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Tuesday, 19 May 2020

PREMIERE : Fragile X "Damage Control" (bc055)

Exclusive premiere of the new Fragile X track "Damage Control"is up now via our pals at Seek Sick Sound.

Heavy breakbeat rhythms and deep low end.

Read the article in full here.

You can pre order the "Static Control" EP at bandcamp or below.

Saturday, 16 May 2020

A/V : Minimal Drone GRL - Shifting Plates (Juan de Fuca)

Travel the beautiful terrains of Juan de Fuca in British Columbia with the earthly ambient tones of Minimal Drone GRL.
"Shifting Plates (Juan de Fuca)" is taken from the 'Ancestral Origins' album. Available on cassette and digital format on Bricolage.

You can find the "Ancestral Origins" album in cassette and digital format below or at our bandcamp

Footage of the Juan de Fuca trail is used with full consent of the "Virtual Videos Channel". Subscribe and find more here : Virtual Videos Channel Huge thanks to Nataly at VVC. You can find the full original video here.

Friday, 8 May 2020

PREMIERE : Esef "Through The Static" (bc055)

The folks at 44100Hz Social Club have an exclusive premiere of Esef's new cut, "Through The Static".

Rapid fire melodic techno. Friday nights done right.

You can pre order the "Static Control" EP at bandcamp or below.

Wednesday, 6 May 2020

Bricolage Podcast #57 - Fragile X

Our May podcast sees label boss, Fragile X, steer you on another sonic excursion. We start off on deep ambient ground before ascending into uptempo experimental techno, frayed textures and splintered rhythms. There's a huge hypnotic swirl of shamanic breakbeats at the centre piece of the trip before we head into some mystical drum n bass to see things out.

As always you can listen to the mix at our mixcloud or below.


01. Supersonic Autopsy Force - Celestial Lights
02. Blind Observatory - Way
03. Asusu - Serra
04. O.utlier - Eastbound
05. Seph - Rom
06. Hannu Ikola - Black Ingrained Dust
07. Siberian Son vs Sheila Chandra - Mecca
08. Illuvia and Bass'Flo - A Love Lost
09. Sunchase - Xeops

The new split EP by Fragile X and Esef arrives on Bricolage in a few weeks time. Four slabs of bass driven techno and a maelstrom of hard hitting percussion awaits...

Pre order available at the link below.

Friday, 1 May 2020

Static Control (Pre Order)

Fragile X and Esef Static Control bc055 Techno, Breakbeat 22nd May 2020 TRACKLIST 1. Fragile X - Damage Control 2. Esef - Through The Static 3. Fragile X - Damage Control (Esef "Damage Is Done" remix) 4. Esef - Through The Static (Fragile X "White Noise" remix) Pre-order available below or at bandcamp.

Wednesday, 8 April 2020

Bricolage Podcast #56 - Esef

A lot has happened since our last podcast....

Lockdown has left all of us void of a dance floor. Let us bring the dance floor to you. Glasgow producer and DJ, Esef, returns to podcast duties on Bricolage and brings with him a barrage of progressive melodies, tough grooves and body moving beats as he digs through his deep collection of sounds to conjure up an hour that will feed your mind....

As always you can stream below or at mixcloud.


01. Rag-And-Bone - Paralyzed (Quivver Dub Mix)
02. Paranator - Changes
03. Petrichor - State Function
04. Bastinov - Solar System
05. Quivver - Rescue
06. Stephan Bodzin - Wir (Edu Imbernon and Coyu remix)
07. EMA - Virus
08. Steve Mulder - Elaborate (Roberto Capuano remix)
09. SIS - Nebuchadnezzer
10. Dusty Kid - Fura Prana
11. Harvey McKay - Amen
12. SQL - Take It As It Comes (Vince Watson remix)

Sunday, 5 April 2020

Minimal Drone GRL "Ancestral Origins" (bc054)

Bricolage is proud to present the debut album from Canadian sound sculptor, Joanne O'Keeffe aka Minimal Drone GRL.

"Ancestral Origins" is an ambient opus that is full to the brim with colourful and alluring melodies, emotive pads, effective rhythms and a vast array of field recordings recorded throughout the UK and Canada. These field recordings and found sounds blend in with the organic atmosphere to create a memorable and captivating journey.

This stunning ninety minute story is soaked in nostalgic tones and plays out like a fairy tale of sorts as Minimal Drone GRL casts her spell and weaves a golden web of immersive surround sound ambience. At once, both mystical and relatable. We'd highly recommend listening to "Ancetsral Origins" in one sitting to truly experience and appreciate the full story.

The theme of the album is rooted deep in the heart of British Columbia as past meets present and both look to the future together....

"The concept or theme for the album is based on what it was like to be brought up by immigrant parents and the challenges and hardships they faced arriving in a foreign country. Each individual track represents exploration, self discovery and learning about my roots/ancestry in Britain and growing up in British Columbia. The 'Spirit of Kolus' track pays homage to the indigenous people/First Nations of Canada and the beauty of their culture and heritage."

As always you can stream and download exclusively on our bandcamp