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Thursday, 16 August 2018

Bricolage : Retcon (Phase Four)

On the 31st of August we mark our third anniversary as a label. In those three years we’ve worked with some fantastic artists and released what, we’d like to think is, some unique and special music along the way. 

To celebrate entering into our fourth year we’ve managed to pool together a mammoth 20 track compilation containing a mixture of 10 artists from our current roster and 10 artists that are new to the label. 

Titled “Retcon”, the compilation will be released on Friday the 31st August and as usual will showcase a wide variety of styles from the electronic sphere.

Today, we introduce you to the last 5 artists that will make up the compilation. All 5 of whom are new additions to the Bricolage roster.


"Equal Parts" is a local producer based in Glasgow, His ambient and experimental works consist of sampled acoustic sounds and a blend of field recordings that make for an ultimately organic end product. His absolutely stunning track "People Find Time" acts as the opening track on the new "Retcon" album. Listen in below.



Not much is known about the mysterious Sceadu project. We can tell you that it translates as either 'shadow' or 'protection' in Germanic which may give some hint as to the location of the enigmatic producer that has so far shown they're capable of all manners of genres from dark ambient to fluttering electronica and the melodic house of "Multiverse". That very track features on our anniversary compilation. Hear it now in the link underneath.

Sceadu (Mixcloud)



From deepest, darkest Gloucestershire comes "Crest of the Syndicate" aka Rob Adams.

His music is inspired not only from his home county, but also from the British/Psychedelic/90's electronic scenes. He manages to stay true to those influences and uses them to create his own unique soundscapes with a wide array of hybrid styles that mark him out as one of a kind.

His track "Abbots" will feature on "Retcon" and will also be included on a future EP titled, "Interiors", that will be released on the 'Bad Bat Records' label.

CotS (Facebook)

CotS (Bandcamp)



"Esef" is the alias of Scott Ferguson. A native of Glasgow with an insatiable appetite for house and techno that has seen him consistently blow the roof off various warehouses and parties around the city with his DJ sets over the last few years. Somewhat reserved on the release front until recent times, 2017 saw him release on both the Ibiza based Sonika imprint and Maintain Replay Records in Portugal. He's keeping the ball rolling with a contribution to Bricolage for "Retcon". His track "Dear Grey Place" is a prime example of some of the hypnotising music he's waiting to set free on the electronic music world as he crafts away at sculpting his sound. "Dear Grey Place" will be unleashed in due time. Until then be sure to check out his last offering, "The Resistance" EP.

Esef (Facebook)

Esef (Mixcloud)



Born and raised in Burnaby, British Columbia. She's a blogger, world traveler and music enthusiast.  Even though, she's relatively new to music production, she has spent many years dabbling in the studio and tentatively releasing her most recent creations under the "Minimal_Drone*GRL" moniker. The music is experimental at the core, exploring nature through audio storytelling and celestial soundcapes that incorporate samples and field recordings into their being.

She has together an epic closing track called "Bifurcated Worlds" for the upcoming "Retcon" album. More on that soon. For now, check out a track from spring this year...

Minimal_Drone*GRL (Twitter)


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