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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

In The Loop: Episode 12

Episode 12 of "In The Loop" takes a look back at what some of the artists from the Bricolage Volume 3 compilation have been upto.

1. ...From The Benthic Zone

Two new tracks of laid back, fizzled, electronics and glitchy drums have appeared on FTBZ soundcloud account. Check out 'New Tan 2.0' and 'Pisa Stub' below.


2. Alpha Skies

In the weeks before our Volume 3, Alpha Skies, uploaded "Colours. A heavy and steady beat interwined with computer game sounds and melodies.

The video for his track "Evergreen Morning" was also recently uploaded to our YouTube channel. It's a relaxing visual interpretation of a remarkably soothing track. Computer error codes mixed with some swirling colours, sunshine and ambient nature scenes.


3. Nova Noma

Nova Noma has been busy over the last month. 3 tremendous new tracks have surfaced. The first "Atlas" is a short cinematic interlude of sorts. Then there's "Subconscious Impulse", a chilled effort with a hip hop style backbone. Lastly, "Highrise", a slightly more energetic track than what we're used to from Nova Noma. Sweeping synths are still there but the beat is that little bit more biting.


4. Dreamland Fantasy

"Prelude To The Dream" is a short instrumental piece that was originally intended as an intro to the track "The Mermaids Reverie" which was the DF contribution to Bricolage Volume 3. The intro was discarded from the final version but Francis has stated that he may elaborate on this exquisite 15 seconds one day.

"Catch Ones Heart" is a blissed out piece of electronica and piano that is dedicated to his wife.


5. Night Time Bassline

"Binary Butterfly" was full of nostalgic vibes and influences. There's two new tracks on the NTB page that follow that recipe. "Stay For The Summer" sounds exactly what you think it'll sound like. Modern house elements infused with an old school disco style. The result is a warm vibrant track perfect for the incoming summer nights.

"Paradise" is the most recent upload and is the more laid back of the two tracks. It moves along at a slower pace but is still full of those appealing signature NTB sounds.


6. No!z

There's been a plethora of new uploads over on the No!z soundcloud page recently. We've shared a few below. The cinematic "No!z" style and expansive sound are all at the core. The music on show is electronica for the thinking man. Carefully produced and detailed.


7. Oco

The sun was shining bright in Glasgow all last week and Oco got in the mood by producing a short half an hour mix of chilled out and soulful RnB and hip hop.


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