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Monday, 26 August 2019

0141 Pre-Order and Preview

On August 31st we celebrate completing our fourth year as a label. It's been a fulfilling and creative 48 months. To mark this years anniversary we decided to bring things back closer to home and have our annual compilation exclusively feature Glasgow artists. We wanted the sounds of the city. The sounds of home.

The result is a diverse collection of electronic music from Glasgow's underbelly. We've called on some label stalwarts to provide us with sounds and also opened up our doors to some new faces. It's a fresh outlook at what's bubbling under the surface and away from the nightclubs and concrete jungle.

There's ambient/drone bliss, haunting pianos and soundscapes, experimental sound collages, challenging noise material, dreamy electronica, acid tinged techno, wonky house, cinematic synthwave. Something for everyone.

We're massively proud of this release and think it paints a beautifully distinct musical picture of the place we call home. It's our homage to our "Dear Green Place".

All revenue generated from the 0141 compilation will be donated to the ICU nursing staff at the Golden Jubilee Hospital as a token of gratitude for the quality of attention and support they provide patients and families in their care. Thank you.

Pre-Order Available at bandcamp or below.

Album snippet on Soundcloud

01. Iain Bethel - Chambers
Blissful and spaced out ambient synths. Originally released February 2019 on the "Sight Of The Sun" EP.

Iain Bethel on Soundcloud

02. Broken Form - Lay Still Beneath The Pylons
Floating drone and pulsing ambient waves. Originally released March 2019 on the "Lay Still Beneath The Pylons" single.

Broken Form on Instagram

03. Thousand Wolves - Polygon Or Primitive
Drifting and peaceful electronic wooziness. Originally released October 2018 on the "Half Way Between Sleep And A Seizure" EP

Thousand Wolves on Instagram

04. Fragile X - Losing Dreams To Sleep
Glistening electronica and lucid soundscape. Exclusive to 0141.

Fragile X on Soundcloud

05. Justin Case - Nerotic 
Hybrid house/IDM and all round genre bending masterpiece. Originally released June 2019 on the "Nerotic" single.

Justin Case on Soundcloud

06. Esef - Viral
Acid laced techno with a futuristic vibe. Exclusive to 0141.

Esef on Soundcloud

07. C4 - Time Span
Dystopian themed broken beat, DnB crossover monster. Exclusive to 0141.

C4 on Soundcloud

08. No Arrival - Nudge
Heavy and challenging drumscape that growls on the low end. Exclusive to 0141.

No Arrival on Soundcloud

09. Ly Tumnus - X
A slow paced, downtempo slice of fluttering electronics. Originally released November 2016 on the "Tales of Space and Claustrophobia" EP.

Ly Tumnus on Soundcloud

10. Danni Rowan - Heck
A deep, experimental and lateral soundscape. Evocative drones. Originally released October 2018 on the "We Were Never There" EP

Danni Rowan on Soundcloud

11. Kill Them With Noise - UR.GU.LA
An enchanting sound experiment using one single field recording of the River Kelvin. Originally created in 2017.

Kill Them With Noise on Soundcloud

12. Wullae Wright - Finish What You Started
A haunting yet playful piano piece.

Wullae Wright on Soundcloud

13. Dreamland Fantasy - As The Rain Comes Down
Soaring and upbeat cinematic synthwave. Exclusive to 0141.

Dreamland Fantasy on Soundcloud

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