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Sunday, 5 February 2017

Bricolage Podcast #18 : Roman Fahls

Roman Fahls is behind the decks for our February podcast with a first rate selection of tracks that flourish together perfectly from first note to last. It travels through the realms of electronic music with aplomb. There's prime cuts of ambient, gritty techno and woozy, probing electronics at every corner. It's full of slowly bruising broken beats and inventive sounds that delicately flesh themselves out into part of the journey. Drifting between moments of serenity to stormy, brooding moods and back again. All that with a few upbeat melodies and an electro thumper jarred into the middle for good effect insures a thrilling listen in the latest of our mix sessions. One to get lost in.

Stream in full below or over at our mixcloud.

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