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Monday, 13 August 2018

Bricolage : Retcon (Phase One)

On the 31st of August we mark our third anniversary as a label. In those three years we’ve worked with some fantastic artists and released what, we’d like to think is, some unique and special music along the way. 

To celebrate entering into our fourth year we’ve managed to pool together a mammoth 20 track compilation containing a mixture of 10 artists from our current roster and 10 artists that are new to the label. 

Titled “Retcon”, the compilation will be released on Friday the 31st August and as usual will showcase a wide variety of styles from the electronic sphere.

We’re excited to start unveiling the artists involved and some of the sounds from the release this week. We start be unveiling 5 members of our current roster that are contributing to "Retcon".


The Austin native returns to the fold with latest track "Today's Communities Collapse" which will be officially released as part of "Retcon". Listen below.

His latest musical wares were released on Bricolage earlier this year in the form of the "frequent inspirational chore" EP...



Label head Fragile X has had a long period away from releasing his own productions over the course of 2018 so far but will reappear with a brand new drum n bass track titled "Res Ipsa Loquitur" on the compilation. You'll be able to hear more soon.

Be sure to check out his last EP on Bricolage below. "Insert Coins To Continue" was released back in May 2017....


Electronic noodler and all round melodic genius, Lo-Jacker, is also back in the fray and provides us with his recent electronica gem, "Aquarius" on the upcoming album. Listen below.

His "Live Stuff" EP was released on Bricolage at the start of October 2016. It's more than worth researching...



The Jaffa Kid has that much desired ability to effortlessly produce both the rigid and celestial side of electronic music and has supplied a stunning new ambient track called "Simonetti" that will feature on the new release. All will be revealed soon.

Until then be sure to have a listen through his "In Orbit" EP that we released last March....


Loui Cleghorn has had a busy last year or so setting up his own label, Unstrung. But, ever the creative, he has continually pressed on with creating his own gleaming productions and has delivered us an epic track for our anniversary. "Burst Into Flames" will be revealed soon.

Loui previously released the aquatic tinged ambient house of "Waterworks" on Bricolage almost two years ago....


The next five artists that are involved in "Retcon" will be revealed tomorrow. Stay tuned...

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