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Sunday, 30 August 2015

Introducing The Collective: 15 - 17

The last part of our introductions (for now) brings you 3 more artists.


Fragile X is a bedroom producer from Glasgow. Incorporating all sorts of influences into his music, the results are a blend of ambient, experimental electronic and acoustic shoegaze style musings. He prefers to write and record in a lo-fi style and environment but in recent times has embraced technology that little bit more with the help of various music software and apps.



International Debris is one of the many pseudonyms of London musician, Ross Baker. Creating unique soundscapes brimming with ambience, drone, acoustics and field recordings. Releasing a plethora of EPs under the various different guises and they're all more than worth checking out at the International Debris Bandcamp site.



SlowDeepBreath is an enigmatic music mastermind who specialises in binaural beats, meditation muisc and field recordings. Give him a the joys of nature, a laptop and a microphone and he'll make you music with his own twist. Breathtakingly relaxing stuff.


Now you've met everybody you can look forward to our release tomorrow :)

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