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Sunday, 28 October 2018

Ghost Stories 2018

Our "Ghost Stories" section has become custom for Bricolage in Halloween season over the last few years and has proved to be popular among our fans and artists. This year's selections of eerie electronics and spooky soundtracks come from All Buttons In, GrevusAnjl, Crest Of The Syndicate and Minimal_Drone*GRL.

So, without further ado....


1. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

"My first pick is "Bela Lugosi's Dead" by Bauhaus.  Known as the first Gothic song in 1979, this is 9 minutes of experimental brilliance with atmospheric guitars and skittering drums.  Drawing from post-punk, alternative rock with a touch of dub, this is a journey into the void with a dark and dreary vibe from beginning to end.  Always a classic for me."
2. Dario Argento - Suspiria

"I'm a huge fan of classic horror movies, especially the Italian genre "Giallo".  "Susperia" by Dario Argento is one of my favourite films in this genre.  Surrealistic and colourful visuals and a thick fairytale atmosphere give this movie a unique touch that really gets your imagination going.  Goblin's wailing, strident prog rock score - with pounding rhythms, heavy breathing and dissonance, maintains the suspenseful, supernatural tone throughout."

3. F.W. Murnau - Nosferatu

"My next pick is "Nosferatu" by F.W. Murnau.  Here is the story of Dracula before it was buried alive in clich├ęs.  Murnau's silent film (1922) was based on the Bram Stoker novel.  I admire it for it's artistry and ideas, it's atmosphere and images, than for it's ability to manipulate my emotions like a skillful modern horror film.  It doesn't scare us, it haunts us.  It shows not that vampires can jump out of shadows, but that evil can grow there, nourished on death."

4. Ben Frost - The Carpathians

"Frost's music is all about contrast - merging beautiful classical minimalism with the dirty grind of metal and drone core.  This combination is unsettling to the mind, refusing to split in half and choose between genres.  For me, this track evokes the terrifying, uncomfortable, sickening feeling of being stranded in an evening snow storm when you hear the sound of a pack of wolves howling in the distance."

5. Mario Bava - Black Sabbath

"My final pick is another Giallo film "Black Sabbath" by Mario Bava.  This trilogy of horror stories serves as an interesting look at a trio of varying filmmaking styles.  All three are wonderfully evil, stylistic with incredible camera work and beautifully designed sets.  My favourite of the the three is "The Drop of Water".  It's about a nurse who steals the ring off an old occultist woman's hand only to have her grinning corpse torment her from beyond the grave.  The initial shock of seeing the old witch is truly bone-chilling." 



1. Hobo With A Shotgun

"This is a Canadian Grindhouse film and the reason I pick this as its one of my favourite horror films. Its gory, its crazy, its disturbing and the story is pretty simplistic but that is what makes it so great. The first time I saw this film was in 2012, a friend recommended it to me and after watching it, I was hooked, my favourite part is the summoning of 'The Plague', 2 armoured demons from hell.. If you haven't seen it and you like trashy horror films, I'd fully recommend it."

2. Aphex Twin - Come To Daddy

"Where to begin?! This song is awesome, the video is disturbed... probably not in the spooky halloween sense but is well worth a mention. However its the Little Lord Faulteroy Mix is where its at, try listening to it at 2am with its bizarre creepy speech but nonetheless a brilliant track (all the mixes included)"

3. RJD2 - The Horror

"The spooky opening track from the fantastic Deadringer album. Its spooky melodies, old samples and hip-hop beats make this track a must for any halloween party playlist. Plus check the whole album (if you haven't) its a masterpiece!"

4. Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster - Psychosis Safari

"This track, where to even start with this... the album 'Horse of the Dog is one of my favourite albums purely for its intensity, its guitar riffs and general gloominess (I'm not a gloomy guy by the way). This track is the standout for me, I can't remember when I first heard this but I'm sure it was on the Steve Lamacq show and was immediately hooked and bought the album on CD the next day, this has a great hook and the vocals are insane at the end. The album is well worth listening to and doesn't last long at 28 minutes."

5. Future Sounds Of London - Dead Cities

"Last but not least, here is FSOL with Dead Cities. This is my favourite album ever and inspired me to get into music when I was just 15. Dark, gloomy and just perfection all the way through from 'Herd Killing' to 'First Death In The Family'. Such a solid album with no filler and confirmed my lifelong love affair with electronic music. Not halloween affilated on the surface but listen closer to the tracks and you'll see what I mean particularly the track Vit Drowning/Through Your Gills I Breathe. The link above is my favourite track of all time 'Antique Toy'.


1. Surachai - Temple of the Weakening Sun

"One of Surachai's finest synthesizer explorations, a deep and dark ominous masterpiece. Well balanced between melodic warmth and crushing mayhem. The video is equally stunning."

2. Kyrptic Minds - Six Degrees

"Beautifully crafted deep brooding atmospheric dubstep, with added ferocity and the dancefloor in mind."

3. V.I.V.E.K - Asteroids

"Asteroids is a vast and spacious track with deep pulsating subs that induce intense sensations. Full of V.I.V.E.K's distinct dark and menacing atmosphere."

4. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Red Right Hand

"Arguably The Bad Seeds finest moment. A haunting, menacing tale full of Cave's eloquent black wit."

5. The Misfits - Halloween

"The name says it all. I can't think about Halloween without thinking of this song. Classic punk rock fun." 



