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Monday, 30 April 2018

Supply Fi "And We Become One With The Earth" (bc035)

Today we welcome experimental producer and underground king Supply Fi to the label as we proudly present his latest body of work, "And We Become One With The Earth". A sumptuous 6 track EP that merges together his signature organic tones and melody laden soundscapes with his pure and natural ability for track structuring. Every sound and detail feels carefully thought out but at the same time portrays a beautiful and carefree instinctive style. Clear and concise synth work overlapping with expressive sound design and cultivated percussion work. A supremely well balanced take on all things electronica.

As a whole, "And We Become One With The Earth", shimmers with an aesthetic value that can't be replicated as the Chicago native glides towards what possibly might be the prime years of his productions.

Stream and DL the EP below or at our bandcamp.

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

Random Access Radio : Bricolage (Label Showcase)

We're proud to unveil a collaboration with the influential online hub Random Access Radio in the form of our first mix for their eclectic musical community.

We took the opportunity to make a label showcase of sorts that covers the various spectrums of electronic music and in doing so spans the history of the label from the early days through to our most current releases. We're also excited to be able to reveal a few as yet unreleased tracks that will be released on Bricolage over the summer and autumn. You can get a pre-release listen to 'Limestone Phosphenes' from the the upcoming Supply Fi EP (30/4/18) alongside an acidic weapon from Arran Trax and a slice of hard hitting techno from Boom Merchant that drops as part of our first vinyl release later this year. Full tracklisting is at the bottom of the page or find more info at the RAR website.

Massive love and thanks go to all the crew at Random Access Radio for the opportunity to spread our sounds on their platform.


 1. Colab - Small Cuts (bc027)
 2. Kure - Moon Acid (bc001)
 3. Alpha Skies - Evergreen Morning (bc011)
 4. Supply Fi - Limestone Phosphenes (unreleased)
 5. Subsequent - Smallbatch (bc001)
 6. Fragile X - Amygdala {Lo-Jacker remix} (Special New Year 2016 release)
 7. Black Lupus - Fractal Particles (bc027)
 8. Devras Plexi - Recovery (bc034)
 9. Leit Motif and Jaffa Kid - Eehran (bc029)
10. Ix Prospectum - Telescope (bc024)
11. Sunn Boo - Ladyland Pt. 2 (bc001)
12. Boom Merchant - Steam Roller (unreleased)
13. Arran Trax - Morgenlicht (unreleased)
14. Belial Pelegrim and Dark Fidelity HiFi - Numbers In The Mirror (bc029)

Monday, 16 April 2018

Supply Fi - Monomers (A/V)

On the 30th April we release a brand new EP from underground king Supply Fi. The 6 track “And We Come One With The Earth” is made up of a mixture of the Chicago producers signature organic tones and melody laden experimental soundscapes that showcase his natural songwriting ability and creative tendencies. This is one not to be missed.

ARTIST : Supply Fi
TRACK : Monomers
EP : And We Become One With The Earth
RELEASE DATE : 30th April 2018
STYLE : Electronica, Downtempo, Experimental
CAT NO : bc035

1. Striations
2. Monomers
3. Limestone Phosphenes
4. Organic Chemistry / Active Decay
5. Travertine Dreamscape
6. Dry Remains

Wednesday, 11 April 2018

An "Original Son"....

At the end of last month, Bricolage affiliate Suncastle released a mammoth full length LP on the fascinating Triplicate Records. "Original Son" is a 19 track electronic monster that acts as a sonic exhibit of what the Manchester producer is capable of conjuring up. We'll run you through our own track by track take on whats on offer in the album.

1. Vision Quest
The album opener starts things off with a blast. A melody soaked, broken beat epic.

2. Into The Trees
Plods into sight with a rumble and focuses more on this producers ability to create a slow burning atmosphere.

