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Monday, 5 October 2015

Bricolage Podcast #2 : Fragile X

It's that time of the month again. The first Monday of every month will see a new and exclusive podcast brought to you by our members. Our second podcast comes courtesy of, the Bricolage Collective founder, Fragile X. It's a sonic safari through many different sound dimensions. It starts off with a unique drone (read more about how it was made further below) which leads into dub infused drum and bass before giving way to more glitchier, melodic and experimental sounds. There's a spaced out slow acid jam at the middle which is followed up by more subtle electronic sounds washing over us before ending on the same note that it started on with some dense and tough but somehow mellow dub sounds. With field recordings and samples from the silver screen scattered throughout the mix to add to the atmosphere, this is a podcast that will no doubt merit repeat plays.

Here's a few words from Fragile X on his mix:

"I've always had a thing for intros, they're an important part of any mix for me personally. So I wanted to create a unique one for this podcast. I recorded the old Playstation 1 start up sound through a mic and onto a cassette before stretching it and manipulating the sound several times over to create an emerging, looming drone. The rest of the mix is intended to shed light on the more secluded side of the music spectrum and hopefully provide unknown sounds to new ears. "Phomorian" for example is someone who uses percussion sounds like no one else I can think of so I really wanted to include a few of his tracks. I also like having a centre piece in each mix and the 108 bpm acid of SDOU seemed the appropriate choice for this particular mix. I've never been overly keen on including my own tracks in mixes, unless I'm asked to, but for this podcast I dropped in Lo-Jackers remix of "Glasgow Coma Scale" and also my own track from last year "Each Other". Both seemed to fit in with the direction the mix was taking at certain points. I've littered field recordings and samples in and around the shadows of the mix to add more to the tone of it. I used audio cuts from Flatliners, The Shining, Eternal Sunshine and a few more. I hope you enjoy the experience."

Stream his mix exclusively from our mixcloud account. Or alternatively, listen in the embed below. A download will be available soon.

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