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Saturday, 19 January 2019

Sceadu : Imaginary Reign (Audio/Visual)

We're proud to present an hypnotic and cyberpunk themed visual for the closing track from our latest release from Sceadu.

"Imaginary Reign" rounds out the EP in style with its celestial arrangements and progression.

Friday, 11 January 2019

Sceadu "Once Upon A Future" (bc040)

We enter into 2019 with a chaotic audio narrative from Sceadu.

"Once Upon A Future" gives us a glimpse into this artists twisted, dystopian, vision. A dark and imaginative take on the end of the world and what lies beyond.

Crumbling and disjointed apocalyptic ambient sound design followed by two off kilter and anarchic drum n bass tracks that spit out fractured rhythmic patterns and nebulous bass movements that rarely sit still. The EP is brought to a close with the epic "Imaginary Reign". A captivating piece of chiming electronica that slowly unravels into a celestial crescendo before folding back into itself. It's completely paradoxical to what has went before and exhibits the diverse musical capabilities of Sceadu.

This future is nearer than you think....

Stream and DL available below or at the Bricolage bandcamp page.

Thursday, 10 January 2019

In The Loop : Episode 33

Our first In The Loop of 2019 is a bumper episode that shares sounds from no more than 10 Bricolage roster and alumni. Without further ado....


Another breath of fresh air from the Canadian producer as she unveils the airy textures of "Velvet Shadows".



"Echelon" is full of tough techno beats crossed with electro percussion and topped off with a gorgeous ambient background.



Another gorgeous ambient and glitch infused story from the esteemed Manchester producer with a sound of all his own.



A peak inside the brain of Minerva. The Hungarian artist has once again got in touch with her more experimental side. Expect acid, dub, techno and all sorts of chaos.



Delicate and downtempo, aquatic laced, IDM sounds.



Icy cinematic tones and a constant dreamlike progressive nature as "Baked Alaska" evolves and grows.



A locked in hip hop style groove with broody funk elements.



We'll just leave this here... "Sputnik" is Russian word that means "fellow traveler". The title reflects to the thankful feeling of having a partner next to you who shares similar values, phylosophy and attitude to life. Things that connect you together, and create a foundation of mutual responsibility, its essence, the deepest and holistic view about the quality of everyday life. A person that respects you and has the curiousity and passion to escort you on your way wherever it leads to.



An undefinable musical gem from deepest Austria. Sulevia is a producer that just seems to get more exciting with every one of her releases.



A playful slice of experimental pop-techno soaked in 8bit melodies. Free download.

Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Bricolage Podcast #41 - No Arrival

Our first mix of the year sees 'No Arrival' launch us head first into 2019 with a selection of simmering techno cuts and raw house music. Expect a deep and broody hour full of percolating drums, vivid basslines and twisted melodic elements.

Stream the mix below or on our mixcloud.

Saturday, 29 December 2018

Bricolage : Podcast Round Up For 2018

2018 was another eclectic year on the mix front. We've been privileged to both receive and share some outstanding musical journeys from a range of revered selectors and artists.

Loui Cleghorn (NYE Live Set)

We started off the year with an exclusive set from Loui Cleghorn. Recorded live at the Tribal Pulse NYE party in Glasgow, it sees him navigate through a bunch of his own material and take the listener on an absorbing trip.


The music obssessed Russian selector, Rain flirts effortlessly between ambient and DnB when it comes to mixes. He provided us a stunning DnB mix back in 2017 so decided to indulge his quieter side in 2018 and carefully build an ambient cloud to lay our head on. Soothing from first to last.

Vivid and mangled electronica from the enigmatic Glasgow duo. This session showcases some of their favourite influences with a few of their own releases on Bricolage. Also includes an exclusive play of an as-yet-still unreleased epic they cooked up especially for the mix.

Leit Motif

We nudged into spring time with Leit Motif and a selection of deep dub techno, entrancing world electronica and crepuscular, gliding, ambient material.

Dark Fidelity HiFi (Live set for RSD 2018)

This was the chance to immerse yourself in the captivating and hypnotic sounds of the Dark Fidelity HiFi live experience. A short but sweet RSD 2018 live set recorded at 'Reel Around The Fountain' record store in Manchester.

Arran Trax

A robust and rugged hour that combines Detroit Techno with surging electro and waves of acid from Arran Trax. Complex and exciting grooves from the Scottish producer.

Fragile X
Label boss Fragile X went down the effervescent route for this summer mix. Bubbling chimes, atmospheric cuts and warm, colourful soundscapes. One for the long summer nights.

Justin Case

Bricolage newcomer Justin Case brewed up an inventive concoction of sounds that would shine on a light on some of his biggest influences. An hour of twitchy and peculiar, cosmic electronica and celestial house music.

Daniel Katinsky

A guest mix from Glasgow native Daniel Katinsky that drifts between murky and experimental structures and bold sound design. A true headphone journey full of fractured rhythms and dynamic noise.


