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Saturday, 6 April 2019

Loui Cleghorn - The Halcyon Days (AV)

ARTIST : Loui Cleghorn TITLE : Fortysomething EP TRACK : The Halcyon Days RELEASE DATE : 29th March 2019 STYLE : House, Techno, Electronica LABEL : Bricolage CAT NO : bc042 Music by Loui Cleghorn
Video curated by J.Gorecki

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Bricolage Podcast #44 : The Jaffa Kid

April sees 'The Jaffa Kid' drop back in to Bricolage with a gift in the form of a new mix. It's been exactly two years since his last podcast for Bricolage and it's been more than worth the wait as he stitches together a dazzling array of gems both old and new that blur the lines between ambient, IDM, electro and old school techno.

As always you can listen below or on our mixcloud.


Tipper - Relish The Trough
The Jaffa Kid - Mossmoss
Mescalinum United - Reflections Of 2017
Lloyd Owes Me A Packet - Untitled
T.N.G - Bass Kick (Original Mix)
Joey Beltram - The Trance
Frequency X - Hearing Things
Fatal Morgana - Attention
F.U.S.E - Approach and Identify
The Blapps Posse - Don't Hold Back
Dirty Mind - The Killer (Killer mix)
Dik Fozbee - Do It!
Shut Up And Dance - On A Street Level
Loose Bruce - Feeling Moody
Bleep - The Launchpad (Asteroid Flyby Mix)
Fade II Black - The Calling
Rhythmatic - Frequency (Depth Mix)
Altern 8 - Move My Body
Dream Frequency - Techno Worship
Virgo Four - It's A Crime
Roy Of The Ravers - 2 Late For Love (Part Two)
Scan 7 - System Work
Razor Boy And Mirror Man - Cutter Mix
Digital Domain - I Need Relief
Force Mass Motion - Annihilating
Aphex Twin - Untitled
Force Mass Motion - V.N.S(Thief Of Minds Mix)
Catalyst - The Chamber (Movement One)
DAC Robinson - Thousand One Night
DJ Dijital - Akroma
Aux 88 - Out Of Sight
The Jaffa Kid - Cosmic Raindance
Arpanet - Wireless Internet

"The Jaffa Kid" has been busy on the production front recently with new music popping up on Brighton based juggernauts, Furthur Electronix.