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Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Bricolage (An Ambient Tribute from Hohm Productions)

For the third part of our anniversary mixes we asked Hohm Productions 
resident Kinoko to weave together a selection of his favourite ambient based works that we've released over the last two years.

Here's what they had to say:
"Recently it was the adventurous electronic net label Bricolage Collective's 2nd birthday and to commemorate this they have ask three artists to mix a selection of their favourite releases (Techno, IDM and Ambient mixes respectively). With this they have bestowed the honour of making an ambient mix to HOHM Resident Kinoko from the tracks released so far which he jumped at the chance to do so here it is and thanks Bricolage for this enjoyable opportunity"

You can stream the mix below or at the Hohm mixcloud.


1. Fragile X - The Outer Circle
2. B-Side Boy - Pissholes In The Snow
3. Liapei - When We Were All So Very Different
4. Merriman's Ghost - Owl
5. Microvolt - A Touch Of The Vapours
6. Neon Idol Lodge - Resonances
7. Mute Branches - (I'm Dreaming Of A) Severe Weather Warning
8. Hiramatsu Toshiyuki - Mountain Call
9. Roy Or Bison? - Eidetician
10. Roy Or Bison? - Night Vision
11. International Debris - Hypogeum
12. ...From The Benthic Zone and Mute Branches - Outlines
13. Sleep, Data - The Drone That You Find In The Back Of Your Mind
14. Fragile X - Saturn9ne
15. Mute Branches - Goon Squad (Part 2)
16. Fragile X - Under The Counter Culture (Leit Motif remix)
17. Slow Deep Breath - The Crow Pheasant
18. The Next Commuter - The Dozen Paces
19. Jazzdefector - Lost Without You
20. Nova Noma - Who Are You?
21. Leit Motif - A Lovers Reincarnation
22. Oscurito - The Nihon Shoki

Monday, 25 September 2017

"DYADIC" TRACK PREMIERE : Fragile X and Minerva - Dancing To A Different Drum

The countdown to the new Bricolage compilation album "Dyadic" is now truly on. One week today we unleash 11 specifically produced collaborative efforts from a select group of producers on our roster. Over the past few weeks we've slowly unveiled details, artwork and snippets of each track in the build up to the 2nd of October release date. Tonight we're going that bit further than simple track previews and giving you a premiere of the experimental DnB production "Dancing To A Different Drum", the result of an electronic alliance between the fast rising Minerva and Bricolage label head Fragile X. Music by J.Gorecki and Ariadne Vinerma (Fragile X) (Minerva) Promo video made by Rick Jones of Dark Fidelity HiFi and Lo-Fi Deluxe (DFHF)
Rick Jones (YouTube)
Keep your ear to the ground for another exclusive track premiere from the "Dyadic" album coming on Soundcloud before the weekend. BC (Facebook)
BC (Soundcloud)

Sunday, 24 September 2017

bc029 : Dyadic (Promo Video and Album Preview)

"21 global electronic producers coming together on one album that roams through the electronic music sphere leaving no stone unturned...." In just over a weeks time we release the much anticipated Bricolage collaboration album, "Dyadic", in both digital and physical format. We gave Marcel the monkey a promo copy. It seems the collaboration between Devras Plexi and The Oscilloscope is his personal favourite.....
*ALBUM RELEASED 02/10/2017* For a preview of the full album head to Soundcloud or listen below.
FULL TRACKLISTING 1. Figurate and Futurendeavours - Pale Blue Dot 2. Fragile X and Minerva - Dancing To A Different Drum 3. Dark Fidelity Hifi and Subsequent - Your Eyes That Say No 4. Bacteria (Blue Notes and Arran Trax) - Spore 5. Jaffa Kid and Leit Motif - Eeehran 6. Belial Pelegrim and Dark Fidelity Hifi - Numbers In The Mirror 7. Mister Left and Roy Or Bison? - Corporation Street 8. Devras Plexi and The Oscilloscope - The Chronic 9. Lo-Jacker and Loui Cleghorn - Turpitude 10. Get-Effect and Oscurito - Space Interpreter 11. ...From The Benthic Zone and Mute Branches - Outlines

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Bricolage (Kedvenceim)

The second installment of our anniversary mixes comes from our very own Minerva. The Hungarian producer has put together some of her favourite experimental sounds from the labels back catalogue. You can expect a broad range of IDM, broken beats and electronica as she trawls through two years worth of unique productions. Recommended Sunday night listening.

Here's what she had to say:

Bricolage (Kedvenceim) = Bricolage (My Favourites)
My favourite music label Bricolage had 2nd birthday last month and to celebrate for them I make together a mix of some of most innovating tracks from their collection. Always exciting and interesting sounds within! Lots of complexity! Some of these music can be hard to mix together but I do my best and I think is ok :)
I have lots of love for all these guys and I am thankful to be part of this Glasgow crew "

You can stream the mix below or over at Mixcloud


1. Bedless Bones - Foreign Blood Heat (bc020)
2. Belial Pelegrim - Exoskeleton (bc027)
3. Figurate - Like A Moth To The Light (bc023)
4. Blue Notes - Icarus (bc027)
5. Fragile X - Utility Fog (bc026)
6. All Buttons In - Back To The Beginning Of The End (bc027)
7. No Arrival - Vex (bc027)
8. Ix Prospectum - RX (bc024)
9. Octavia Bannon Clark - Heavy Construction (bc020)
10. Rain - Cold (bc020)

Monday, 11 September 2017

Quixotic : Bricolage (Label Showcase)

Manchester based after party troupe "Quixotic" recently honoured Bricolage with a special mix consisting purely of material from our back catalogue. It spans a broad range of our techno infused releases and ranges from our early days to the present.

