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Friday, 22 February 2019

No Arrival "Subvert Yourself" (bc041)

"No Arrival" returns to Bricolage with a new six track EP full of his, now signature, atmospheric rhythmic work and fragmented experimental soundscapes. 

It's a bold and curious affair full of digital disorder. A perfect unison of warm melodic pulses, odd time signatures and and sputtered bass movements that make use of staggered percussion, splintered samples and organic sound design backdrops. 

"Subvert Yourself" is arguably the most accurate representation of this distinctive artists work to date. 

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Subvert Yourself EP Preview

ARTIST : No Arrival RELEASE : Subvert Yourself RELEASE DATE : 22nd February 2019 STYLE : Broken Beat, Experimental, LABEL : Bricolage CAT No : bc041 "Subvert Yourself" is arguably the most accurate representation of this distinctive artists work to date. Full EP preview now on YouTube Pre-order at the Bricolage bandcamp.

Friday, 15 February 2019

PREMIERE : No Arrival - Group Flow

"This first extract ‘Group Flow’ presents a brilliant contrast between the strength of a slow and heavy broken beat beside the craziness of experimental percussions, and the delicateness of a beautiful organic sound design."

Exclusive first listen to "Group Flow" via taste makers , 44 100 Hz Social Club.

'Subvert Yourself' is out a week today. Pre-order the EP now and receive the track "Play" in full.

Whet your appetite for the release with this sterling review from Rowan Blair Colver at Electro Review.

Thursday, 14 February 2019

No Arrival : Play (Official AV)

Later this month we release the second EP from Glaswegian producer, No Arrival. "Subvert Yourself" is full of crooked ambient soundscapes, mangled samples, brittle melodies and dense percussion.

We're proud to present the official A/V for the track 'Play' from the upcoming release.

Pre-order the EP now at bandcamp and receive 'Play' in full before release date.

ARTIST : No Arrival
TITLE : Subvert Yourself
DATE : 22nd February 2019
STYLE : Electronic, Experimental
LABEL : Bricolage
CAT NO : bc041

Music by No Arrival
Video curated by J.Gorecki

Be sure to check out the full pre-release review of 'Subvert Yourself' on Electro Review to whet your appetite before the 22nd.

No Arrival on SC
Bricolage on SC

Saturday, 9 February 2019

I Heart Noise : Bricolage Retrospective (Label Mix 2018)

At the tail end of last year we were honoured to be asked to put together a Bricolage "Retrospective 2018" mix for renowned taste makers iHeartNoise. The session takes a look back at a whirlwind 12 months of broken beats, mangled electronica, glitchy IDM, ambient landscapes, experimental sound collage and gritty electro. It features tracks from each of our 7 stand alone releases from 2018 alongside a selection of cuts from our special "Retcon" anniversary compilation.

Tune in at the link below or over at the IHN mixcloud. Tracklisting below.

01. Lying Cat – Fstal Better To Begin (Nov 18)
02. Yasda – Restless Man Of All Work (Aug 18)
03. Supply Fi – Dry Remains (Apr 18)
04. Equal Parts – People Find Time (Aug 18)
05. Dark Fidelity Hi Fi – Hanasaku (Aug 18)
06. Fragile X – Res Ipsa Loquitur (Aug 18)
07. Devras Plexi – Something We Dreamt (Mar 18)
08. Anonymous3 – Nine (Aug 18)
09. No Arrival – Terra Ratio (Aug 18)
10. All Buttons In – The Life And Death Of A Neuron (Aug 18)
11. futurendeavours – Yautja Blood (Jan 18)
12. Arran Trax – Dammerung (Jun 18)
13. GrevusAnjl – The Nicest Of Vices (Aug 18)
14. Justin Case – Seagulling (Jul 18)
15. Minimal_Drone*GRL – Bifurcated Worlds (Aug 18)
16. Menopausal Hound Dog – Clown Interruption And The Bore Science Nostril Shots (Feb 18)

Saturday, 2 February 2019

Bricolage Podcast #42 - Disintegration State

Our February podcast is a special guest session from our underground comrades at Disintegration State.

The flourishing experimental electronic label are edging ever closer to their inaugural live event on Feb 16th at "The Peer Hat" in Manchester where a number of their artists will be displaying a full array of intriguing and eclectic sounds ranging from "drowning ambience to apocalyptic rave".

This mix was crafted together by label co-founder Steve Hadfield and showcases music from all the artists that are scheduled to feature at the 'Disintegrated Discotheque'.

Stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.

Event info and tickets @ Eventbrite or alternatively RSVP on FB @ "Disintegrated Discotheque" event page./

Follow the label:

Find the tracks featured in this mix and more @ the Disintegration State bandcamp.


 1. Sunbane - Yugen/Cog
 2. Steve Hadfield - Synchronise Your Dogmas
 3. Adventsong - Daibutsu
 4. Mute Branches - The Sunken Restuarant
 5. Jacob Nico - Gemini (Whatever Happened To You)
 6. Lowering - Perpetual Storm
 7. Adventsong - Into The Mist
 8. Lowering - Ergonomicon
 9. Sunbane - Daughter 
10. Steve Hadfield - The Creation of Ends

Friday, 1 February 2019

Imminent Arrival

Our upcoming release from No Arrival is now available on pre-order from our bandcamp.

Purchase the "Subvert Yourself" EP and instantly receive the stunning track "Play" with its deep atmospherics and chopped vocal samples.

"Subvert Yourself" is out on the 22nd of February. More track reveals and EP preview coming soon.

Be sure to check out No Arrivals previous releases on Bricolage below.

His debut EP, "The Chance To Fail", back in October 2017 was a sonic whirlpool of broken acid, experimentation and diverse ambient textures.

There's also the fidgety industrial ambience of "Terra Ratio" from our 2018 Retcon compilation.

Finally, our first collaboration with the Scottish producer was in the form of "Vex". An electronic cyclone of punishing beats and low end.