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Monday, 28 November 2016

Leit Motif "Till We Have Faces" (bc021)

Six months after releasing his debut EP "Supine" through Bricolage, Leit Motif returns with more finely crafted atmospherics and grainy, fractured ambiance on his new three track release, "Till We Have Faces". The new EP is every bit as spacious sounding as it's predecessor with light drones and pad swells gliding their way in and around all the tracks. The listen starts off on quite a somber note with "Mis-en-abime" feeling it's way in through a series of manipulated effects before a sample from the American Beauty film gives way to a haunting analogue synth melody that carries on through to the finale. "The Keepers Of The Flame" is next with a field recording of burning wood crackling in the background and a tenori-on melody chiming it's way slowly to the forefront backed up by glowing drones and deep, resounding vibrations in among an array of melodies. "A Lovers Reincarnation" finishes of the EP. It's a classic slow burning ambient epic. A mixture of piano work, gentle guitar twangs and soft reverb laden sequences that patiently build up and release themselves in an extremely uplifting crescendo of delicately placed illuminating harmonies.

The EP is available for streaming and free download or PWYW below or at our bandcamp.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Winter 2016/2017

The ball keeps rolling here at Bricolage as we look forward to a jam packed winter full of fresh new music and expansive mixes.

We start off with a new 3 track EP from Glasgow ambient analogue producer, Leit Motif. Coming of the back of his fantastic, downtempo, "Supine" release back in May, "Till We Have Faces" follows suit and includes some very spacious, and thoughtful, ambient/drone sound designs. Named after and inspired by the C.S. Lewis novel of the same name, it's the perfect companion for cold winter nights.

Today we can offer an exclusive first look at the sublime artwork for the EP.

Have a listen to two of the tracks from the release below and be sure to check our Soundcloud page on Monday for the final track and a download link and info for the full EP.


Moving into December, we have an experimental and inventive podcast from glitch conoisseur, Figurate, to start the month off. We've already had a listen and it's a fascinating collection of obscure gems that we're excited to share with you.

We follow that up with a double header from young electronic producer, Crae. The Glaswegians work rate and musical output has hit new peaks recently and we're proud to be releasing his debut EP "Injection" through Bricolage on the 12th of December. 4 tracks that perfectly showcase the diversity of his sounds from pulsing techno and house into the more melodic range that he possesses. Crae follows up his EP by curating and mixing the latest volume in our 2 hour Headroom mixing session. Expect chaos.

Keep an eye on our Soundcloud page next week for a preview of his upcoming EP and head on over to his mixcloud to get a listen to some of his previous mixes in anticipation of his 2 hour special.

Listen to a Crae techno mix from October last year below


We kick off 2017 with a podcast from Roman Fahls. His sounds are one of the newest additions to Bricolage and his track "Alaric" recently appeared on the latest edition of our Various Artists compilation, Volume 4. 

Listen to "Alaric" below and head to the Bricolage bandcamp for your download.

He recently uploaded a mixtape to his Soundcloud and one listen was enough to convince us to head hunt him for our January podcast.


After that we have an EP from the aforementioned Figurate and a full length album from Ix Prospectum

Figurate has created a micro universe of technology infused glitch work and complex backgrounds to transfer the listener to a totally different world. "There Are Places Other Than Here" sees its release on the 9th of January. You can check out the track 'Exist Strategy' below to get a feel of what's in store come then.

Ix Prospectum has an enviable and ultra regular output of tracks that prove he is the perfect candidate for a full length album release with a mixture of IDM, glitch and ambient techno compositions and a clear musical brain for track structure. His as yet untitled album will round off January here at Bricolage.

Listen below to "Telescope", his contribution to our most recent compilation.

His most recent upload, "Disable It" carries on that unique warped sound.


It's an exciting few months ahead at Bricolage. Stay tuned via our social media pages for updates and releases as they happen.

