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Friday, 12 May 2017

In The Loop : Episode 21

The latest episode of In The Loop is a special entry that looks at some of the albums and EPs released either through other labels or independently by some of our roster and alumni.

April 29th saw The Oscilloscope self release his new album "Secret Chamber". It's a fantastic album from the Swiss based producer, who just keeps getting better and better. By now, it's well known that The Oscilloscope is an advocate of finger drumming and this release sees him sticks to his guns. Well rounded, technical, rhythms are supported by electro undertones and lots of acid variations. The mixture of analogue and digital recording methods brew up a space age style that runs throughout and keeps things interesting.

Listen to Rec B8 below and check out the full album over on his bandcamp.


Edinburgh techno specialist Willy recently released his debut EP, "Organo", through French label Carceres Records. Four tracks of supremely well executed warehouse techno. Thumping, but intricate, perc work and dark techno melodies sit side by side on industrial tinged sound palettes. More than worth checking out.


Sleep Maps released on the label back in 2015. Contributing some stunning post rock compositions to two of our compilations in our first year in the form of "Biologic Trust" on our Various Artists Volume 2 release and again at the end of the year when he specifically wrote "The Brief Sun" as his entry for our special Winter Solstice release. Since then he was quiet on the output front, but it's been worth the wait. March saw the release of his latest album "No More Good Dreams". The tagline is "We Are Not Always Who We Think We Are" and that rings true in an album of deep and evocative post rock soundscapes. A lot of time and effort has went into the release and it's clear to here in the quality of the sounds.

Check out "The Lonelies" below alongside the full album stream


"Seltrac" is the latest offering from International Debris. An album, partly inspired by travelling on the Docklands Light Railway, that was released on Third Kind Records last month. Personally, here at Bricolage, Ross Baker is one of our favourite producers. One that's always able to perfectly find the mark between experimentation and listenability. "Seltrac" does exactly that. The music itself is a stirring concoction of cinematic electronica bursting with enviable synth work and pinpoint melodies that will no doubt invoke feelings of nostalgia in listeners of a certain age. It's available as digital or limited edition cassette through the Third Kind Records bandcamp.

Stream and DL links below.


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