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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Roy Or Bison? : Eidetician (Audio/Visual)

Today we premiered our second audio/visual under the "Digi Aye" umbrella. "Eidetician" from 'Roy Or Bison?' is the next in line to be given a visual accompaniment.

The track is a lo-fi electronic escapade with intriguing sounds that ping and bounce all around the place. 
Marauding little synths lines, glitchy almost deliberately out of time drums and a multitude of odd little sounds ensure that the track is most definitely unique. The video from Digi Aye has provided a suitably unique backdrop of abstract colours, lines and effects to marry in with the song.   

You can stream the full "Barmecide" EP from 'Roy Or Bison?' and grab your free download below or at our bandcamp.

Monday, 21 March 2016

Headroom 03 : Slow Deep Breath presents "Macrocosm"

The third volume of our Headroom series sees "Slow Deep Breath" pilot you on an unbelievably relaxing and otherworldly journey into his sound dimension. 'Macrocosm' is exactly the kind of session you'd expect from someone who specializes in producing meditation music and binaural beats. It's a vast, mystical dreamscape that starts off full of floating 
synths, cushioned textures and endless progressions that will take you on a flight into the atmosphere. There's a slightly more experimental, yet still organic, turn in there before the mix returns to all out ambient for a breathtaking ending. It carefully conjures up celestial imagery, track by track, and is perfectly pieced together to provide a fantastic, almost transcendental, experience for the listener. This is definitely a mix that you will reap the most reward from by laying horizontal, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift off into a magical world that Slow Deep Breath has carefully constructed just for you.

1. Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir - Mahakala
2. Andrew Forrest - Interstellar Harmonics
3. Microvolt - A Calm Place (For Jules)
4. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Only Ashes
5. Alice In Chains - Shame In You (Excerpt)
6. Ozric Tentacles - Agog in the Ether
7. Quanta - Make It Sow
8. Deadbeat - Melbourne Round Midnight
9. Shaamaas - Awakening Kundalini
10. Max Corbacho - The Resonant Memory of Earth
11. Rudy Adrian - Happy Memories
12. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Betula Pendula
13. Stellardrone - Ethereal
14. Andrew Forrest - Unveiling Eternity

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Oscurito : Octopus (Audio/Visual)

Last night the visual accompaniment for the track "Octopus" from Oscurito premiered on our YouTube channel. "Octopus" is the closing track on his EP of the same name which was released on Bricolage earlier in January this year. The track introduces itself with cascading little loops of sound that are joined by a beat and poignant synths that help build the tension before a solid bassline and muscular beat take centre stage and carry the track through to it's finale. The "Octopus" EP as a whole throws up some vivid imagery of space and dark, galactic vibes so it's only fitting that the video should provide you with those elements too. This particular audio/visual is the first project to fall under our Digi Aye sub collective. There's much more to come soon. For now though, emjoy getting lost in the colourful realms of space, soundtracked by a very promising young Glaswegian music producer.

You can stream and grab a free download of the full EP below or at our Bandcamp page.

Sunday, 13 March 2016

Digi Aye?

Our YouTube channel filled up quite nicely over our first few months and we've recently added a few more videos to the channel this year. It's a nice mixture of audio/visual treats. Some of the artists make the videos themselves (in the case of Chairman Cow and get-effect) and the other videos have been produced and edited by label head and founder, Fragile X.

There's been an idea floating around recently that involves branching out and making the visual side of things have a wee bit more of a "standalone" idea so we're assigning all our videos from now on under the "Digi Aye" moniker. There will still be scope for our artists to make their own videos, encouraging creativity is at our core after all, but all videos appearing on our channel will now fall under the "Digi Aye" label. Think of it as a sub-collective, purely for the visual side of things. A collective within the collective. We'll be looking to add to the "Digi Aye" side of things by working with people who specialize in glitch, fractal and colourful elements. It's an exciting project and one that should provide another layer to Bricolage.

Our newest audio/visual and the first to fall under "Digi Aye" is a video for the Oscurito track "Octopus".

It'll premiere on our YouTube channel tomorrow night.

His atmospheric techno EP was released at the turn of the year. Stream it in full and grab your free download below.

Monday, 7 March 2016

Bricolage Podcast #7 : Sunn Boo

It's the first Monday of the month and that means it's time for a new podcast. Our March mix is from young French DJ and producer "Sunn Boo". There's no beating about the bush on this one. It's a certified slammer. An hour of pure beat driven music. Raw sounds and sequences expertly chained together and moulded into a barnstorming collage of techno and house. There's barely a pause for breath. Solid and weighty drums provide a murky background for squelchy rhythms and resonant progressions. Dense in parts and floaty in others, it's the perfect start to our week that has us wishing the weekend would get here that little bit sooner already. Sunn Bo has produced a mix that could be just as much at home in a club as it is in your headphones. Rhythmic music from start to finish. Enjoy.

It's available to stream in it's entirety below or from our mixcloud account.

Friday, 4 March 2016

March Mixes

March is here and as spring is nearing, we've got two sweet mixes to keep your ears and mind occupied.

First up this coming Monday (the 7th) is our March podcast from H.ICH aka Sunn Boo. We've been after a podcast from the French music maestro for quite some time now and it promises to be a full on hour from a man known for his eclectic taste. We might get techno, we might get shoegaze, we might get some abstract chaos....we'll keep it a secret until Monday but we can assure you it's going to be special.

Have a listen to some of his previous mixes below.

Be sure to follow him over on mixcloud and check out the channel of Collectif Sympa, a Toulouse based hub of musicians and artists that he's also involved with.

Our second mix of March will come to you on the 21st and is the third installment of our "Headroom" mix series. Your pilot for the latest two hour journey is Slow Deep Breath, who is, without a doubt, one of the most unique artists on our roster. He's carved out a blissful and mellow soundscape that is a piece of real essential listening. We're looking forward to sharing it with you in just over a fortnights time. Good things come to those who wait.

To get you in the mood have a listen below to a full seamless mix of his album "Rest (Sacred Space)"

'Sounds crafted only from singing bowls and temple bells, longform, with minimal melody or rhythm with which to engage the brain.'

Head on over to his mixcloud page to get lost in some of his short meditation based mixes.


Remember two weeks after each of our mixes are released on Mixcloud we then upload them to our HearThis account where you can download them for free and take them with you on your phone or music player. All our previous podcasts and Headroom mixes are waiting there for you in chronological order :)