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Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Roy Or Bison? : Eidetician (Audio/Visual)

Today we premiered our second audio/visual under the "Digi Aye" umbrella. "Eidetician" from 'Roy Or Bison?' is the next in line to be given a visual accompaniment.

The track is a lo-fi electronic escapade with intriguing sounds that ping and bounce all around the place. 
Marauding little synths lines, glitchy almost deliberately out of time drums and a multitude of odd little sounds ensure that the track is most definitely unique. The video from Digi Aye has provided a suitably unique backdrop of abstract colours, lines and effects to marry in with the song.   

You can stream the full "Barmecide" EP from 'Roy Or Bison?' and grab your free download below or at our bandcamp.

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