Bricolage Collective (Facebook)

Bricolage Collective (Twitter)

Bricolage Collective (Soundcloud)

Monday, 21 November 2016

futurendeavours : Fifteen Minutes Of Fame (Audio/Visual)

Last month, futurendeavours, dropped their highly anticipated debut track on Bricolage. "Fifteen Minutes Of Fame" is a high octane, melting pot of ever evolving rhythms, layered synth work, tough melodics and carefully selected loops. Warped samples and minimalistic acid form the basis of a skewered, hybrid electronic track . It's certainly one for dancing to. With that in mind, our visual specialists, Digi Aye, have put together a video with tongue firmly in cheek and the dodgy dance factor turned up to 10. A fifteen minute bonanza full of questionable dancing and nods to retro culture.

You can download the track over at our bandcamp or below.

Monday, 14 November 2016


Today we released Volume 4 of our various artists compilation project and it's another selection of, unique and eclectic, producers hand picked from across the globe coming together on one release that's brimming with a collection of intriguing and engaging sonic adventures. Each track plays its own important part as an individual component but also flourishes as part of the bigger picture in what proves to be a captivating digital landscape. A spectrum of melodies, immersive textures and an assortment of rhythms that drift between electronic experimentation, flat out techno, glitch movements, drum n bass and back again. The journey starts off with some vivid, trippy dub and dark ambient before moving into more beat based territory and a deep, woozy, resonating hybrid of bustling electronica, ambient techno, IDM and some rigid lo-fi tech frequencies. There's a diversion off path in the form of drum n bass before the trip continues and we leap into the most substantial experimental part full of intelligent drum work and dense, unpredictable musical sketches that collide into one another before finishing on a warped, techno/electronica composition.

 A massive thank you goes out to everyone who contributed and made the release possible.

As always the release is free download or "pay what you want" and can stream or grab a copy of the compilation from the embed below or at our bandcamp.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

Introducing The Collective 52 - 55

Our latest compilation, Volume 4 of our various artist projects, lands online tomorrow on digital release. We've spent a lot of time assembling fresh producers with unique sounds for this release and over the last week or so we've been introducing you to them. Today we unveil the final four artists in the form of The Oscilloscope, Kold47, Meat Loops and Bedless Bones.


The Oscilloscope is a unique electronic project based around finger drumming and engaging landscapes. Cosmic textures and futuristic sounding pads that clash together in a genre defying state. Warm analogue sounds and melodic experimentation are at the forefront of this exciting artists work.

The Oscilloscope (Soundcloud)

The Oscilloscope (Bandcamp)

The Oscilloscope (YouTube)

The Oscilloscope (Instagram)


53. KOLD47

Kold4 is a French techno producer with a knack for delivering gritty, lo-fi techno escapades with a tinge of acid and 8bit influence and more than a nod to the dreamier and dustier side of industrial sounds.

Kold47 (Soundcloud)

Kold47 (Bandcamp)



Meat Loops is a suitably obscure name for an obscure artist. The obscurity is also strong and consistent when it comes to his track titles. He hasn't given much away about himself in terms of a bio to us. Simply preferring to focus on explaining his sounds which we would class as short bursts of ambient infused, glitch and IDM soundscapes.

In his own words, "Sounds and sequences, presets and modifiable parameters, DAWS that don't last and seemingly esoteric VSTs."

Meat Loops (Soundcloud)



Bedless Bones is an experimental electronic music project of Kadri Sammel, based in Tallinn. It draws its lifeblood from eerie cinematic atmospheres, uncanny sensations, dark nocturnal ramblings and the light bliss of the impending end, colliding with elements of dark ambient, industrial music and darkwave.

Bedless Bones (Soundcloud)

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Introducing The Collective 48 - 51

Tonight we continue introducing you to some more of the fantastic artists we have lined up for your listening pleasure on our latest compilation. Various Artists Volume 4 is out this Monday, the 14th of November. So without further ado, let's say hello to Roman Fahls, Dark Fidelity Hi Fi, Minerva and Ra1n.


Intricately weaving together influences of techno and ambient electronic music, Roman Fahls works to create a sound that generates as much pleasure on headphones as it does on the dancefloor. His is music for the mind and feet.

