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Thursday, 5 September 2019

Bricolage Podcast #49 : Ty Lumnus

Our September podcast sees us edge ever nearer to our landmark 50th episode and to bring us that step closer we're offering up a weird and wonderful selection from Ty Lumnus. This podcast sees the Glaswegian mix and compile his first ever podcast but, on listening in, you'd never guess. This mix gives an insight into what kinda of sounds and mood drive the producer and his own creative tendencies. If the name looks familiar then you may notice that it's an anagram of "Ly Tumnus"....

Ly Tumnus just featured on our '0141' compilation last week with his track 'X' from 2016. Ly Tumnus is an old skin, shedded and grown anew into Ty Lumnus. You can expect to hear a lot more under that name in the coming weeks with his debut EP "Decompression" releasing on the label on the 28th of  this month. Previews and snippets coming soon. Until then, delve deep into this assemblage of consummate ambient tones and first rate electronica.

As always you can listen in below or at our mixcloud.


01. Raum - In The Event Of Your Leaving
02. Not Waving - Emotion 1.4 Decontamination
03. Sonic Deception - Hotchkiss
04. Kirill Nikolai - Reconstructions, For Lack Of Anything Else
05. Pye Corner Audio - Do You Hear Them?
06. Dalham - Clover
07. Head Technician - Pour
08. Mika Vainio - Anrenni Muurahais/ Antenna-Ant
09. Johann Johannsson and Hildur Guonadottir - A Deal With Chaos
10. Sparky - Signals
11. Aleksi Perala - NLL561606936
12. Plaid - Martin Lunaire
13. Ty Lumnus - Decompression 3
14. Clark - Unfurla
15. Paper Dollhouse - Playdoh

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