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Monday, 16 September 2019

'0141' Reviews and Update

It's been just over a fortnight since we released the "0141" release that showcases the sounds of the Glasgow underground. We've managed to raise in excess of £100 so far for the NHS Golden Jubilee Hospital.

The reception so far has been fantastic and we really do need to give out a big thank you to everyone who has bought, streamed and shared the album so far.

The reviews have been coming thick and fast for the album.....

" from Bricolage explores the deeper and atmospheric side of electronic music production. Less dance and more dream..." - The Electro Review (Sept, 2019)

Read the full review @ The Electro Review


"..honestly, there isn’t a blemish on this one. From start to finish, Glasgow is represented at the highest of levels. Bricolage have given us a vibrant and engaging peek into their electronic world..." - Complex Distractions (Sept, 2019)

Read the full review @ Complex Distractions


"...0141 gives a magnificent image of this city: at once beautiful, industrial but dreamy. A beautiful postcard..." - Home Cooking Share (Sept, 2019)

Read in full @  Home Cooking Share


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