fi.

Thirteen glistening tracks recorded over a four month period of hyper creativity with some guests and friends helping to fill in the pieces of the musical puzzle. It's a thorough and enigmatic voyage that incorporates elements of ambient, glitch, dub, trip hop, IDM and breaks into a textural and hypnotic labyrinth.

This is an album that will provide new sounds with every listen.

It's deep, energetic, organic and ultimately enchanting music that comes decorated with luminous melody and floating percussion that sweep along perfectly throughout as the the album sprawls and reveals itself as whole.

"Found" is another string on the bow of a producer who's clearly in his creative prime as he adds this new album to an already insanely impressive body of work.

Available in digital form and Limited Edition CD from our bandcamp or below.

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

In Your Pursuit Of Modern Happiness (Official Music Video)

Official music video for "In Your Pursuit Of Modern Happiness" from the upcoming Dark Fidelity Hi FI album, 'Found'. ARTIST : Dark Fidelity Hi Fi TITLE : In Your Pursuit Of Modern Happiness ALBUM : Found DATE : 5th July 2019 STYLE : Electronic, IDM, Glitch, Ambient LABEL : Bricolage CAT NO : bc046 "Found" is available on both digital and limited edition CD at the Bricolage

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

DFHF "Found" Pre-Order

Pre-order of the upcoming Dark Fidelit Hi Fi album "Found" is now available. Order now and get "Substancerunner" and "Jarabi Sky" instantly.

Out this Friday on digital and limited edition CD.

Monday, 1 July 2019

Bricolage Podcast #47 - Justin Case

Local producer Justin Case is back on podcast duties for Bricolage this month as we prepare to launch his split EP with Austin artist, Devras Plexi. Titled "Lotus Eaters", the collaborative effort will be released on the 2nd of August and contains five tracks apiece from this pair of unparalleled artists. It's a coming together of two of the most colourful artists on our roster and you're in for a psychedelic treat full of bright electronics. Expect previews and snippets soon.

This new mix from Justin Case contains a first listen to one of his own tracks from the upcoming release. "Passaic Formation" opens the podcast proceedings with its drowsy vocals and chaotic scattering backdrop before we head into a musical manifesto that includes all manners of sonic delights ranging from dancefloor weapons, twitchy classics and lo-fi kicks before closing with one of my own personal favourite remixes of all time from Roy Of The Ravers.

Devras Plexi and Justin Case "Lotus Eaters" EP is out 2/8/19

Stay tuned.

As always you can listen below or on our mixcloud.


01. Justin Case - Passaic Formation
02. Throwing Snow - Rhegged
03. Four Tet - Hobsons Choice
04. Lone - Blue Moon Tree
05. Ross From Friends - Bootman
06. R 325- Sagy7130
07. Luke Slater - Love (Burial Remix)
08. Delroy Edwards - Killer Charlie
09. Low Res - Amuck (Original 1995 Mix)
10. Ceephax Acid Crew - Emotinium (Roy Of The Ravers 'Secret Mix')