1. Bauhaus - Bela Lugosi's Dead

"These first two are a blast from my past. Songs pulled from my dark, angsty youth. Starting with my all time favorite Goth song, Bauhas 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'. I played this until the tape finally broke. Sitting in a darkly lit room; stereo so loud, it annoyed the neighbors across the street. I know where some of my hearing problems originated. And at that age I wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Type O Negative - Black No.1 (Little Miss Scare-All)

"Continuing the back story of my Gothy past, here's one of the funnier details about my wife and I, when we first moved in together. On laundry day, we typically had 3 black loads, and half a light load. I don't think I owned a non-black shirt until my 30s. And here's the next song we were addicted to for months; Type O Negative's "Black No. 1 (Little Miss Scare-All)"
"There are so many great songs from that time period, the list could go on! But lets move on to the more recent, more atmospheric side of darkness. I want to share 3 (and not even close to all of the) discoveries I've made on SoundCloud that could all be strong contenders for scariest ambient song (or album) of the year, soundtracks suitable for your worst nightmares.

3. Blink Twice - Summoning

"This first is by Mood Exhibit's darker incarnation, Blink Twice. The song is called "Summoning". Suffice it to say, sometimes it's healthy to revisit and express your past, and Robert Salchak is great at embracing that dark inner child (check out any of the Blink Twice songs found on SoundCloud, and you'll know exactly what I mean.)"

4. Humanfobia - Aura Obscura

"The second SoundCloud group to make my list is Humanfobia (comprised of S'bila Orbe on sound programming and Mist Spectra on vocals; and partnering with musician James Onsen for this project). They generously make these haunting soundscapes year round, so we have plenty of new material to get us through the next Halloween season, if you're that specific. Otherwise, just enjoy it year round. This song is entitled 'Aura Obscura'. "

And here's where the EP can be found, if the track whets your appetite.

Link : Humanfobia - Aura Obscura EP

5. Grim Heka - Room 237

"My last offering is from Darren Coyle, the genius behind Optapus (and his even darker, dark side Grim Heka). The Grim Heka music scares me silly (and the images he finds for his cover art are wonderfully creepy and disturbing). If you're running low on nightmare-inducing soundscapes, his latest album is there to help you out."

Link : Grim Heka - The Overlook Hotel

"Here is but a taste of this talented musician's frightening world."

"I hope you enjoyed this little peak into the frightening stuff that keeps GrevusAnjl awake at night. Sleep like the dead, my friends."

Until next year......

Saturday, 27 October 2018

Headroom 14 : Lying Cat presents 'Sad Gizmo'

After a 7 month break our Headroom mix series returns with “Lying Cat” at the helm. The mysterious UK producer is all set to drop a debut EP on Bricolage at the start of next month. It’s a lo-fi, grainy and twitchy affair that’s awash with fractured experimental broken beat pieces linked together with dark ambient tones. This Headroom session follows down that same route with extended brittle soundscapes and enveloping atmospheres. It’s a restless and chaotic roam through the slightly more disconcerting side of electronic music. A tenebrous journey through sound that’s littered with samples, field recordings and all manners of warped and skewered productions. Enjoy the trip.

As always the mix is available below or at our mixcloud.



William Basinski - Disintegration Loops 2.1
Polmo Polpo - Romeo Heart
Polmo Polpo - Requiem For A Fox
White Suns - Prostrate
A Winged Victory For The Sullen - Atomos VII
Colin Stetson and Sarah Neufield - The Sun Roars Into View
Anna Von Hausswolff - The Truth, The Glow, The Fall
Now Sleep - The Dead Travel In Fog And Time
Now Sleep - Some Don’t Know What They Are
Tim Hecker - 100 Years Ago
Fennesz - Before I Leave
Those Who Walk Away - First Partially Recollected Conversation
Talk Talk - Myrrhman
Milo - Souvenir
Kayla Painter - Kenopsia
Labradford - G
Autechre - LCC
DJ Scud - V.I.P Pressure
Brainwaltzera -  Yamaha Hills
The Haxan Cloak - Excavation Part 2
Hrvatski - Carrot
AFX and Squarepusher - Freeman Hardy and Willis Acid
The Ganja Kru - Super Sharp Shooter
Pirate Radio
Johann Johannsson -  Fordlandia
Haswell and Hecker - Movement 3
Lying Cat - Fstal Better To Begin
The Railway Raver - Keiths Trumpets
DJ Boring - Winona
Dntel - Fear of Corners
Michael Gordon - Weather 3
Michael Nyman and Damon Albarn - Boyds Journey

The “Lying Cat” EP is released on the 2nd of November on Bricolage via bandcamp.

Video for “Easy To Feed”

Sunday, 21 October 2018

Lying Cat - Easy To Feed (Music Video)

A first listen to the Lying Cat. "Easy To Feed" will feature on a 6 track EP due for release next month. ARTIST : Lying Cat TRACK : Easy To Feed EP : Lying Cat
STYLE : Experimental, Broken Beat, Ambient RELEASE DATE : 2nd November 18
CAT NO : bc039

Monday, 8 October 2018

Bricolage Podcast #38 : Sceadu

Sceadu has appeared briefly from the shadows to take the controls for our October podcast. The mysterious German artist has provided a dense mixture of Detroit Techno, electro and dub techno. Mechanical patterns, space signals, futuristic ambience and deep bass rumblings throughout. The session is mixed as a 50/50 split of vinyl and digital and spans an almost 30 year timeline from the classic early nineties era through to more current releases from the newer breed. There’s a curve ball thrown in for good measure along the way....

You can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.