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Thursday, 8 August 2019

Bricolage Podcast #48 : Kill Them With Noise

Our August podcast is from the mind of local DJ and producer, Kill Them With Noise. You'll be hearing more from him in the coming months but more on that later. For the time being strap yourself in for a trip through some obscure and mysterious electronics. Just over an hour of sputtered rhythms and abstract sound palettes. Chaotic broken beats and hard edged experimental techno are at odds with each other as KTWN manages to squeeze 24 tracks into 67 minutes. It's a warped and mind bending circuit. Plug yourself in and enjoy the ride.

Kill Them With Noise will be appearing on our upcoming '0141' compilation at the end of the month, having contributed a fantastic experimental soundscape for inclusion on the release. We've also managed to nail him down for a standalone release in early 2020 under his "NoiseBlas" alter ego. We're looking forward to sharing his sounds with the world. There may even be one on show in this very mix....

Tracklisting at bottom of the page.

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


01. Rodhad - Unleash
02. Kontal - Change In Colour
03. Adlas - Celestial Mechanics
04. Sin Falta - Noh Mas
05. Otik - Top Ten
06. Kamikaze Space Programme - Busy Port
07. Skee Mask - 800AB
08. NoiseBlas - Synapse
09. Kamikaze Space Programme - Sparks
10. Radio Slave - Children Of The E (North London Mix)
11. Hugo Massien - Messier 77
12. Eitan Reiter - Loop For Today (Wa Wu We Live By The Clouds Remix)
13. Pom Pom - Untitled 1
14. Sstrom - Drenched 1
15. Blawan - Stell
16. Paule Temple and Fever Ray - This Country (Paula Temple Instrumental Version)
17. Octave One and Random Noise Generation - N2 The EnFinate
18. Boris and Fiedel - Div'hain
19. Robag Wruhme - Provol Eto
20. Octave One and Random Noise Generation - Crank
21. Heartless - Internal Voice
22. Tensal - Imperia
23. Tensal - Opticon
24. Sstrom - Drenched 2


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