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Monday, 25 July 2016

Nova Noma "Atlas" (bc016)

"Atlas" is the debut album from Glaswegian producer Nova Noma and what better way to showcase your musicianship than an array of sounds as pristine as this collection. It's a release that swirls and glides it way through chill out territory. Layers of rippling synths, fractured beats, glistening melodies and expertly placed electronic string arrangements. Throw in a selection of deftly used dialogue samples and guest vocals from Vena and you have all the ingredients for a simply majestic debut. "Atlas" is an album that demands your full attention from start to finish, from the prelude of the title track to the postlude closer of "Omega". The production skills and melodic know how on show from Nova Noma are practically flawless. Everything flows, everything fits. The tracklisting order has been set out to perfection and takes the listener on a dream like, upbeat journey. It's positive, thought provoking and uplifting chill out music. Tailor made for a warm summer evenings with your headphones.

The album can be streamed and DL below or at the Bricolage bandcamp page.

The download comes with a PDF booklet of beautiful individual artwork for each track.

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Loui Cleghorn - Waterworks (Remix Competition)


On the 12th of September we release the "Waterworks" EP from Loui Cleghorn. It contains the title track and also "Gird Up Your Loins", two tracks that are full to the brim with beautiful translucent melodies and perfected percussion. To flesh the EP out that bit more we're going to include two remixes of the title track "Waterworks". That's were the competition part comes in. We're making the stems for the track available for free download at our bandcamp site, all you have to do is head there and grab a free download of all the components and have a go at remixing the track. There will be two winning remixes, one chosen by Loui himself and the other by Bricolage label head, Fragile X. Both of the winning remixes will feature on the EP release in September.

The competition officially opens today and there is a 6 week time frame before the competition closes on Saturday the 10th of September, two days before the EP release.

All potential remixes must be submitted to the Soundcloud group set up by the label.

You can grab the stems below or from the stems release on Bandcamp.

You can hear the track in full below or at our YouTube channel.

*Extra info*

"Waterworks" is in the key of G-flat major and recorded at 111bpm. There are no rules for the remix competition, all styles and tempo changes are more than welcome.

Have fun :)

Monday, 18 July 2016

Headroom 05: Loui Cleghorn presents "Procrastomatic"

We've reached Volume 5 of our Headroom mix series and it arrives from Glasgow based producer/DJ, Loui Cleghorn. Loui has a huge amount of experience of being behind the decks, and taking people on a listening journey, having played in and around Glasgow regularly over the years. His live sets are always full of swirling melodies,intricate sounds and a progressive energy that is backed up by polished mixing skills and precision timing. His contribution to the Headroom series is no different. There's a chain of interesting and evolving sounds that weave in and out of each other in perfect transitions. It's two hours of rich harmonies and fresh percussion that slink in and out of the system. Loui will be releasing a EP on Bricolage at the end of summer and later this week there'll be a remix competition for his track "Waterworks" from the EP. Stay tuned for more info on that soon.

You can stream the mix below or over at our mixcloud account.

Full tracklisting is as follows...

Fabrik Way - Logos
If I Had A Hi-Fi - Fnord Chord
Macajey - Blooms
Savvas - Greyscale Outlines
Alfonso Muchacho - Echo Peak
Super Flu - Va Ga Va Ga
Luka Sambe - 30 Year Hiatus
Oliver Huntemann - Albino
Layton Giordani - Unspoken
Reinier Zonneveld - Sharp Bust
Delaville - El Goyo
Solee - Maercheninsel
D-Nox & Beckers - Second Sun
Khen - Never Lose Your Innocence
Reinier Zonneveld - Die Inslag
Stephan Bodzin - Odyssee (D-Nox & Beckers Remix)
Luis M - Interstellar (Stoertebeker remix)
N'to - Down There
JSPR - Daybreak
Reinier Zonneveld & Axan - Filth on Acid
Lewis Fautzi - Mental Circuits
Kink - Volodaz

Monday, 11 July 2016

Fragile X "Arboreal" (bc015)

Our latest release is the ambient, tribal soundsccapes of "Arboreal" from Fragile X. It's a body of work that's been two years in the making. A real labour of love that finally gets to bear its fruits through Bricolage. The music itself is an escapism into the trees. It could be a meridian forest, it could be an African jungle, your overgrown back garden or even your local park. Choose your own adventure. Found sounds, field recordings and tribal drum patterns weave into intricate organic and ambient structures and atmospheres. Elements of the worlds natural environment coming together with carefully constructed pads and melodies to provide the listener with a journey to get lost in.

