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Sunday, 24 September 2017

bc029 : Dyadic (Promo Video and Album Preview)

"21 global electronic producers coming together on one album that roams through the electronic music sphere leaving no stone unturned...." In just over a weeks time we release the much anticipated Bricolage collaboration album, "Dyadic", in both digital and physical format. We gave Marcel the monkey a promo copy. It seems the collaboration between Devras Plexi and The Oscilloscope is his personal favourite.....
*ALBUM RELEASED 02/10/2017* For a preview of the full album head to Soundcloud or listen below.
FULL TRACKLISTING 1. Figurate and Futurendeavours - Pale Blue Dot 2. Fragile X and Minerva - Dancing To A Different Drum 3. Dark Fidelity Hifi and Subsequent - Your Eyes That Say No 4. Bacteria (Blue Notes and Arran Trax) - Spore 5. Jaffa Kid and Leit Motif - Eeehran 6. Belial Pelegrim and Dark Fidelity Hifi - Numbers In The Mirror 7. Mister Left and Roy Or Bison? - Corporation Street 8. Devras Plexi and The Oscilloscope - The Chronic 9. Lo-Jacker and Loui Cleghorn - Turpitude 10. Get-Effect and Oscurito - Space Interpreter 11. ...From The Benthic Zone and Mute Branches - Outlines

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