Dense and layered electro, techno and dub from the mysterious German. Futuristic ambience helps break up the chaos among the deep bass rumblings. We still believe that this is the only mix of 2018 that you'll be able to hear Dusty Springfield transition into Underground Resistance....



A guest mix full of hard hitting techno with a dystopian twist. Full of heavy characteristics but never reaching the point of extremity. A danceable wall of sound, if you like.


A sublime guest mix born of shamanism from Amunraja to round out the year. Warm bass, laid back tribal vibes and deep psydub that envelopes the listener. Put this on and let yourself drift into another dimension.


It wouldn't be a round up of mixes without mentioning our longform mix series, "Headroom". We only had three sessions this year. But they were three cultivated and stunning musical stories.


We had a special guest session from Hohm Productions resident, Kinoko, who pieced together a beautiful sound montage of ethereal ambient and misty deep house.

Supply Fi
This session acted as a precursor of sorts to the tender and organic "...And We Become One With The Earth" EP. His two hour Headroom saw him bring together sounds from his friends and peers in a genre bending journe full of curious and dreamlike electronica.

Lying Cat

A grain and lo-fi affair from the Lying Cat. A tenebrous excursion through the slightly more disconcerted side of the music spectrum. It's awash with skewered beats, brittle textures and perfectly placed field recordings. It almost plays out like a film if you let it....


A massive thank you goes out to all the people who gave their time to us in 2018. Artists and listeners alike.


Thursday, 27 December 2018

Bricolage : Release Round Up For 2018

We'd like to think that 2018 was another consistent year on the release front here at Bricolage. 7 EP's and a huge anniversary compilation. We put out some truly fantastic music from a few label stalwarts whilst also welcoming exciting contributions from some new names.

futurendeavours "Yautja Blood"

A sample heavy, broken beat, sci fi themed soundcape. Both complex and hypnotic. These kind of epics are fast becoming a regular occurence from the local duo, futurendeavours. They don't release a lot but when they do, we know we're getting something big.

Menopausal Hound Dog "Audible Smote"

Angular electronics and finely sculpted, idiosyncratic, tones and beats from the Manchester based MHD.

Devras Plexi "frequent inspirational chore"

 A true audio kaleidoscope from one of the most unique producers on our roster, Devras Plexi. Prismatic, glitchy and extremely accessible IDM and ambient flavours galore. In September we re-released a bulked up version of the EP featuring extra tracks that included a stunning remix from Lo-Jacker.

Supply Fi "...And We Become One With The Earth"

Shimmering, organic, ambient electronica from Supply Fi as he allows his natural songwriting ability to shine through on a truly expressive and balanced release.

Arran Trax "Morgenlicht"

Four slabs of hybrid electro/acid from an exceptionally creative mind. Hamburg based production whizz, Arran Trax, calls on raw analogue power and warm acid as he puts his own spin on the classic old school Detroit vibe. Fuzzy and extremely danceable sounds.

Justin Case "You Matter!"

As far as debut releases go, label newcomer, Justin Case dropped what can only be described as a brain melting opening statement of intent. "You Matter!" was unconventional from the get go. Crunchy, abstract. elastic and positively vibrant. The perfect way to introduce yourself to the musical world.

VA "Retcon"

Our most expansive and adventurous project to date was "Retcon". A gargantuan compilation that offered up creations from 20 distinct producers from far and wide as well as closer to home. The sounds on show cater to all manners of the electronic spectrum. As always, we'd like to think there's something for everyone inside the maze of "Retcon".

Lying Cat "Lying Cat"

We rounded off the year with a release from the mysterious "Lying Cat". This anonymous UK based producer casts up a fragmented and hazy spell full of absorbing and reflective ingredients. Experimental in nature with a beautiful and nostalgic narrative that runs throughout.


A big heartfelt thank you goes out to all the artists who helped shape our year. Your time, talents and commitment are appreciated more than we could ever express.


Saturday, 8 December 2018

Bricolage Podcast #40 - Amunraja

We conclude 2018 with a sublime guest mix from Amunraja. The Shamanscape Records boss has provided a a showcase of what he calls 'sacred bass'.

Amunraja is born of Shamanism and Buddhism and explores the dimensions and frequential worlds that surround us.

This is a session brimming with warm bass tones, deep and layered melodies, psychedelic patterns, laid back tribal vibes and some truly crystalline production work. This is an hour of sounds that will envelope you and transport you to another dimension.

Artwork credit @ Saffu

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


1. Amunraja - Muladhara
2. Amunraja - A Dream In Dub
3. Amunraja - Moonshadows
4. Amunraja - Halls Of Amenti
5. Amunraja - Orange Ghost
6. Amunraja and Mr. Reiter - Shamantique
7. Emog - The Magical Wind (Amunraja remix)
8. Amunraja - No Mud No Lotus
9. Amunraja - Desert Of The Theta
10. Amunraja - Girl From The Hummingbird Gardens
11. MaWrU - Temple Of Treasures
12. Nyrus -Ritual
13. Amunraja - Halls Of Amenti (Nyrus remix)
14. Amunraja - Halls Of Amenti (Psionic remix)