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Monday, 21 March 2016

Headroom 03 : Slow Deep Breath presents "Macrocosm"

The third volume of our Headroom series sees "Slow Deep Breath" pilot you on an unbelievably relaxing and otherworldly journey into his sound dimension. 'Macrocosm' is exactly the kind of session you'd expect from someone who specializes in producing meditation music and binaural beats. It's a vast, mystical dreamscape that starts off full of floating 
synths, cushioned textures and endless progressions that will take you on a flight into the atmosphere. There's a slightly more experimental, yet still organic, turn in there before the mix returns to all out ambient for a breathtaking ending. It carefully conjures up celestial imagery, track by track, and is perfectly pieced together to provide a fantastic, almost transcendental, experience for the listener. This is definitely a mix that you will reap the most reward from by laying horizontal, closing your eyes and allowing yourself to drift off into a magical world that Slow Deep Breath has carefully constructed just for you.

1. Gyuto Monks Tantric Choir - Mahakala
2. Andrew Forrest - Interstellar Harmonics
3. Microvolt - A Calm Place (For Jules)
4. David Helpling & Jon Jenkins - Only Ashes
5. Alice In Chains - Shame In You (Excerpt)
6. Ozric Tentacles - Agog in the Ether
7. Quanta - Make It Sow
8. Deadbeat - Melbourne Round Midnight
9. Shaamaas - Awakening Kundalini
10. Max Corbacho - The Resonant Memory of Earth
11. Rudy Adrian - Happy Memories
12. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Betula Pendula
13. Stellardrone - Ethereal
14. Andrew Forrest - Unveiling Eternity

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