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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Introducing The Collective 24-26

The next 3 members we're introducing to you include some of our most mysterious yet.

24. Sleep, Data

Sleep, Data is the music project of a man known only as Arkansas Shawn. All we know is that he plays guitar in a band called "Zombienaut" and in his spare time he makes guitar/drone tracks under the Sleep, Data moniker.

Sleep, Data (Soundcloud)

Sleep, Data (Facebook)

Sleep, Data (Reverb Nation)


25. Bloempot

Bloempot is another mysterious addition to our already eclectic roster. A purveyor of "abstract rhythms and aleatoric hypersentimentalism", he makes obscure, intense, beat driven electronic music that takes no prisoners. It's a refreshing assault on the senses. Bloempot is someone who is VERY different from most standard techno producers and is someone that Bricolage was aiming at recruiting for a very long time. We're glad to have got him on board :)

Bloempot (Soundcloud)


26. Roy Or Bison?

Meet Royston Bisonicus IV. A rat in a maze of noise that has no idea what kind of sounds he's turning into next. With a back catalogue that covers a diverse range of music from harsh noise, dizzy electronica, 20 minute drones, lo-fi mash ups, obscure drones and a tonne of odd sounds, he's someone we're looking forward to hearing a lot more sounds from in the future.

Roy Or Bison? (Soundcloud)

Roy Or Bison? (Mixcloud)

Roy Or Bison? (Bandcamp)

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