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Wednesday, 5 December 2018

In The Loop : Episode 32

ITL EP 32 features some new sounds from our alumni and roster.....


A short but sweet dollop of ambience from the Glaswegian. Subtle bass, clicks n cuts and interesting sound design layers.



A four to the floor hybrid that takes on the dubbier side of techno infused with house sensibilities from the man in the shadows, Sceadu. We have the debut EP from the Berlin based producer dropping next month on Bricolage. He's all set to showcase his take on what the future sounds like....



"War Tundra" has that signature Mute Branches tone flowing throughout its short duration. An assembly of strange and creaking timbres that all fit together perfectly into a vivid experimental soundscape.



The work of Sulevia stands alone in the electronic field. "Passion" is no different. The Austrian producer has created possibly her finest work yet. Undefinable music that flirts with bass music, trip hop, world music and techno. Peculiar chord progressions, faint voices, drifting pads and gristly beats.



Enofa (fka International Debris) has a tremendous back catalogue full of all sorts of engaging material (under many guises) from ambient to vaporwave and everything else in between. Here on new release "Melkur" the UK producer takes a trip through the forest....

Free DL or PWYW on bandcamp.


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