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Thursday, 5 May 2016

On This Day...

Danish artist Kure, who released on our debut compilation last summer, today released two beautiful pieces of work on Soundcloud in dedication to the liberation of his homeland.

Have a read and a listen below....

"On this day, May 5th, in 1945, Denmark was officially liberated from the Nazi occupation by Allied forces after 5 years of hardship and torture. Today we also mourn and remember those who fought and resisted valiantly against the German Occupation, as well as those who paid the price for our freedom and honor with their lives - those are the true heroes. To commemorate this, I decided to release two tracks to celebrate our Liberation Day and to honor and remember the brave Danes who gave their lives fighting for freedom.
The first track Danmark is my way of celebrating Liberation Day. It features samples from the actual radio message, Frihedsbudskabet (Liberation message), that was broadcasted in the evening on May 4th, announcing the liberation of Denmark, as well, as other countries. It's recorded in mono and features heavily saturation in order to follow the same style as the radio message.
The second track, Mindelunden, named after a memorial park, is a tribute to the members Danish Resistance Movement who were executed on the spot of what is now a memorial park. More than 200 resistance fighters were executed on these grounds during the occupation. The track consists of nothing else, but pure synth. It is to represent the voices of those gone, but not forgotten.
Drenge I drenge som døde
I tændte for Danmark
i dybeste mulm
en lysende morgenrøde
For Danmark."

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