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Monday, 23 May 2016

Headroom 04 : Leit Motif presents "Apnea"

Leit Motif takes the helm for Headroom Volume 4 and provides us with a special mix that he's titled "Apnea". This otic experience is doused in translucent sounds that layer perfectly into each other in the most subtle of ways. Cushioned noises are backdropped into a collage of drones, ambience, whispered vocals and dreamlike atmospherics. The tone of the mix is set early on and it slowly unfurls and rebuilds itself in beautiful and intricate stages. The textures, fragments of sounds and shimmering, fragile elements used to create this headphone journey make it feel like time slows down when you're caught up in it. And lets be honest, it's always nice to slow down every once in a while.

As always you can stream the mix below or at our mixcloud.


1. Sleepland - Scaffold
2. French Teen Idol - The Following Takes Place Between 0:00 and 57:30
3. Siavash Amini - The Water Awaits
4. Alessandro Cortini - Scappa
5. Fragile X - Sonder
6. Karl Verkade - Cityscape
7. talkingmakesnosense - Holophrase
8. Le Thug - New Balance
9. Headaches - IX
10. Sink//Sink feat Oh So Why - Nobody Knows
11. Midnight Tales - Where Are You?
12. Epic45 - In All The Empty Houses
13. Ciloclub - Molly
14. Shotaro Hirata - Maeda Point
15. Hammock - When The Sky Pours Down Like A Fountain
16. Hunter/Game - Paradigm
17. Tempelhof - NIK
18. Aidan Baker - Sorry For What I Said To You In Your Dream
19. Chicago Word Brigade - Nenio Sed La Literoj
20. Night Note - Space For Your Own Imagination
21. M83 - The Highest Journey
22. Leit Motif - Aria
23. This Mortal Coil - Song To The Siren
24. Susumu Yokota - Saku
25. The Album Leaf - For Jonathan

Be sure to keep up to date with future ambient mixes from Leit Motif on Mixcloud.

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