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Monday, 20 February 2017

In The Loop : Episode 18

Episode 18 of "In The Loop" is long overdue and takes a look back at what the artists from our VA Volume 3 compilation have been upto. The compilation was a popular, eclectic, all Scottish affair.

First up is a brand new track from "...From The Benthic Zone". It's a psychedelic, trippy number laced with intelligent percussion and evolving layers of glitchy sounds and effects. There's a lot going on but it never gets too muddled.


Alpha Skies most recent offering from last month is a peculiar and interesting number. "Palomar" veers in between remnants of funk and jazz with smooth guitar licks serenading their way over a very breakbeat like structure. It's melodic, experimental electronic music in it's element.


The latest Nova Noma production is a blissed out, soothing ambient piano led piece. "Sleepyhead" starts off with a beautiful piano and some chirping birds before some well placed downtempo beats soon join the fray. Look out for a new EP/album coming later in the year.


Dreamland Fantasy recently uploaded his submission for the Piano Soundboard Movie Scoring Challenge from late last year. The process was as follows "We were given a selection of short videos with the sound removed and had to compose a piano soundtrack for the one selected".
This short piece shows off the impressive piano range that Dreamland Fantasy possesses.


Warm house with a tropical flow is the name of the game on the new Night Time Bassline EP "Sanity Before Vanity". All the standard NTB elements are there, upbeat melodies, solid kicks and cosy chords. You can grab the full EP here.


"The First World" from No!z has a real Eastern flavour at its core. It's another cinematic offering from the Glasgow based Spanish producer. Full of enticing sounds and developing drums.


Oco is known for downtempo gems and "Let Me Talk" falls perfectly into that category. A slow burning melodious number that picks up the pace half way through with some almost tribal beats working their way into the equation.


Crae's output over the last 6 months has seen a solid body of work makes it way online. Off the back of his "Injection" EP release on Bricolage, comes another new thumper with a melodic spacey vibe running through out. "Magnetikz" is moody, mean, dramatic techno.


Willy continues sculpting his own brand of dark electronic music on "Jers". A powerful, no frills techno banger. There's an almost militaristic edge to the drums as they plough their way through the speakers. Hopefully there's more new sounds on the way soon from the young, Edinburgh native.


"starocean777" from Gregor Garnutsi/Upstanding Monk sees the experimentalist explore the farthest reaches of the galaxy and he's invited you along for the ride. A pulsing beat amid an array of cosmic sounds soon gives way to an ambient implosion. An intriguing composition to say the least.


On the subject of intriguing compositions......the undefinable Swedgy Bliker returned late last year with the demented "DIC". A melting pot of off beat electronics that never sits still. It'll either puzzle your brain or make it dance. Both are positive!


Leit Motif released his "Till We Have Faces" EP on Bricolage last November. It was three all out analogue ambient creations. His newest offering is a bubbly electronic effort that sees him come together with Bricolage founder Fragile X on "A-maireach bi e nas fhearr" which translates as "Tomorrow Will Be Better" in Scottish Gaelic. It's a slightly melancholic yet optimistic number that grows and grows into a melodic outpouring before fading out to nothing.


Replicators latest venture is "Skin Tight" where he puts his smooth word play over the top of the "CVRL" track of the same name. It's unconventional hip hop with a distinctive ambient under current.


You can grab your copy of VA Vol 3 (featuring all of the above artists) over at our bandcamp site or from the embed below

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