Roman Fahls (Soundcloud)

Roman Fahls (Facebook)



DFHF are underground, Mancunian record producer, Rick Jones, and several guest players. The DFHF style incorporates mixing and recording all formats of sound from a varied selection such as 90's loungecore to dark trap and dub to lofi groove all with absorbing and curious textures. Each track stands out and provides an individual, engaging experience. The debut album "Dub Tests and Sky Pop Transmissions" was released last year on DIY Manchester label, Soundwaves Here We Come followed by a 6 track EP this year, "No Wave Control Manual". DFHF are settling into somewhat of a creative roll and we're glad to have them continue regular output as part of the new compilation.

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi (Soundcloud)

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi (Facebook)

Dark Fidelity Hi Fi (Reverb Nation)


Minerva is the alias of Ariadne Vinerma. A young, female electronic producer of half Greek, half Hungarian heritage. She has released music on many local labels since her teens. Up until recent times her releases and sounds were focused on a heavier, industrial palette but as of late her style has taken a more experimental approach. The techno side of things still remains but there's a more playful and melodic edge to some of the tracks. This new direction is evident by the different stylings over on brand new "Minerva" Soundcloud page.

Minerva (Soundcloud)


51. RA1N

Rain is the musical vehicle of 29 year old Alex from Russia. His output falls mainly under the drum n bass and ambient categories but he takes influence from a vast array of performers in the electronic world and beyond. Citing the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Chemical Brothers and Depeche Mode as just a few of his most cherished childhood vinyl memories. His taste in drum n bass is also exquisite with artists such as London Elektricity, Fanu, Sunchase and Electrosoul System name dropped among his favourites. For Alex, it's not just making his own music that's a hobby but also creating stories through his popular mixes. His "Ambient Hour" episodes on Mixcloud are full to the brim with dowtempo and chilled out drum n bass gems.

Ra1n (Soundcloud)

Ra1n (Discogs)

Ra1n ('Ambient Hour' episodes)


This weekend we'll introduce the remaining artists then it's full steam ahead towards the release :)

Monday, 7 November 2016

Bricolage Podcast #15 : International Debris

Almost exactly a year on from creating our first "Headroom" mix, International Debris returns to Bricolage on mixing duties with our November podcast. We welcome that unique, I.D, taste and style back with open arms. Effortlessly bridging that gap between autumn and winter with dollops of vaporwave, beautifully structured ambient pathways, powerful soaring synths and intelligent, intricate electronics. There's enough downtempo material and tranquilizing crossroads to ease your senses while you listen and just the perfect amount of warped little melodies floating in and out to keep your musical brain ticking over.

As always stream the mix below or over on our mixcloud.

Find more fascinating mixes @ the 'International Debris' mixcloud.

Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Introducing The Collective 45-47

 Last week we introduced you to the first lot of new artists on our upcoming compilation. You can check out the bios of Jaffa Kid, Guido and Ix Prospectum here. Today we introduce you to another three new acts in the form of Mister Left, Figurate and Octavia Bannon-Clark.


Octavia Bannon-Clark has a body of work on Soundcloud and beyond that marks her work out as pretty much undefinable. Influences that range far and wide have culminated in a palette of sounds that range from 80s style synthpop happenings, breakbeat patterns, glitch infested tracks, acid, weird samples and more. All backed up with a ridiculously keen ear for making catchy melodies and the knowledge of how to use them.

Octavia Bannon-Clark (Soundcloud)



Figurate is the pseudonym of a secretive glitch experimentalist. His sounds are a strange and intriguing brew of granular drum work among a slew of processed textures soaked in all kinds of reverb. There's a near dystopian atmosphere to his tracks that serve the percussion well and create small sonic landscapes for the listener to get lost in.

Figurate (Soundcloud)



Mister Left is an up and coming electronic producer located in Manchester. He specializes in razor sharp, slightly dark electronica with more than a hint of techno. He's just starting off on his journey into the world of making music and we're happy to be able to give him a platform for his sounds here at Bricolage.

Mister Left (Soundcloud)


The next batch of bio's will be up soon. Stay tuned.