Here's what they had to say:

"Session 6 is a celebration for friends. The forward thinking Glasgow label, Bricolage, recently celebrated their second anniversary. Quixotic have been huge fans of the label since its inception. Label head, Fragile X, has tirelessly and consistently provided a seemingly endless stream of electronic pearls from musicians far and wide for fans to sink their teeth into. From humble beginnings to underground respect, Bricolage has developed over the last 24 months into an open platform for people that think that little bit differently when it comes to listening habits and production traits. Providing and producing ambient, glitch, electronica, IDM, techno and a bit of everything under the electronic umbrella.
To celebrate the more beat driven side of the Bricolage back catalogue, Quixotic resident "General Zero" has mixed together a bunch of his fave techno flavoured tracks released on the label."


Pedraw - Turbo16 (bc027)
Willy - What Was That? (bc011)
Sunn Boo - Ladyland Pt2 (bc001)
Crae - Injection (bc022)
Gewatte - X 08 (bc001)
Jaffa Kid - Melgar (bc025)
Bloempot - R3V3R5 Y0UR 8R07H3R5 (bc004)
futurendeavours - Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (bc019)
Minerva - Oligarch (bc020)
Mister Left - This Is Your Captain Speaking (bc020)

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Autumn/Winter 2017

August was a relatively quiet month here at Bricolage HQ but we spent the end of summer working away behind the scenes to ensure that there's some real treats lined up for the remainder of the year. Unique podcasts, special guest mixes, two EPs plus the latest volume of our various artists compilation series. All that topped off with our most ambitious release to date in the form our first physical release.


To start off September we had Austin based sound design boffin, Devras Plexi, curate an hour of underground electronic gems from the underground. A unique selection of sounds from a unique talent. This particular podcast has proven to be one of our most popular yet. Listen for yourself below.


As we hit September, Bricolage enters into it's third year of existence. To celebrate this mini milestone we've got three special guest mixes lined up that take a look at a slice of our discography over the last two years.

For the first mix we got Manchester after party troupe "Quixotic" to mix together some of their favourite beat driven tracks from the label. They've been long time supporters of the label and have concocted a variety of tracks from our early days right through until the more current releases.

The second mix will come from Bricolage's own Minerva and explores the more experimental side of our catalogue before friend of the label, Kinoko, closes out the anniversary mixes with a presentation of some of our ambient works. Keep your eyes peeled for them as they drop.


To round off the month we have Oscurito returning behind the decks to provide us with our latest mammoth Headroom session. A two hour extravaganza awaits. The Glaswegian released his second EP on Bricolage in July. The "Eastern Philosophy" EP combined cinematic influences with Eastern tinged melodics and full bodied rhythms.



In October we drop our very first physical release on Bricolage. Over the summer months we brought together an assortment of names from the roster to work on the "Dyadic" project, this collaboration album, consisting of 11 specifically made exclusive tracks, lands at the start of next month. The finished article is a melting pot of sounds from all over the electronic spectrum. This meeting of musical minds will be officially released on limited number CD and digital format on the 2nd of October.

Have an exclusive first look at the artwork below. You can expect a full tracklisting and audio previews in the next few days. Stay tuned.


October also sees a double header from one of our most recent roster additions, No Arrival. His podcast lands in early October followed by a new 4 track EP "The Chance To Fail" at the end of the month. Check out his contribution to our last VA compilation back in June below.



We start off November with another double header. Glaswegian electronic experimentalist, Blue Notes, drops both his first podcast and standalone release for the label. Both are guaranteed to be sonic works of art.

Have a listen to the full length "Hymn" collection from earlier this summer.


Our last Headroom of the year will come in late November and is provided by the diverse mixing skills of Minerva. She followed up her 2016 "Oligarch" track on Bricolage with a rousing all vinyl podcast for us back in January this year. We're excited to give her free reign over the extended two hour timescale of Headroom before the year's out and you can fully expect a stellar journey with many a twist and turn.



December kicks off with a podcast from the scarily consistent US producer, Belial Pelegrim. This is a man that is continually producing flawless and out there yet accessible music and we're sure his podcast will be in a similar vein. This is yet another mix that we're incredibly excited about landing in our inbox. It'll be that good.

Check out his phenomenal production skills on "Exoskeleton" which was released on Bricolage this summer.


We round off the year with Volume 6 of our Various Artists compilation where we'll once again be bringing plenty of new and intriguing sounds to your ears courtesy of more specially handpicked artists from around the world. We've already started the demo and selection process on collating new and interesting producers for Volume 6 and we'll feed you more info on this release as it progresses.


The remainder of 2017 is shaping up to be special. Join us for the ride.

Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Bricolage Podcast #25 : Devras Plexi

Tonight we hit a quarter century of podcasts as we glide into our 3rd year of existence. To mark this mini milestone we invited electronic maestro, Devras Plexi, to contribute his first mix for the label. He's put together an hour of hidden gems full of radiating melodies and unique palettes alongside broken but elegant rhythms that are soldered with digital experiments overflowing with pop sensibility. Intriguing patterns, warm, playful sounds and all manner of genre defying works are littered throughout yet it never loses it's key, bright, elements and brings proceedings to an end with an exclusive unreleased track by Devras Plexi himself which is rather ironically titled, "Ender". Given that his own productions are abstract, intricate and catchy, we had an inkling that this mix would be something a bit different from the norm and it's safe to say it more than delivers on that front. This years September podcast is a perfect coming together of sweet tempered sonic selections to lead us into the Autumn months. Listen in and treat your ears to a bit of musical escapism.

As always you can listen below or over on our mixcloud.

Devras Plexi (Facebook)

Devras Plexi (Website)