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Friday, 2 November 2018

Lying Cat "Lying Cat" (bc039)

Earlier this year we received some demos from a UK producer who wishes to remain anonymous. We're happy to present that music to you in the form of 'Lying Cat', which arrives as six tracks of lo-fi, twitchy and experimental sound collages.

A fragmented and hazy collection of clicks n cuts and found sounds fused together with finely structured reflective moments. Obscure sound design and glitchy rhythms constructed of crooked beats alongside creaking backdrops consuming, what can only be described as, part dystopian and part neo classical soundscapes. It's a truly complex journey with an absorbing visual element and a strange, almost dysfunctional narrative that runs throughout. It manages to cast up imagery that you can't seem to quite put your finger on but leaves you wanting to find out more......

A thoughtful debut that ultimately glows in the dark with a brittle and grainy charm.

You can stream and download the EP below or at our bandcamp.

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