3. Carousel
Another slow tempo and deep bass that slowly gives way to a stuttering fun fair of chiptune sounds.

4. Low-Lands
A short upbeat funk based ditty.

5. Deer Archer
Carefully plucked melodics and a thumping kick carry this funk infused electronica gem from start to finish.

6. Nerikara and Tabasuko
More carefully portrayed melodics, this time with an Eastern flavour, and some playful sounds over a swift tempo.

7. Ley-Lines
Warm arpeggios and solid rhythmic patterns create an energetic number.

8. Sugar Cairn
Absorbing tones and textures that throw up sunshine vibes.

9. Dragon of Peat
An experimental interlude of sorts that leads into....

10. Forest Fire
A diverse and sonically challenging slice of electronica that never sits still.

11. Clive's Dream
Another short interlude, even more experimental than the last with bleeps and blips falling over each other in harmony.

12. Thorpe Cloud
Starts with what could be an almost trance like tone and slowly develops into a broken beat hybrid.

13. Treefortress
60 seconds of bright, ambient/glitch, sound design.

14. Friendly Bacteria
A rapid fire beat, warped bassline and a sumptuous ascending melody.

15. Sabilulungan
A beautifully constructed piece of nature themed ambient that conjures up images of a gleaming forest.

16. Ghosts in the Cabin
Field recordings and curious, haunting sound design.

17. Rabbit Dream
A perfect electro/8bit crossover that confidently bounces and sways along. Possibly my stand out track.

18. Drownhouse
The most calming track on the release. A quiet and ethereal slice of ambient that slows down the pace as we reach the end.

19. Under the Hills, Magic Remains
A superb closing track that somehow manages to take pretty much every musical ingredient from the album and cram it into 5 minutes. The precise way to close out a phenomenal release.


Overall, "Original Son" is an expansive and eclectic body or work that shows a producer who is clearly in his element when given free reign to genre-smash and explore the many sounds that occupy his headspace.

Have a listen for yourself at the bottom of the page and grab a copy from the Triplicate Records bandcamp.

*EDIT: The folks over at Triplicate have been kind enough to offer up a few download codes for this phenomenal album.

To redeem one of the 8 codes just simply head to '' and copy/paste in one of the following:

57bx-38tt gmds-hfu7 yrqp-5amv 2vrb-bb88 agmw-wh7n 8trq-h5pj 7f99-k5hx xw2u-yfap

Monday, 9 April 2018

Arran Trax - Morgenlicht (Remix Competition)

Later this summer we'll be releasing an EP from, Hamburg based , Scottish producer Arran Trax. He's currently concocting a dazzling array of electro/acid gems for the June 25th release. He's already unveiled the track "Morgenlicht" to give you an idea of what's in store come the summer. 

Tonight we're launching a remix competition for "Morgenlicht". You'll find the stems available as a free download through our Bandcamp. All you have to do is head there and grab the components and have a go at remixing the track. The winning remix will be chosen by Arran Trax himself and will feature on the EP release in June.

The competition officially launches tonight and will close at midnight on the 10th of June, a fortnight before the EP release. This provides a total time frame of 9 weeks for any potential remixers. The winning remix will be announced on the 17th of June.
"Morgenlicht" is in the key of Cm with a BPM of 132. Feel free to change either as you please.
Grab the stems for free download from our bandcamp or below.

Listen to the track in full on the AT soundcloud.

*Once you have uploaded your remix to Soundcloud you should PM the Bricolage page with a link to your track where we will proceed to repost your track and also add it to the specially made remix playlist.*

Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Bricolage Podcast #32 : Leit Motif

Our April podcast sees Leit Motif nudge us into springtime with a selection of downtempo treasures from his expansive collection of sounds. Crepuscular ambient tones, drones and spectral voices slowly circulate into haunting sound design before the tempo rises with some deep pulsing bass and rich, bubbling, dub techno frameworks and onto some entrancing world electronica that glides before giving way to a Glasgow field recording excerpt from Leit Motif himself to round things off.

“It is spring again. The earth is like a child that knows poems by heart.” 

Stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.