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Monday, 30 May 2016

Mute Branches "Fake Real Warm" (bc013)

 "I started to think of it as structured around a weekend spent reminiscing over those strange memories that are as much, if not more so, formed by imagination / fiction as they are by reality." - Mute Branches

"Fake Real Warm" from Mute Branches is an album that strolls perfectly across the experimental line in the musical sands. Treading through both simple and complex patterns as it does so. It comes across as both digital and analogue. Steeped in a retro sound but also breaking into modern and fresh territory. At it's heart is a lo-fi essence full of unique samples, glitches, beguiling synths and minimal, sparse soundscapes. The bones of the album are made up of meandering bedroom beats and mellow chords and keys. Everything fuses together with ease and that familiar tinge of Mute Branches style nostalgia warmth helps to creates a beautiful daydream like scenario from start to finish. 

The perfect release to kick start a laid back summer.

Stream and grab a free download or "pay what you want" below or at our bandcamp.

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