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Thursday, 12 November 2015

No One Leaves Here Empty Handed

Last night our YouTube channel officially launched with the premiere of a music video for "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" by get-effect.

The music of "get-effect" as a whole has a real natural, open and intrinsic feel to it and this particular track is a stand out among his work. Chiming guitars, big synths and a steady beat. The video and imagery fits in snugly alongside those audio elements to create a beautiful all round body of work. A perfect audio/visual coming together of electronic tinged, chilled out, shoegaze and beautifully shot nature collages.

It's an uplifitng audio/visual combination that we're proud to be able to share with you as our first official upload.

There's waaaaaay more to come.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our channel.

Bricolage Collective (YouTube)

You can download a HQ copy of "No One Leaves Here Empty Handed" for free as part of our debut compilation that was released back in August.

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