It starts off with the sow burning Geoglyph before moving onto ethnic drones, rhythms and instrumentation with the duo of Lepidoptera and Gecko. Dawn Chorus is next and is the most upbeat track on show. A calming intro gives way to tribal drums and a melodic arpeggio hook that's inspired by bird song. Closing track, Sleeping In The Trees, rounds off the EP with a soothing ambient outro.

You can stream and download the full album below or at our bandcamp.

Friday, 8 July 2016

Night Time Bassline : Paradise (Music Video)

Last month, Night Time Bassline released the "No Work, Just Play" EP through Bricolage. It was full of modern electronica, fused with house, disco and funk styles. "Paradise" is the opening track from the EP and best encapsulates the feel of the release and the good time, summer vibes. Digi Aye have cut together a montage of positive and uplifting summer based scenics to go along as a visual stimulant with the track. 

You can download "Paradise" and the full Night Time Bassline EP for free or "pay what you want" at our bandcamp or below.

Wednesday, 6 July 2016

In The Loop : Episode 14

July is shaping up to be a big month for the label. It's a jam packed month with every Monday of the month providing you with releases and mixes. There's also a few new audio/visuals coming your way plus the announcement of two new members to our constantly expanding roster and last but not least a remix competition.

We started the month off with our monthly podcast this past Monday. It's a cerebrum challenging journey from Gregor Garnutsi that's full of jazz, ambient, techno and much much more. Have a listen and submerse yourself below or on mixcloud if you haven't already.


On the 11th of July, label head, Fragile X releases his ambient, tribal EP "Arboreal". It's been over 2 years in the works and is finally good to go. Stay tuned to his soundcloud account for previews coming this week ahead of the release. In the meantime you can preview the artwork below.


On the 25th of July, we release the full length debut album from Nova Noma. It's guaranteed to be full of his trademark sounds and epic electronic masterpieces. Blissed out, chilled out electronica is to be expected but you can wager on a few more energetic numbers on the release too. Preview "Atlas" below.


This Friday night (8th July) we unveil our latest audio/visual. It's a summer themed, beach based effort from our visual team "Digi Aye" for the track "Paradise" from our most recent release on Bricolage, the "No Work, Just Play" by Night Time Bassline. Check out the track in question below and be sure to grab yourself a free download/pay what you want copy from our bandcamp.


Our new arrivals in July come in the form of the recently birthed Glasgow electronic project "futurendeavours" and "Loui Cleghorn". The former consists of two enigmatic and secretive local producers with some huge sounds in the pipeline that they plan to release through our label very soon. Genre defying, 10 minute plus tunes are their speciality. The latter name is a big coup for Bricolage. Loui has released on some excellent and well known labels including German underground titans Traum and Resopal. He brings a wealth of talent and experience to the table both in terms of production and mixing skills. You can expect his first Bricolage EP to drop in August but before that he will be curating Volume 5 of our Headroom mix series to be released this month. You can expect some more info and full introduction posts and bios to our latest label additions next week.


As for the remix competition, it's based around one of Loui's tracks from his upcoming EP in August. The competition and its details will be aired towards the end of the month and full stems will be made available. The competition is open to all Bricolage and non Bricolage artists. With the two winning remixes joining the EP release. The judges will be Loui and Fragile X.

Stay tuned for more info soon and be sure to keep in touch with all our July happenings via our Facebook page. It's gonna be a huge month :)

Monday, 4 July 2016

Bricolage Podcast #11 : Gregor Garnutsi

Our July podcast is possibly our most eclectic and varied session yet. It comes from the imagination of Gregor Garnutsi. Interchangeable beats and tones, ambient gems, portions of jazz, solo sections, blobs of techno, an acid shower, old school breaks, excerpts of the custom music scale known as the Colundi Sequence and even a bit of Queen. You'd be forgiven for thinking that these sounds wouldn't mesh well and that things could go awry but you'd also be wrong. It's chaos but it's organised chaos at it's finest. Everything is fused together at the perfect junctions, making this podcast a mind bending but insanely enjoyable journey. A musical transcript full of dips, dives, tranquility and bedlam. Garnutsi himself describes it as "summer chill for a lucid dreamers thrill".

As usual you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud page.

Sunday, 3 July 2016


Our July podcast lands next week and comes from the unique Gregor Garnutsi. He released the track "TL33" on our latest compilation, Volume 3, back in April.

To get yourself a rough idea of what his music taste, vision for sounds and its properties are all about then tune into the most recent episode from his "Dreamspace.Media" radio show. Episode 7 is a fantastic listen, full of expertly crafted music and a chat with Daniel Love, the man behind "The Lucid Dreamer's Guide To The Cosmos" book.

You can find a link to the Kickstarter page for the upcoming book here.

Have a listen in full to to Episode 7 below or over on the Dreamspace mixcloud account.

Find more info on Dreamspace.Media here.