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Monday, 27 June 2016

Mute Branches : Potholing By Telephone (Audio/Visual)

Bricolage is proud to present the music video for "Potholing By Telephone" from the recently released Mute Branches album, "Fake Real Warm". 

Our video department Digi Aye have created a slightly psychedelic and hazy nod to the stylings of Boards of Canada in their visual interpretation of "Potholing By Telephone". Quite fitting given the BoC influences that Mute Branches carries so well in his sound. The track eases along at the perfect downtempo pace and the flow of the video marries in well. Have a look for yourself below.

"Fake Real Warm" from Mute Branches is an album that strolls perfectly across the experimental line in the musical sands. Treading through both simple and complex patterns as it does so. It comes across as both digital and analogue. Steeped in a retro sound but also breaking into modern and fresh territory. At it's heart is a lo-fi essence full of unique samples, glitches, beguiling synths and minimal, sparse soundscapes. The bones of the album are made up of meandering bedroom beats and mellow chords and keys. Everything fuses together with ease and that familiar tinge of Mute Branches style nostalgia warmth helps to creates a beautiful daydream like scenario from start to finish.

You can get the full album for free DL or PWYW over at our bandcamp or in the embed underneath.

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Pangaea Proxima

Tonight the Flying Duck venue in Glasgow plays host to the Pangaea Proxima Multicultural Festival. Bricolage founding member "Fragile X" is performing a DJ set at the festival and Bricolage member "Oco" will also be performing live art and graffiti at the event.

'Pangaea Proxima’ (sometimes called ‘Pangaea Ultima’) refers to the future supercontinent configuration whose formation is theorised to occur over the next 250 million years. Nature's movement towards a singular land mass is a promising metaphor displaying the union of a supercontinent unbound by geographical borders. With this idea of future physical unity, parallels are drawn for future social unity , promoting multiculturalism and driving towards a truly global social consciousness.

The event has being created in conjunction with Refugee Week Scotland organised by the Scottish Refugee Council, who have set this year’s theme of 'Solidarity'. Hohm Productions aims to honour the festivals theme by showcasing a multitude of talented performers using a variety of traditional and contemporary creative art forms.

Artists from all backgrounds will share their individual and unique expressions of world culture through music, film, poetry, storytelling, theatre, puppetry and visual art, transmitting our common, universal passion for culture as a tool of empowerment against social barriers, while challenging people's perceptions and understanding of refugees and their plight in modern times.

You can find out some more info about the event and RSVP to the event on Facebook.

Below is a list of the full line up and set times

You can listen to a promo mix from Fragile X that provides an idea of some of the styles and sounds that will be heard on the night.

Be sure to head down early for the doors opening and catch the full array of artistic talents and sounds on display. There's Iranian hip hop, poetry, turntablism, documentaries, live graffiti, sitars and world flavoured techno.

Monday, 20 June 2016

Night Time Bassline "No Work, Just Play" (bc014)

At the end of last month we provided you with a Mute Branches album that hit all the right notes in the lead up to a laidback, woozy summer. Today is the officially the start of summer and to celebrate that fact we're releasing our most upbeat and sunshine laced offering to date. The "No Work, Just Play" EP from Night Time Bassline is four tracks that are a hybrid of lively modern electronica, funk orientated movements and house music stylings. There's a warm and tropical feel to the melodies and the hooks. There's even a strong disco undercurrent lingering in the patterns of the music. Put these together and you have the perfect upbeat, sunshine vibes shining through. The tracks are playful, positive and most of all danceable. Catchy hooks backed up with an undeniable groove that will keep you moving through the hot months. It's good time music for good time people. Every summer needs a soundtrack. Let Night Time Bassline be part of yours.

The EP is available for streaming or DL below or at our bandcamp.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

The Mermaid's Reverie (Remix)

"The Mermaids Reverie" is a blissful, melody laden track from Dreamland Fantasy. It was part of our Bricolage Volume 3 compilation release in April this year.

Around a fortnight ago Dreamland Fantasy made the stems for the track available for free download and remixing. There's a lot of potential in the stems to take the song in many different directions and is sure to provide any prospective remixers with both fun and creative opportunities.

You can grab the stems below or here with a wee bit more info.

Check out the original version below before you start reconstructing and submit any remixes to the Soundcloud group here.

Monday, 6 June 2016

Bricolage Podcast #10 : Roy Or Bison?

'Roy Or Bison?' previously mixed and curated Vol 2 of our Headroom mixes in January of this year. It was a two hour mix full of a variety of musical twists and turns. Quiet and loud. Light and heavy. This time out for our June podcast he's laid out a format of moody rhythms, rare tracks, new tracks and abstract electronic sculptures mixed in with a few classics, edits and samples. It's a live mix, unplanned, with no set tracklist in mind and tracks that were merely picked on the spot. It merges together into one dewy, mercurial journey full of obscure but accessible music. 

You can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud page.

Friday, 3 June 2016

Leit Motif : Dormant (Audio/Visual)

Our visuals department, Digi Aye, have teamed up with Leit Motif to create a minimalistic, grainy and glitchy black and white visual for the track "Dormant" from Leit Motifs EP 'Supine'. It flows along nicely with the track, there's a dark and thoughtful aura hanging over the drones in the music and the mood of the video captures the slow burning atmosphere that is evident throughout.

You can stream and download the full album below or at our bandcamp.