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Saturday, 31 August 2019

0141 (bc048)

Today we celebrated completing our fourth year as a label. It's been a fulfilling and creative 48 months. To mark this years anniversary we decided to bring things back closer to home and have our annual compilation exclusively feature Glasgow artists. We wanted the sounds of the city. The sounds of home.

The result is a diverse collection of electronic music from Glasgow's underbelly. We've called on some label stalwarts to provide us with sounds and also opened up our doors to some new faces. It's a fresh outlook at what's bubbling under the surface and away from the nightclubs and concrete jungle.

There's ambient/drone bliss, haunting pianos and soundscapes, experimental sound collages, challenging noise material, dreamy electronica, acid tinged techno, wonky house, cinematic synthwave. Something for everyone.

We're massively proud of this release and think it paints a beautifully distinct musical picture of the place we call home. It's our homage to our "Dear Green Place".

All revenue generated from the 0141 compilation will be donated to the ICU nursing staff at the Golden Jubilee Hospital as a token of gratitude for the quality of attention and support they provide patients and families in their care.

You can stream/download "0141" below or at our bandcamp.

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