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Monday, 18 April 2016


Volumes 1 and 2 of our various artists compilations spanned all corners of the globe and provided some fantastic sounds. For Volume 3 we've stayed closer to home and delivered a substantial range of tracks that are all products of Scotland. In sticking with the theme of the previous compilations, the sounds are as eclectic as ever. It starts off with some excellent bleepy electronica before morphing into chilled out and upbeat dreamlike stuff. There's some house and techno after that followed by a few experimental tracks before finishing on a superb ambient number and a spoken word piece. 

It's a showcase of just some of the amazing artists and creativity that thrives up and down the country. 

Huge thanks go to everyone who contributed and made the release possible. 

The album is "pay what you want" or free download above or at our bandcamp with any and all profits going towards potential future physical releases and live shows.

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Introducing The Collective 37 - 39

Today is the last lot of our new artists introduction bios as we tell you a little bit more about the final 3 members that make up our new Scottish compilation.

37. Oco

Oco is a 21 year old producer from Glasgow that works across a broad spectrum of the electronic genre. His main influences are Four Tet and Bonobo but as much as he takes inspiration from them he still aims to create his own unique and different sounds. Oco is currently putting his creative energy into applying himself into Glasgows thriving music scene and the possibilities of playing live shows.

Oco (Soundcloud)

Oco (Facebook)

Oco (Twitter)


38. Swedgy Blinker

Swedgy Blinker is a mysterious Glaswegian producer. He's been producing music since the early 2000's and started out making parody songs with a demo copy of Total Ejay that came free with a music magazine. He has since moved onto more "serious" production methods but his music still retains its youthful exuberance and an almost shambolic charm. There's also another project of his titled yabbadabbagovanhillstabba that is equal parts experimental as its counterpart.

Swedgy Blinker (Soundcloud)


39. Gregor Garnutsi

Yet more mysteriousness Glaswegians...

"Gregor Garnutsi is a humble vessel of dream that can be found both everywhere and nowhere simultaneously, her/his only desire is for all beings to be free of the confusion that hides their truth."

Gregor Garnutsi (Soundcloud)


....and there you have it. That's our 13 new artists bedded in. Be sure to stay tuned for the compilations release tomorrow.

Bricolage Collective bandcamp

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Introducing The Collective 33 - 36

Tonight is our penultimate round of introductions to our new artists in the build up to our VA Volume 3 compilation release.

33. ...From The Benthic Zone

A mysterious Scottish musician that previously played in several Glasgow bands before relocating and turning to the electronic side of things......."...From The Benthic Zone" surfaced in Argyll and then rode the gulf stream south before jumping ship in Dumfries and Galloway. It grew lungs and retreated to the hills in upper Nithsdale. "...From The Benthic Zone" continues to be a melodic, contemplative and playful being.

...From The Benthic Zone (Soundcloud)

...From The Benthic Zone (Bandcamp)


34. Crae

Crae is a young DJ and producer from Glasgow, having honed his mixing skills by playing regular sets in and around Glasgow (including a resident slot at Secret Rendezvous) he then managed to secure himself gigs alongside techno heavyweights such as "Animal Farm" and "Mark Broom" to name a few. When it comes to the production side of things, Crae has the ability to jump between creating house/techno or kicking back and laying down some more chilled out material. For someone who hasn't really been producing for that long there's a tonne of potential in the music he's currently making.

Crae (Soundcloud)


35. Leit Motif

Liam Holscyine is an analogue fan with a minimalist approach to making all things ambient and drone. Occasionally there's the added ingredient of some ambient techno flavours in the music but at it's core, it's minimum layered, soothing ambience. As Liam himself states "I like to sleep a lot and make a lot of sleepy music".

Leit Motif (Soundcloud)

Leit Motif (Mixcloud)


36. Nova Noma

Nova Noma is a Glaswegian producer that specializes in the chill out side of the spectrum. Creating beautiful electronic soundscapes through the use of intriguing melodies and precision drums. Earthy tones and poignant textures are never far from the centre of his downtempo sounds. Music for drifting off with.

Nova Noma (Soundcloud)

Nova Noma (Twitter)


Our last batch of introductions comes over the weekend, Stay tuned.

Monday, 11 April 2016

Introducing The Collective 30 - 32

Tonight we continue the introductions to the artists on our forthcoming release compilation. An all Scottish based effort out a week from now.

