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Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Bricolage : Retcon (Phase Two)

On the 31st of August we mark our third anniversary as a label. In those three years we’ve worked with some fantastic artists and released what, we’d like to think is, some unique and special music along the way. 

To celebrate entering into our fourth year we’ve managed to pool together a mammoth 20 track compilation containing a mixture of 10 artists from our current roster and 10 artists that are new to the label. 

Titled “Retcon”, the compilation will be released on Friday the 31st August and as usual will showcase a wide variety of styles from the electronic sphere.

Tonight, we welcome 5 new artists to the label and unveil some more of the sounds to feature on the album.


Yasda is the solo project of Andras Nagy, a native of Budapest, Hungary. The project was started in 2015 as a platform to creatively express thoughts and ideas. Influenced by a wide range of genres that reach into Detroit techno, experimental ambient and contemporary electronica, his own tracks build a common ground with field recordings, samples, unique beat-making and self generated plug ins that ensure continuous activity and a bright outlook for the future.

The track "Restless Man Of All Work" will feature on "Retcon". Stay tuned for more info on that soon. For now check out the conceptual "Surreal Haircut" below.

Yasda (Facebook)

Yasda (Bandcamp)



Justin MacKay aka GrevusAnjl is a visual/graphic artist by trade that is relatively new to the music production scene. Although he has been "goofing around" with sculpting soundscapes for around 12 years now, it's only recently that he has focused his energy on properly learning the tools and methods of the trade. He's a huge advocate of the Soundcloud platfrom and has utilised it for inspiration and connections with his peers. "Retcon" provides Justin a more than deserved chance to feature alongside some of those inspirations. He has contributed the fantastic "The Nicest of Vices" to the album. All will be unveiled soon....

Check out the unique "Tearing At The Fabric" below. It featured on our December 2017 compilation courtesy of Belial Pelegrim.

GrevusAnjl (Facebook)

GrevusAnjl (Twitter)

GrevusAnjl (YouTube)

GrevusAnjl (Bandcamp)



A Yorkshire based experimental artist....

I started off playing guitar in various bands and found some success. Once I discovered electronic music I found I concentrated more on using my fx rather than playing the actual guitar. A few years ago I decided to begin a new music venture. A solo project under the name of Anonymous3. I found artists through platforms such as Soundcloud who offered me support advise and ultimately encouragement to continue trying to progress with it. I’m currently working on my latest EP which is going to be titled ‘Paint By Numbers’ hoping to complete it this year."

His track "Nine" is an exploration of sound and mood that nestles somewhere between dark and light. It fits perfectly into what we want to portray on the upcoming compilation.

Anonymous3 (Facebook)

Anonymous3 (Twitter)



Sulevia, an ancient Celtic goddess, is the alias of Sylvia Halla. A Vienna born painter and poet that allows optical structures to flow into her intensive ambient crossover tracks and synesthetic vibrations. Her music is born of contemporary techniques but influenced by the study of ethnology and world instruments alongside a spiritual and meditative nature.

All these elements combined make for special and intriguing music such as "Bamboo" which is all set to feature on the new "Retcon" album.

Sulevia (Website)

Sulevia (Facebook)



Human Age is the electronic music project of Dylan Johnson. Dylan resides in the south bay of Los Angeles. He is inspired by consciousness and philosophy. He released his first single, "Turning in Place", in January 2018, and is currently in the process of writing a body of work. 

That very track, a work of true sound art, will be featured on the "Retcon" release.

Human Age (Facebook)

Human Age (Instagram)

Human Age (YouTube)

Human Age (Twitter)


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