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Monday, 26 November 2018

In The Loop : Episode 31

Our latest episode once again of In The Loop lends an ear to what a few artists from our roster have been upto recently....


Crisp drums paired with intricate and soft melodies that drift by on a cloud of floating synths on "Daydreaming". A wonderful summer tinged track to brighten up the dark winter nights.



Patience is key on this new track from Justin Case. The ambient progression and slow build up pays off as "Ayr" gradually morphs in and out of acid basslines, IDM sensibilities and broken beat rhythms that are becoming an integral part of the maverick producers arsenal.



"Polara 147" is a slice of dub infused glitch from the ever prolific, ABI. Industrial undertones and menacing beats that collapse into an ambient interlude before resurfacing....



"Under The Bridge" starts with gentle keys before some field recordings glide into view and create space for some atmospheric synth work that create a serene mood dripping with that nostalgia element that Colab has down to a tee.



"Bruno's Ghost" is a haunting piece of cinematic electronica. A tale of two abstract styles coming together as one. Part serenading tones and part twisted bass and marauding percs. A great spectre like combination.


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