30. No!z

Nono Movida is a Spanish producer living in Glasgow. His background is steeped in the visual side of arts. He's worked for many years as a VJ for various different DJs and groups and the cinematic influence that he leans on shines through in his music which almost always has a grandiose, soundtrack type, feel to it. Nono first started playing the piano at age 10 but originally wasn't intent on learning too much about it. His younger days would mainly be spent trying to imitate music from his favourite films, with the work of Alan Parsons in particular being a big favourite. Soon though, Nono gained the desire to try and create his own music and in recent years has started using Ableton and Reason to further his repertoire and explore more expansive sounds.

No!z (Soundcloud)

No!z (Vimeo)

No!z (Myspace)

No!z (Moviola)

31. Replicator

Replicator is the alias of, Paul Wardrop, a Glaswegian emcee/spoken word artist and music producer. He sees his music as a way to facilitate making overt political statements whilst passing it off as entertainment. It's a clever way of working from a man who clearly has a good way of thinking and a unique way with words. Glasgow has always had a big influence on his output and in the words of Replicator himself...

"It's also very influenced by the local artistic community of Glasgow, being in and around a culture of people openly sharing opinions and ideas tends to infuse itself into the lyrics in a way that feels very authentic and less pretentious, i do this to give back inspiration to those who have inspired me.... and the irony of the fact that sounded pretentious is not lost on me"

Replicator also makes up 1/3 of Glasgow based hip-hop group Futurology. A trio definitely worth checking out.

Replicator (Soundcloud)

Replicator (Twitter)

Futurology (Bandcamp)

32. Willy

Lewis Williamson AKA Willy, is a young, and very talented, electronic producer from Edinburgh. He has a knack for crafting together some powerful sounding techno rhythms that come complimented by a more abstract and experimental edge where the melodies are concerned. It creates a unique pallette of sounds. It's a fantastic combination and it's a big sound for someone so young. Lewis is dedicated to making his music so much that he reckons he is putting his future at risk by prioritising his beat making ahead of his studies. Techno always wins in the end if you ask me.

Willy (Soundcloud)


Monday, 4 April 2016

Bricolage Podcast #8 : Fragile X

Label head Fragile X is back on podcast duty this month. It's another sonically aesthetic mix that twists and turns it's way through your eardrums. It kicks off with an array of unobtrusive sounds and layers that fuse elements of ambient, progressive breaks and futuristic sounds before diving off the deep end and into some faster paced breakbeats and complex rhythms with a darker tone. The sonic and experimental side of things remains at the forefront for the duration with the drops of ambience and unique breakdowns remaining littered throughout creating a slightly frenetic but always harmonious second half of the mix that slides and swerves among all sorts of dynamic textures. The result is an expansive mix that provides an introspective into the eclectic world of electronic music.

You can stream it below or check it out along with the rest of our mixes over on our mixcloud.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Introducing The Collective 27-29

Bricolage is proud to announce that our next compilation will be released on the 18th of April and is a homegrown project featuring artists based in Scotland. There's a fine mix of electronic music and organic sounds that have been carefully selected to provide an eclectic and essential listening experience. Today we're going to start introducing you to some of the new artists featured on the upcoming compilation.
27. Alpha Skies

"Alpha Skies" is t
he musical outfit of Kenny Barr. He has been producing music under the name for more than a decade and has managed to craft a back catalogue of finely detailed songs that refuse to fall into any certain category. Any lovers of electronic music are guaranteed to find something in among the plethora of neatly produced tracks that he has released over the years. He received much praise from critics and listeners alike when his track "Now Rock" was aired on BBC Introducing Norfolk not too long ago.

Alpha Skies (Soundcloud)

Alpha Skies (Tumblr)

Alpha Skies (Facebook)

28. Night Time Bassline

"Night Time Bassline" was created as a vessel for showcasing the electronic music of Craig Gray. 
Located and working out out of the Falkirk in the heart of Scotlands central belt.Night Time Bassline had a vision to challenge music boundaries as the early 80s synthesizer pioneers had done before in the age of Kraftwerk, New Order, Yazoo, OMD and the Human League. Not content with just a pumping bass drum and a repetitive bass line but rather mixing strong rhythms with memorable melodies. He has managed to produce a contemporary sound that fits into the current electronic music scene but is also instantly recognisable as Night Time Bassline.

Night Time Bassline (Soundcloud)

Night Time Bassline (You Tube)


29. Dreamland Fantasy

Dreamland Fantasy, a.k.a. Francis G. Loch, is a Glasgow-based musician who started off making music in his bedroom on an Amiga 500 computer. Before long he was making music that would feature in Amiga demos and disk-based magazines.

Today Francis uses computer software, keyboards and guitars to create music in a variety of styles from piano to electronic to remixes and mashups.

When not making music he likes to develop software and dabble in computer video and graphics.


And that's our first lot of introductions. Stay tuned for some more next week as the build up to the compilation release on the 18th of April continues,