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Monday, 26 October 2015

Fragile X "Console" (bc002)

Bricolage is proud to present our second release on our net label in the form of the "Console" EP from Fragile X. It's a loose concept EP based on and partly created from the start up sounds of computer consoles and operating systems. The sounds have been manipulated via both analogue and digital means and elaborated on with further instrumentation to create intriguing and spacious drone soundscapes. 

It's a sweeping journey through 90's and 00's childhood that transforms into a vast collage of reverberations.

Here's a track by track breakdown

1. Ages

The shortest track on the album. It's a voice that any 90s kids or gamers will know as the "SEGA voice". A regular occurrence at the 
beginning of the Sega Master System start up screen. Here, it's been manipualted into a slow 60 second chant. *Fun Fact* Did you know that the "Seeeeeeegggaaaaaa" audio at he beginning of the original Sonic The Hedgehog game took up 1/8th of the cartridge memory on it's own?

2. x3b6o0x

A quiet echo and a buzz paves a path to allow a slightly somber drone to come to the fore. The Xbox 360 was used in this one.

3. Saturn9ne

A sample of the Sega Saturn here provides huge tension that finally fully expands into a giant encapsulating hum.

4. Dorimukyasuto

Maybe the most gentle of the 6 tracks on the EP. An anxious and atmospheric affair that hums along reflectively. Dorimukyasuto is the Hepburn romanization of the Japanese term
 ドリームキャスト *Or in English, "Dreamcast" which gives you an indication of the samples used in this track.*

5. Stay Patient

From the most gentle track on the release to the most cold, insular and austere track. The longest track on the EP by far. It's the old Playstation 1 start up sound recorded onto and then stretched out manually over a cassette before also being digitally altered to create a truly ominous drone that manages to almost fully disappear at one point before it comes rumbling back in thunderous fashion and finally fades out for good.


Named after a code for Windows XP, the last track has an almost detached feel from the rest of the EP. It has a brighter and warmer tone than it's predecessors and serves as a fitting ending to the EP.

It's available to stream in full below or at our bandcamp site where you can also grab a free download of the EP.

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