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Monday, 8 October 2018

Bricolage Podcast #38 : Sceadu

Sceadu has appeared briefly from the shadows to take the controls for our October podcast. The mysterious German artist has provided a dense mixture of Detroit Techno, electro and dub techno. Mechanical patterns, space signals, futuristic ambience and deep bass rumblings throughout. The session is mixed as a 50/50 split of vinyl and digital and spans an almost 30 year timeline from the classic early nineties era through to more current releases from the newer breed. There’s a curve ball thrown in for good measure along the way....

You can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.

Saturday, 29 September 2018

Devras Plexi - frequent inspirational chore (Reissue)

In March, this year, we released the spellbinding “frequent inspirational chore” EP from Austin native, Devras Plexi. It’s a stimulating and prismatic trip through an intricate world of lucid glitch and electronica soundscapes.
Six months after the original release we’re proud to present a revamped version of “frequent inspirational chore” that adds another layer to its unique charm.
The new look album features three new additions and is rounded off by a stunning Lo-jacker remix.

Saturday, 15 September 2018

In The Loop : Episode 29

This post covers a few recent music press reviews of some of our recent releases.

First off there's two reviews on our massive anniversary compilation from I Heart Noise and Discovery Music, respectively. We extend massive gratitude to both platforms for their time and efforts.

"Honestly there are no filler tracks here which is certainly saying something for a compilation that is 20 tracks deep. This was clearly put together with intense care and attention to detail and it’s success is obvious within every track."
Read the full "I Heart Noise" review of the compilation here.

"Each track is its own unique avenue of electronic music, covering a massive breadth and depth of the unexplored corners of this genre." 
Read the full "Discovery Music" review of our album here.

Stream and buy links for "Retcon" are available below.


Discovery Music also recently reviewed the debut EP from Justin Case, "You Matter!"

"Whatever your take on electronic music, this EP is worth the experience. It will bring you a small oasis of calm to any hectic day and offer a much-needed pause from a racing mind."
You can read the full "Discovery Music" review of the EP here.

Stream and buy links for the "You Matter!" EP are available below.

Friday, 7 September 2018

Bricolage Podcast # 37 : Daniel Katinsky

Our September podcast sees a special guest mix from Glaswegian producer and sound obsessive, Daniel Katinsky. 

The local whizz has gifted us an hour of compelling music that drifts between murky and unusual ambient textures and bold experimental structures. Fractured rhythms, intriguing sound design and immersive electronics make for a dynamic and engaging listening experience. One for the headphones.

The mix features some exclusive listens to unreleased gems from Fawkes, Parsa, Nancy Drone and Daniel Katinsky himself.

The mix is available to stream below or at our mixcloud.


Aphex Twin
Do Not Demand, Do Not Entreat
Michael Manring
Atonal Cut
Oli XL
Tatu Rönkkö
Flickering Debris
Lanark Artefax
Aspic Asa
Untitled Excerpt (Live at Parkteateret , Oslo 17/11/16)
Parsa amd Ramtin Niazi
Ingenuine By Proxy
Nancy Drone
A Tergo Real
Lee Gamble
Afloat Yet Still (Dry)
Daniel Katinsky
Parsa and Ramtin Niazi
Ghost Fairytale

Friday, 31 August 2018

"Retcon" (bc038)

“Retcon” is our most expansive and adventurous project to date. A mammoth twenty track compilation to celebrate 3 years as a label.

On this release we bring you new sounds from some Bricolage stalwarts and regulars plus creations from a collection of new artists that we’ve welcomed to the roster.

The Bricolage outlook has always remained the same for our VA albums and, just like all our previous compilations, there’s music from all over the electronic spectrum and across the world on “Retcon”. No stone is left unturned. No sound unplayed.

Available for stream and download at the links below or at our bandcamp.

I’d like to take the opportunity to thank all the artists and friends associated with Bricolage for their support and patience in the build up to the “Retcon” release. Due to unforeseen personal reasons, and a very difficult summer, this album almost didn’t happen. The support of the aforementioned people gave me the strength to ensure “Retcon” was given the release I feel it deserved and for that I’m very thankful. The album has proved to be somewhat of a beacon of light for me personally and has proved to be a worthwhile commitment. I hope you feel the same. (John / Fragile X)