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Sunday, 19 February 2017

Headroom 08 : Guido presents "Zero Jet Lag"

Our first Headroom session of 2017 comes from young Portuguese DJ/producer, Guido. His mission when setting out to make the mix was "to make people dance". The 'Zero Jet Lag" title pays testament to the achievement of that goal. A mix that's always on the move. Guido has supplied a prime set full of smooth electronic goodies and lush, danceable beats. It's a place were playful house music meets waves of rich synths and dynamics. Overall, 'Zero Jet Lag' creates a warm musical climate that cocoons the listener with a balmy haze of tropical and atmospheric sounds. It's funk laden straight off the bat and will keep you moving right to the end as it progresses slickly between upbeat house and techno without ever losing it's warmth. It's the perfect two hours to accompany you as the nights start getting a little lighter and spring approaches.

As always you can stream the mix below or check it out over at our mixcloud.


Palmbomen II - Cindy Savalas
Mucho Sueño - Sabotaje
Retrac - Shades (Ethyl remix)
Sweely - Music Is Something Special
Eric Ericksson - Love it
Perbec - Chaser
Delano Smith - Metropolis
DJ Longdick - Haze
Wax - 30003b
Mad Rey - Royal Bar
Flabaire - Rue de Cléry
Mad Rey - Hard Ferailleurs
Mad Rey - Double Jeu
Nick Höppner - She Parked Herself
Trevino - Backtracking
Roman Poncet - Route of Pain
Bambounou - Splaz
Stenny - Local Fields
Lone - Crystal Caverns 1991

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